Sean Kingston

Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Sean Kingston Attack a Woman?!

This can’t be good for Sean Kingston’s wholesome image! The “Beautiful Girls” singer and BFF of Justin Bieber was recently served with a civil summons and complaint from a woman who says he attacked her.

The woman says that Kingston and his posse “gang attacked” her after a concert in 2010 and has now filed a lawsuit seeking damages from the alleged incident.  This seems fishy to me. Where is the police report? And why wait two years before you take legal action? Sounds like a shakedown. Handle your business, Sean.

  • Setup.

  • come on she said his gang, posse,lol  he is about as soft as a pillow, she trying to get paid

  • rep87

    She pick the wrong guy this dude is not rolling like that he way too soft for that

  • The reason she waited 2 yrs was , er., umMMM, uhhhHH…..

    Rep87 is right , this dude is to soft to attack a track , let alone a chick that will slap the poochinkniks out of him.

    Fail Blog!
    Dude is softer than wet bread.

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    can’t help but to laugh..mostly cuz i hate these r&b thug niggaz…always singing….son ain’t slapped nuthin…he ain’t built like dat…..and speaking from a jamaican point of view..WE NO CATTER FI DIS BATTYBWAY…dats jus our way of saying we don’t claim dis cupcake….him and bieber can get back to there 69 position now

  • Tony G.

    it amazes me that when a dude aint on his record talking bout gang banging and guns he’s automatically labeled soft…and its usually the softest nuccas thats on here labeling someone else that way..IJS

  • immackulate

    ya’ll forgettting Brian McKnight useta SMACK HIS BYTCH UP … and uhlot of these cats caint control they entourage either … oh well!

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