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Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Chris Brown Pay Off His Cell Snatching Victim?

British actor Russell Brand (“Get Him to The Greek”, “Arthur”) was arrested in New Orleans a few days ago for snatching a papparazzi’s phone and throwing it through a window approximately two days after the incident happened.

Today marks a full month after Chris Brown did exactly the same thing (minus the window), and no arrest warrant has been issued. He hasn’t even been called into the police station for questioning.

Numerous sources are saying that CB has allegedly paid off the young woman whose iPhone he snatched. Other sources are saying that the woman is afraid of what Breezy’s fans may do to her if she goes through with it. I don’t blame her. We all know how hard Chris Brown’s fans go for him.

Either way, it’s a good thing for Chris Brown that the woman didn’t press charges, because it would have been a violation of his parole and he would have most likely have gone straight to the slammer. If it were you, would you take the money and not press charges?

  • wouldnt be me…why dont you go ask some females…on a female based sight…smdh

  • Take the money or press charges ? Hmmmm…

  • because this shit never HAPPENED ..KEEP DREAMING. NO EVIDENCE OR PHOTO 

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      • immackulate

        man wtf is wrong wit you and all them symbols attached to yo handle … LOL ya mf is getting ridiculous

  • Wrong She did press charges. he was presance was requested  in miami the very next day. it was on the news here in South fla. 

  • NoGoBoi

    You only can have a violation of parole if you went to prison you fool. There’s a difference between violation of parole and violation of probation, I know the acronyms are the same but I guess that was confusing to you smh. You write from a bias perspective by the way, it’s almost as thought you want him to be arrested or charged??? Anytime you start your story with a negative, more then likely it will end with one. Even though it’s the rumor section you should learn how to proof read your own shh, do a facts check and present it in a sensible manor. That’s only if you want to be respected as a writer.

  • That’s because there was NO proof, making the girl look like a LIAR. If Chris Brown did something on a Sunday, the media would not wait till Thursday to announce it. Every time Chris is minding his business, people feel the need to make up lies for a buzz. Get over it! Chris Brown is doing his thing and is focused; I doubt he would give up everything he has worked so hard for something so stupid. Chris Brown “Fortune” out May 8th! I have mine pre-ordered!

  • rep87

    If he did pay her im sure she took the money, stop acting like this is a big crime by C.B. when he dropping a new cd or going on tour,  fake crimes is bullshit put the pipe down Sydney Lace


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    if da price is right…u but ur sweetass

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    lol…they keep deleting my comment!

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    ALLHIPHOP.COM!….@Sydney Lace, Leave this Brother alone. Please don’t assist the law in micro managing Chris Brown’s life. Why do we have to pull each other down. Instead of this BS why not launch an ALLHIPHOP.COM campaign to get that racist ass wannabe white man arrested for killing young Trayvon Martin! LET’S END RACIAL HATRED, PLEASE HELP OUR BLACK RACE DENI**AFY THEMSELVES!!!!!!!! LET’S ALL STICK TOGETHER AND FIGHT OUR SOCIAL DEMONS!

  • Chris Brown is on Probation, not Parole. Parole occurs when a person exits State or Federal Department of corrections incarceration post sentencing (which doesn’t have to be physical incarceration; see: Burke’s waiver). Probation is granted when a person is given the opportunity NOT to go to jail or prison in lieu of good behavior; or the person is given a County Jail sentence in lieu of a prison sentence, while being required to serve a period of time on probation afterwards. Parole = State or Federal jurisdiction and Probation = County or Local jurisdiction. This shi* kills me… How can a published writer be so ignorant of some basic facts?

    • you gotta remember that ur talking about a chick that writes articles about couples holding hands… and who the baby looks like… that is the extent of her knowledge homie….

  • Smart move resolving the issue with the victim.

    Would I take the $$$$?

    >>Dead Prez Voice : ” Hell Yeah! “

  • D_Ably

    Yeah i’m thinkin she took the money, ain’t no one scared of brainless chris brown fans

  • MrSoutCity

    What kind of snitching article is this. 

  • Take the money…. dont be a snitch!

  • sunsetblvd

    chris brown stay in the news for doing something to a woman, why doesn’t he step to guys like that, oh thats right. women beaters never step to men, because they are cowards and know they would have a real fight on their hand fighting another dude. so they prey on women instead.

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    Now there’s something you won’t see anywhere else in online entertainment; folks arguing on the knowledge of parole and probation. Get ya panties uncrunched, it’s just some social commentary you ain’t going to see much of anywhere else. Back to chris brown and his phone situation: let this ma’fa go. When he finally gets a$$ beating let us know. With pictures. It’s not even bout rihana anymore, I just wish somebody would check him, instead protect his crazy a22. I’m glad he is f/cking with the locals, ’cause that’s who’s going to have to humble him.

  • Chris Brown is a thug and people refuse to face it. Hey, in his book he has to do what he has to do. Just like the song says, by hip-hop recording artist Johnnie Newkirk Jr, now on itunes: Had to do what I had to do