Hip-Hop Rumors: Charles Hamilton Releases J.Cole Diss Track

Charles Hamilton raced back from his Sonic religious retreat to drop a diss record toward J.Cole. In the track, Hamilton accuses J.Cole of dissing Jay-Z , insinuates that J.Cole doesn’t write his own rhymes and takes credit for setting up J.Cole’s deal at Roc Nation. In the track, Hamilton raps:

“I remember when I met you, you was dissin’ Jay / Sh*t bothered me anyway / It’s not that I didn’t like him, I just heard rumors / And I heard you was my junior / Throwin’ up the Roc sign / I assumed that you knew what it meant / Apparently, you didn’t / N*gga you was fishin, barely was livin’ / And I’m the one who put you in your new position / Just remember, n*gga.”

This is so left field. In 2010 Charles Hamilton called J.Cole “one of the best rappers of the 21st Century” in his blog, and now he’s coming for him in a track not so cleverly titled “J.Cole Diss”. I don’t understand it, man. I don’t even think Charles knows why he’s doing it.

Either way, check out the track below. Is it hot or not?

  • this shit is ass lmao

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  • :-/ this guy…

  • rep87

     Charles  Hamilton has gotton a hold to some bad drugs he need professional help

  • Why the f is this in the RUMORS section? It’s clearly NEWS.

    • This website USE to play its cards right. Like yesterday in the rumors section, it should have read, “HAS A RAPPER RESSURECTED HIMSELF TO DISS J.COLE?-We heard there is a well known rapper about to drop a DISS dedicated to none other than J.Cole. We can’t tell you who it is quite yet. But stay tuned as the story unfolds! WATCH YOUR BACK COLE!”…. THEN this story should have dropped today….but no…ALLHIPHOP has become watered way the f down. simple.

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        you are absolutely right.  i miss the good old days when illseed was doing this.  granted he got a lot of hate in the boards, but at least this place was fun.  none of the old cats that use to write on here have stuck around and its a shame.  shoddy reporting and lame “rumors” have made this site boring.  Most of these “rumors” have been reported hours before as news on hiphopdx.  oh well i can still hope that this place will get better. 

      • RevrendIke3x

        Some of us are still here but this shyt usually ain’t worth commenting on.

      • Exactly. But I’ve grown so dissatisfied over the past few months that I’m finally voicing my opinion. I can’t take the lameness no more! Bout to start boycotting this ish!

      • Free World One Power  …most old heads from Ahh over there , ISK & Judah still getting into it ( That $hyt be funny ) …. I had forgot they were beefing , till the started back up.

        M.U.’s group , bout to get it on 4umf

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        i miss isk and judah’s arguments.  good ole days.  also i miss having a handle that isn’t my actual name.  its like most of us had to start over with a whole new idenity.

      • Where is ILLSEED?

        >>>Pours out Liqour for ILLSEED.

        >>>Scrollz down & Co-signs Rev Ike

      • Hit me up on 4umf ( . ) com , or twitter , etc ( EDOGZ818 ) ….I got work for you at the plaza Hotel ( 4UMF ) 

        >>>King Of NY Voice :
        “Your all WELCOME! :: XX :: Welcome To Join!

    • Brian Andrew Smith

      sydney lace has no idea what a rumor is?  we haven’t seen any real rumors since they shut down the ill community.  i’ve set it once, i’ll say it again and again…sydney step your game up.  (I can see it now, in the near future, i am going to get banned from writing on this page because sydney is tired of having her feeling hurt).

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    sonic the hamilton set that corny a$$ cole in his place.  j. cole may be the only other emcee out there that is as soft as Aubrey.  Cole’s probably crying at home watch The Lion King on mute while listening to this track and saying “but I’m simba, *tear tear*, i’m the king of the jungle”.  

  • Im sorry. I should pay more attention to the story rather than how lame this website has gotten

  • $18916246

    Charles is a mascot for padded room occupancy…..dudes a nut job. A shell of a man blown away in the leak clouds he exhaled. This shit he talking is mindless brain dribble. Charles, I heard you can find hot tracks to rock to at the train station……no-brain teaser…..shits sad.

  • Yo I’m sorry the rhyme and beat was dope. 

  • Sorry I heard that 3rd verse fail.

  • People want to stay relevant by any means necessary  


  • YaheardSyndicate

    where was this recorded in an easy bake oven?

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  • Roberto Ciamora

    When they let this bum out the nuthouse, I thought they commited him last year or summin, lol, either way dude needs to find a real job

  • What in the blue hell is he talking about? And why is he saying it like THAT?  I’m confused…

  • Only sense I can make of this “diss” is I think Charles is effectively setting himself up to be the next Lil B. 

  • V C Pittsburgh

    What the f**k type of beat is that?

  • djdreamer524

    That beat is garbage!! His bars are weak! What happen to this dude?

  • Demetruis Jenkins

    who is this dude lmao man buddy awful man go back to the institution man stop please lol

  • Yeah..the beat sounds like its 2 beats playing at once…at a slightly different tempo from the other. 

  • Somebody please hit Serius Jones up

  • Joseph Thomas

    can someone please get the chick who clocked him a few times to come back and do it again

    • Damn Famz! I was just thinking damn near the same thing!

  •  semi-decent lyrics, decent hook but the beat aint sequenced right….messes up the whole ish!!!

  • Guest

    wack….he can rap though

  • BoldSpice

    Went harder than anything i ever heard J. Cole say.

  • Om3ga_Blaq

    Horrible! And pointless!

  • SDS_Overfiend

    Beat is all over the place… Get that shit out of here.. The Moment Shorty duffed you out everything you said after that is regarded as weak..

  • rolando mota

     Niggas ask bout me, Silly if you doubt meClose your eyes and see where the game is headed without meGive you the realest nigga, give you the chillsYou looking at the reason the label gave you the dealYou remind ‘em of me, Let’s see how does it feelTo know I fathered you niggas and left you out of my willYeah they talk but they don’t know nothingNigga eat a dick we the shit no flushing   Nuff of that bullshit cake rapWith your childlike scripturesI’m busting off nigga take that!Don’t let the limelight get yaThe hood said we fuckin with you cole sayAnd we gon’ ride right wit ya

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  • this is a bulshi

  • who is moderatin my sh’t

  • mike malarkey

    ewwwwwwwwww wtf is this???? i cant jiggy wit this!!!! i want my damn money back and i dont have any receipt!!!!!!

  • official1987

    this is the wackest shit i ever heard cole would murder this guy

  • The beat is VERY sloppy, and de rhymes WACK!!! 

  • this is the saddest hip hop story ever… Charles Hamilton use to be the illest until he went crazy. I mean he was really killing shit. look up his old shit and you’ll see. he had a huge buzz too. He was suppose to spring with Drake, Wale & J Cole but the homie went crazy and started using drugs.

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