machine gun kelly

Machine Gun Kelly [BGA] Ft. Cassie “Warning Shot”

[ahh_audio src=/3-19-12/MachineGunKellyftCassie-WarningShot.mp3]

  • rep87

    First a fake beef with A$ap and now a song call warning shot you studio gangsta

    • $20434212

      better to be a studio gangsta than a comment section gangsta

      • rep87

        You are what you listen to and sounds like you a MGk Fan and you on here what does that make you ?  I REST MY CASE !

  • WillVetterGoodin

    this dude another fake ass wannabe. 2010-2012= bullshit fake ass “music” please just fade away. Pitbull been had that flow when this little bitch was just a twinkle in his daddys eye, fake punk bitch.

  • Suava

    MGK hot yo yall sleeping #LaceUp 

  • Hot garbage. Cassie is even hotter garbage. Dam I hate music now a days. I stick to the underground.