Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Rick Ross Signing Omarion to MMG?

Rumor has it that Rick Ross is looking to add an R&B singer to Maybach Music Group and has approached none other than former B2K frontman, Omarion.

The singer was chilling back stage at Ricky Rozay’s recent show at the Hammerstein Ballroom, and even hopped on stage for a few songs. We hear that Ross does not want to disrupt the balance and unity present within MMG, and has started bringing Omarion around to make sure that he fits in with the other artists before he makes a formal offer.

I hope this works out for Omarion. He IS a talented singer and dancer. Plus, I know he’s kicking himself right now for asking to be released from that Young Money deal a few years back. He better not make the same mistake twice!

  • thats ganna be a good look

  • MMG= More Muthaf*ckin Goons

  • Carlos

    hopefully, this wont mess up MassPike Miles money.

  • With Ne-Yo leaving Def Jam, a move like this only makes sense for MMG. Omarion sings as well as Ne-Yo, I suppose. 

  • brotha_man

    tax write off

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  • rep87

    Its about money on MMG TEAM and maybe they should sign Neyo he’s multi talented artist who can write as well

    • Ne-Yo is senior vp of motown now so i dont think he’ll go 2 any label soon

      • rep87

        You right i forgot !

      • mademan3000

        Bruh sorry to inform u, but Motown ain’t putting out any hits!

      •  One stevie wonder album can make more for universal than anything they put out.


    his career is done  ?????

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    _______REAL REAL
    _______T A L K

  • Apollo Showtime

    I doubt it, Omarion passed up YMCMB to pursue his own Label situation, why go to MMG over YMCMB? I mean they are the 2 hottest labels poppin’ right now over all, but YMCMB seems so much more appropriate for O, but then again it made perfect sense for Lloyd too but he opted out as well (STUPID). I could most definitely see Ne-Yo and Ross making magic together but Ne-Yo is his own larger than life entity in the industry at the moment, he can go independent and eat without Ross getting his hands on the cash.

  • mademan3000

    Really is that Nigga Omarion that small, even the chick in that pic looks 3/4 inches taller than that cat!

  • Getmoney

    Good look O talented AF…

  • Omarion did not go to YMCMB because Bow Wow is there…I say record labels are a thing of the past..If you are already established then fuck-a-label…Sell you’re own shit

  • Boyenyc Media

    What is the purpose of having “Masspike Miles, Magazine & Triple C’s” around if Ross is focusing on the new roster at MMG ? Like I say sometimes, never confuse loyalty with stupidity 

  • dysegalletti

    BIG BOSS ROSS you looking for talent thers a boy in BROOKLYN NY name DYSE GALLETTI this nigga aint playing he would fit right in with your camp check his video out on youtube.CONTACT that boy asap somebody gone snatch him and it should be you dyseboy@gmail.com .

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