Wyclef Jean

Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Wyclef Being Extorted?!

This is one explosive rumor right here! Word on the block is that Wyclef Jean is allegedly very close to filing for bankruptcy because he is being extorted! Our snitches tell us that Wyclef is allegedly “robbing everybody because he’s damn near broke. Clef ripped off the Yele Charity because he’s having money problems.”

Reports of Wyclef allegedly stealing money from his Yele Haiti charity have been swirling for years, but it looks like now we know why. The source also says that ‘s wife, Claudinette, is allegedly “running around in New York and New Jersey with bad credit cards and bounced checks. It’s embarrassing.”

Here’s the kicker. Guess who the source says is allegedly extorting Clef?! None other than Czar Entertainment owner, Jimmy Henchman, and notorious muscle Haitian Jack.

“Jimmy Henchman and Haitian Jackhave both been extorting Wyclef for years. Jimmy’s in jail now, I’m sure Wyclef is happy about that. But Jack is still extorting him from the DR (Dominican Republic). Clef is paying Haitian Jack $15,000 a show and Clef’s money ain’t right.”

Wow, that’s a lot of information to process. I don’t know what to think about this one.

  • TCM

    Shit just sounds like lies

  • Numbuh Four

    There’s been rumors for years about Jack extorting Wyclef, not surprised it popped up again. I don’t know if it’s true or not, I doubt it though.

    • Where there is smoke, there is fiyah.
      Why not extort Wyclef? HJ been extorting rappers before labels.

  • The_Councilman

    Extorting him for what purpose?  Why are Henchman and Jack extorting him?  The “article” doesn’t get into those details, yet, it has all the details as to why Clef is doing what he’s doing.  If anything, this is a spin by Team Wyclef to justify stealing and hiding money from those who really need it in his native land.  He’s switching the game up and want people to feel sympathy for his actions and blow it off due to these “thugs” extorting him.

    Nah, ain’t believe this one….

  • water_ur_seeds

    Why??? Clef need to handle that… Clef had money out the ass, like dude had more cars that Eddie Jordan…. 

  • YaheardSyndicate

    Tupac served Haitian Jack up on wax

    • D. Rose in the paint

      smh….stupid Tupac Stan

  • brotha_man

    Pac said it in the “realest Sh*t I ever Wrote”…clef didnt get the memo

  • Smashit

    Extortion???  As much love Clef gets in Haiti from the REAL killers???  He got so much paper it would be too easy to eliminate this type of problem so I’m not believing it… C’mon Son!

  • digitallife

    Here are some facts for you mofo’s who can’t do research…Clef lost nearly $20 million on a car venture that failed out in miami, him and some other dude bought some of the most exotic cars on earth both cash and credit to rent to celebrities..when the economy tanked the banks wanted their money..clef went into forfeiture and the cars were auctioned off below book value he still owed on top of that..factor in all the groups he was producing flopped and got dropped..the only money he’s been earning was with his work with shakira and that was a while back…no fugees album…sony dropped him after that last dud…

    Now yes Wyclef is a god in haiti but guess what so is haitian jack…if Haitian jack had the feds in cali scared for their lives before he got busted and deported you think Wyclef is going to really say no to dude? It’s easy to say he should handle that, he should get killers to handle that…it’s a whole other thing to have to live with that in your conscious and heart the rest of your life..clef wasn’t built like that ever so to expect him to man up in this situation isn’t logical. Dude came from working class immigrants, didn’t have no uncles or brothers in the game..he ain’t cut from the cloth that it takes to go to war with others. Jack has bodies, henchman has bodies, wyclef has grammy’s…nuff said.

    • HJ didn’t have the feds shook , he worked for them.
      As a Confidential Informant.

      Feds Shook?
      >>Ed Lover Voice : ” C’Mon Son ” Feds spent $7 Million & killed 50 + men , women & children , burned them to death , to collect a $200 tax. ( Class 3 Tax stamp , Waco , Texas )

      Scared of Haitian jack? They’d have already ADX’d him if he wasn’t singing for them.

      • digitallife

        Would serve you well to go read his heavily redacted file which by the way became publicly available in 2006..i’ll leave it at that ed..No disrespect because you are an old head but when you see me on here posting something it’s 99% of the time backed by facts. 


    Bull shet.

    I not 100% sure, but him & jack might be cousins,
    I doubt if jack is extorting him.

    But i wouldnt put it pass jack, but why would clef pay, if he was.
    Jack is ban from the US, and not a threat. To clef, & i doubt jack reach is long enough,
    To touch clef, from DR.

    By the way chuck, if you know jimmy very well,
    I dont think he will appreciate, you site saying he extorting somebody,
    As he is on trial for his life…….
    Just saying……

    Dont be surprise, if you get disciplined in AHH lobby,
    For painting him in a bad light

    Pac did the same thing during his trial, and you see what happen?

    U better pass the juice younand sydney sippin.
    If might get you fuk up.

    • Hahahaa!  You stay willin’!

      Question: What is the difference between a Dominican & a Haitian?
      Answer  : A Fence

      Jack can touch Wyclef from DR ( # I’MJustSayin’ )
      Rumor has it , he popped that meat cap in his leg or hand.

      That whole lobby comment was uncalled for , but yeah , basically , it happened just like that though…..and basically…..for the same reason : (


    “Dont do this Big Red”…..Yeah his moist azz is getting hung by his ankles vanilla ice style.smfh Man uo

  • suge380

    Dang, ain’t no way in hell. I mean this cat had so many hits he should never have a money issue, but to get extorted by your own. Thats just foul.

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      foul but very much possible in these streetz.

  • rep87

    Story sounds suspect Jimmy got enough problems to deal with facing life in the FED PEN , and much love Wyclef is getting back home ,the Jack angle is bullshit to , Wyclef is feeling the pinch of reccession like the rest of us the value of dollar has drop to ,NEXT LIE PLEASE!

    • nah , Haitian Jack is the one who bust that meat cap in Wyclef’s hand / thigh?

      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

         I don’t know about that, it was kind of strange or more like fixed, I bet the hand that got hit was not the one that be strumming on the guitar. not the money making hand?

  • dogg91702

    He paid so they would let him breath,   after reading the treatment of hatian jack this sounds about right, that is why tupac called them out on “When I ride on my enemies”

  • $18916246

    Somebody or something got this brother crying……face your demons!!!!!


    This sounds like a desperate story in a slow news day! At least put something together that resembles a plausible, fact-based story! This site is turning into a “me-too” publication that doesn’t check facts or actually read the story. C’mon son!

    • $hyt is on point. Check out 4umf ( . ) com , for the article I did called ” Big Haitian Henchmen Shoot Tupac”

      •  Aight I see you E!  Didn’t even know you still had $E$ jumpin off fam.  You still got the same email?  Might have a lil somethin for you for Pass or Fail…

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    AHH! Very proud of you. Again, those sleep on this story, stay sleep. AHH, this is what’s up. You may not get folks knowing why this is important to Hip Hop, but I am so damn glad you posted. 

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    ..and 2…the only thing keeping Hatian Jack off these shores is the government, U.S that is. If you ever want to see your so called elite shake, give Hatian Jack a pass and see how powerful they really are. It’s the one villain in the tale of Hip Hop that I would not mind resurfacing.  In time.

    • Haitian Jack had a key to the city ( NYC ) cuz he was a fed informant , the feds put him on Tupac after Pac was aquitted of shooting the 2 cops in Atl. , Haitian Jack raped the chick & got 6mnths probation, while Pac got 1-3 , even though she gave Pac the Pu$$.

      HJ had Pac shot at Quad for outting him as a rat!

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        I know. I am not pro Haitian Jack in the way of admiration. The details you write about are all true.

        These nowaday cats have selective memory on why a story such as this is relevant. The tete a tete of HJ and Tupac is crucial. Handsdown.

        These nowadays cats define the term snitch by redifining it, and trying to put a cap on the crab barrel. In the days of Tupac he called Jimmy Henchman and Haitian Jack by name an on their duty in the industry and what government had to play in it.

        I’m hyped because this is the real story behind Hip Hop tragedy of the last 16 years.

        As a kid in the ’90’s I couldn’t figure the beef between Fugees and Tupac. Everybody else yes, but things just didn’t make sense then. It’s that back of the house information that gets washed for the press. I get it now. I know now.

        Now I want to see the mainstream hip hop break humble and  confess. If it takes bringing Haitian Jack back to the States, so be it. It’s a start to making things right.

      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

        sought of make sense, like Pac talking about dudes in New York extorting rappers…

  • LetsBeReal: Sydney is doing her thing….but there will never be another ILLSEEED.

    Where is ILLSEED?

    I believe it. 

    Good reporting by Sydney.

    • LetsBeRealpeople

      For True.


    Deebo’d up Clef

  • slumlord_vinny

    Vandeveer’s finest. Flatbust Massive!

  • slumlord_vinny

    Flatbush Massive!

  • slumlord_vinny

    I agree with El Bark, Jimmy is on trial for his life. This board is not the forum to spread rumors about him or portray him in a light that might not be true. Saying someone has bodies is a hard statement to say about someone. Jimmy is from Veer projects and made something of himself. He put a lot of people on in the industry. That’s all people need to know.