Hip-Hop Rumors: The Cast of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” Revealed!

We’ve been hearing about a “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” spinoff show for a while now, and the official cast list has been leaked.

The Hotlanta cast will consist of Diamond, formally of Crime Mob, Diamond’s ex-boyfriend, Scrappy, and Scrappy’s mother, Mama D., Atlanta rapper, Rasheeda and her husband/manager, Kirk Frost, and producer, Stevie J.

Lil’ Scrappy and Diamond used to date and had a very messy break up! Diamond ran into the arms of Soulja Boy, and Scrappy’s mama, Mama D did not like that one bit. She went to the local radio station and put Diamond on blast! Here’s a little of what she said:

“Okay, the b*tch done got breast implants and booty shots, the b*tch ain’t real first of all. Secondly, Soulja boy is gonna come behind him anyway. So at the end of the day Scrappy is chilling, he’s fine, he’s the Prince of the South and he got it good. He’s living good and he ain’t thinking about that bitch…dirty low down b*tch.”

If you thought the relationship between Chrissy Lampkin and Nancy Jones was volatile, it’s a drop in the bucket compared to Diamond and Mama D. Expect lots of cracked-out moments with her!

Stevie J used to date Eve back in the day and allegedly leaked a sex tape of the two of them a few years back. He pretty much fell off the face of the earth after that. It will be interesting to see what he is up to now.

Rasheeda is a local Atlanta singer/ rapper. I hear she’s very sassy and about her business.

Will you be watching the new “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” spinoff show?

  • H. U. S.

    Damn, more VH1 garbage…Love & Hoodrats+Groupies…sorry VH1 but that Shyt don’t mix!

  • BruceLeRoyGlow

    Will you be watching the new “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” spinoff show?”…..Hell naw

  • None of this is hip hop.. Or love.

  • Jahb1911

    Hell No, Barely watched the original one.. A bunch of ex hoes, or people no one cares about!!

  • thuglifefukdapolice

    im bout tired of this stupid shit on tv thats y i dont watch tv if im watch anything its gonna be words in a book CAUSE IMA MMENACE 2 SOCIETY I CARRY GUNS N READ BOOKS FREE MY NIGGA LIL BOOSIE BAD AZZ

  • rep87

    This is what you do when your career is over make afool of yourself and bring your family members along to show out for the cameras and a little bit of money

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  • washed up lil scrappy does this nigga actually have any money left?  and how is a prince of anything broke?  you know damn well this nigga has no money and calling himself prince of south. DIAMOND?  more like cubic zirconia

  • Fake Love and Wack Hip Hop

  • torreysn

    No,i don’t watch that hood shit i can just step outside my apartment.

  • SDS_Overfiend

    Mass Comm/Coonery  at its finest. Just another stupid ass reality TV to keep waiting for whats gonna happen in a week only to realize that times is flying when you waiting for whats gonna happen next then nothing really does.. FOH!!! With these washed up Niggas.

  • bossinger

    wow…this site is all female type rumors. I’ll just let it be known that 8 of my friends that are working professionals that grew up on this site have left it for good over the last few week.smh. Went from top ten to not being in the coversation at all. We use to call each other in the morning and be like ” you heard what this nigga illseed said”…not its like reading something on the magazine stand. I automatically turn my pc on and come here first and I noticed that has changed in the last week. Really you to love this site and thats why i’m making this comment. I’ll be using my rss feed now because there really is no point to coming back here anymore. What happen to the 8 to ten rumors a day that got posted at 3am? I would eat breakfast and read the rumors and that would be one of my fav parts of the day. Oh. well…I wish ya’ll the best

  • damn yo… i dont think the word “sassy” has ever been used in an allhiphop rumor…. until now.

    thank you sydney.

  • brollya

    i agree bossinger…….this be the last site i go to…… rap radar hiphopdx even this is 50 killin ya now…..rumors be ass. ya get the news super last….. ya used to have em first……niggaz gettin lazy or somethin

  • jason barton

    diamond wont be in  Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

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  • realtalkrealtalk

    FAKE REALITY SHOW. BUT I got luv 4 Scrap tho! 

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  • Sharmine Sanchez

    I know for sure I will be watching Love and Hip Hop Atlanta
    along with a few of my Dish co-workers. It seems like a lot of drama and I love
    drama. I am going to record this entire season on my Hopper so I don’t miss
    anything and can go re-watch the drama.