Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z Shelving Jay Electronica Album For Lack of Singles

Last week, Jay Electronica tweeted that his album was completely done and had already been handed in to his label, Roc Nation. Well, according to Questlove of the Roots, Roc Nation boss Jay-Z doesn’t feel the album is complete because it “has no singles on it.”

“Jay, Shawn Carter, has the record and listens to it constantly and says it’s his favorite record of 2012. It has no singles on it though, but it’s his favorite record,” Quest explains.

Questlove also revealed that he’s been in rehearsals with Jay-Z and witnessed him having to go over his lyrics over and over again.

“Oh yeah, he needs his lyrics printed out…Well, cause Tariq told me that an MC can only really truly hold like maybe 30 songs in his head,” said Questlove.


    New he was gonna pull it smfh Jay never let no body eat

    • DjLarryLuv

      if he dont have singles, he dont have singles.  J Cole got shelved until he came with some singles too. this is the music BUSINESS. the goal is to sell records and earn profit

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        no, this is music.  when you let business get in the way that’s when you get wack a$$ records.  when art comes after money, you get a wack product and in the end you sell less records.  Jay Electronica is a real artist, and Sean Carter is a mouth piece for money.

      • The_REAL_realtalk

        Um, no, it’s the music BUSINESS like dude said.  Jay-Z has invested $$$ into Jay-E. It was just “music” before Jay-E signed a contract.  Why can’t some people understand this.  There are countless people who earn their incomes from revenues generated by artists. Or do yall think the rapper is in your personal iPod, performing for your enjoyment ONLY, while all of the office people, A&R’s, and execs work for free?

      • daveofthematthews

        Bottom line is Jay-Z will never make any of the money back he has invested in Jay Electronica if He just keeps holding his project back, It does not take long in today’s fickle world for people to lose interest and stop checking for music from people who has not done anything for a while. Maybe Jay-Z is developing  Dr Dre Syndrome!….. Just a thought.

      • TheOnlyCoop

        The bottom line is if he allows a album that can’t get any mainstream acceptance it will hurt his business and his other artist and cost him money in the long run. Got to think about the bigger picture.

      • daveofthematthews

         Well 1st of all top of the morning to ya and look i ain’t gonna argue with you all, your probably right and Jay-Z love him or hate him is a smart dude and i am sure will do whatever suits him best Good luck to them all, And happy St Patrick’s day to you lot Ya bunch of Bitches 😉

      • churchboy2

        Exactly. Jay-Z has already invested THOUSANDS in Jay Elec (recording costs, travel/A&R costs & sample clearance costs).

        But the cost of pressing & distributing 500K copies will dwarf the recording budget. There’s no point in releasing it if the costs won’t be recouped when the album tanks (because the backpackers DL it for free).

        This is the perfect time to hold the album, tweak it a little, add a track or two and make sure that it sells – well.

        All the haters on here missed the important information that Questlove shared: Jay-Z loves the album artistically. As the label boss, he now needs to make the best BUSINESS decision to put the most $$ in everyone’s pocket.

        I’m sure that Jay Elec knows that Mr. Carter has his best (and not just immediate) interests in mind – and that is why he signed to ROC Nation in the first place.

      • Brian my man, unless your a child….you ain’t to smart. Jay is a real artist who SIGNED a contract meaning he is in the BUSINESS of selling his art. A task overseen by his EMPLOYER one Shawn Carter. So if his black ass wants to remain in business ie. EAT…he better get his too good for singles ass back in the STUDIO and come up with something before he’s performing with Beans and Amil somewhere in some non descript hole in the wall club where people like you are packed in for the so called LOVE of the music.lol

      • adam pitterson

        and Im sure that youre the one that buys whatever the radio tells you is good. People think itunes killed the record industry. Nah, its people like you. 2 catchy songs does not make a good album, but thats all anyone cares about anymore. And you have to understand that the label tells you what your single is. So it makes no sense to call him ” too good for singles”. Jay prolly wanted more gun/drug talk to make it more radio friendly. LOL>…the irony.

      • and people wonder why music and hip hop in general have been falling off.  its people that think how you think that have helped ruin music.  do yourself a favor, find a bus and step in front of it.

      •  Let me jump into this it does not have to be a commercial single but it has to be a song that is appealing to the masses similar to like a doug fresh slick rick..” the show” nothing commercial about it but it has a appeal 20 plus years later. you need a hit when you debut.


        Exactly, it is what ever song appeals to the masses ………..once again he could have that single already.Some of the greatest “singles” were in a pile of tracks.

      • These dudes that think Jay is just money hungry are clueless… A lot of great artist was in the same position Jay E is right now.. Ex. Biggie, puffy lock his a$$ in the studio until he came out with a single… I dare someone to tell me Juicy is not a classic… Another Ex. Eminem, his first major labor album was completely done… But he had no single and he was frustrated as hell but he found a single eventually… 

        If Jay-Z puts out a record and it doesn’t sell y’all well be up here trashing him for not doing his job. Jay-Z is the expert let him do his job… 


      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

         lol sad but true lol 😉 especially after j cole pulling thru it might of put a lil more pressure on Jay E but who really knows whats going on … jay e maybe sweating this and he may not be …. def would be good to hear from dude lOL

      • Jaymalls

        The other 2 people already summed up what was going to say except 1 thing… Your a dumb nigga!!!!

      • Raheem Classick

        Heres why your argument don’t hold water, If jay E didn’t want to make money he wouldn’t have signed with Roc Nation, If it’s all about the music to Jay E he could have not signed to Roc Nation and just give his music away. (Waiting for someone to hate my comment)


        I agree with you up to a point………It is business never personal but yet and still Jay E been flaming tracks for a while.It is ones opinion on what a single is.Think about it……The average club joint or shortie my down chick really dont fit for Jay E= shelving

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

         and a hot club record doesnt always = sales … word to RACK CITY BITCH RACK RACK CITY BITCH lol 😉

    • TheOnlyCoop

      This is a business never forget that.


        True indeed but yet at least let the fools drop some albums before he port a potty on they career or shelve them till they aint hot no more



    Tariq = black thought

    Since sydney lame doesnt know who quest was refering to.

  • rep87

    AHH IS SEarching for a story bad the music biz is full of albums being push back and shelved

  • need that album asap

  • The_REAL_realtalk

    Quest is talking too much about his work with Jay. He need to chill b4 Jay feels like he is spilling too much info. Yall know Jay is mad private.

    As far as no singles for Jay-E goes, um, duh!  He’s not that type of artist. we not gonna be bouncing to no Jay-E.  But you knew that, didnt you Jigga?

    • Raheem Classick

      All singles aren’t bounce material, A single means appealing to the masses. 

  • AlbertoRipRon

    Get them singles worked on and get that album out b

  • YaheardSyndicate

    Mc Eiht keeps an ipod of every instrumental from every album he’s ever released and will perform anything the fans want during a live show.

    • TheOnlyCoop

      And how many songs does Mc Eiht have that the fans realy want to hear?

    • Celz

      Bro Jay has more #1 albulms than… Whitney Houston, Elvis, Micheal Jackson, etc etc etc.. Jay has literally been on top of Urban music since 1996 its 2012 now.. You really can’t compare him to anyone.. Tupac and Wayne are the only rappers who can out record Jay and a large part of their work was not “Album” quality… 

      •  Tupac yeah,Biggie yeah,Lil Gayne not even on Jay-Z level,Gayne ain’t on nas level,fuck records sales..

  • Asher_Ray

    Jay E dont do club records he does real records for the street real streets not like what rick ross is doin if u get what im sayin.

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  • David Gonz


  • Tim

    Am I the only one who isn’t seeing any information of the “ALBUM DELAY”????  B.S site.  Drop that Jay-E album Jay-Z!!!!

  • he does music for the people who dont buy music. The streets is the worse market to try and cater too because they aint buying shit. From a business perspective a piss poor investment. Its like selling running shoes to a man paralyzed from the waist down. 

    • Celz

      Might as well do a mixtape and do shows..

  • Guest

    Not shocked, Jay already screwed J. Cole over with Can’t Get Enough and Cole World (the song, not album).

  • nastinupe

    What is ?uestlove talking about?  Do you know how many songs I have in my head that I can actually rap?  It’s well over 30.  But Jay has a lot of songs, well over 100.  I’m sure that it gets hard after a while.  

    And as far as Jay-E is concerned. he’s a good rapper, but just not marketable.  

    • immackulate

      whats NOT marketable to you … the fact the niggah aint telling you to smoke this, drink that, wear this, recite that … RocNation is a machine and Jay-Elect could put out a record full of burps and farts over a track and as long as Jay-Z co-signs it … its gonna do BDS numbers across the country – bottom line none of his songs have conformed to RADIO PLAYABLE format that “YOU” are used to – therefore he’s deemed UNMARKETABLE – which is the biggest crock of spit i ever heard

  • therealjjohnson

    any song that the radio play multiple times will be a “hit single” no matter who likes it. you force feed us garbage music and make us “like” it so you can use that same formula with Jay Electronica

  • SneakerMallBrawl

    smh Jay-E just do a song wit lil wayne or curren$y and call the shit FEEMA-FEEMA and be done wit the shit already.. these sheep niggaz’ll eat it up like chittlins.. tell pharell or kanye to produce it

  • immackulate

    let’s examine Exhibit C by comparison/contrast … “Jigga What?” was a radio smash, “Can’t Get Enough” was a radio single … “Exhibit C” ws neither a smash or a radio single HOWEVER it kncoked harder than both “Jigga What, Cant Get Enough” together.  Did it accumulate the same amount of SPINS = NO! Did it have mf’s saying “REAL RAP is BACK = YES!  There’s a difference between whats going to bump in the club and car speakers to whats gonna resignate and bump in people’s spirits.  “Fight The Power” wasn’t a radio/club single but because of the “spirit” it envoked it made people play it – although “Please, Hammer Dont Hurt’em” may have gotten more BDS spins than “Fight The Power” – one stands the test of time and the other just is what it was … a radio single.  If Jay-Z is looking for a radio smash from Jay-elect = it aint gonna happen! However, he will be able to accomplish moderate spins-success with a single that doesnt conform to the normal party n bullshyt if Jay is willing to support a single more meaningful.  Jay-elect wont ever do KANYE/WAYNE numbers because the industry and fans alike aint really checking for REAL RAP like that.  Niggahs dont wanna hear an INTELLIGENT HOODLUM they just wanna hear HOODLUMS!

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