Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin: What is Black Life Worth in America?

There is no way to sugarcoat it.

Everyone should be upset about this.

This is not an isolated incident. Profiling Black men and boys is as American as NCAA March Madness.

However, this is the real madness: Trayvon Martin is dead simply because he was Black.

As I keep listening to the audio of the 911 calls related to the February 26 shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, it’s disheartening. George Zimmerman, a self-appointed neighborhood watch captain in a gated community in Sanford, Florida, decided to snuff out Trayvon’s life with a bullet to the chest because he deemed him “suspicious.”

In his 911 call, Zimmerman told the dispatcher that it was a Black male and “he looks like he’s on drugs and up to no good….It’s raining. He’s just walking around, looking about. He just staring looking at all the houses.”
The dispatcher told him not to pursue the person and Zimmerman is recorded saying “These a**holes always get away.”

Zimmerman disregarded those instructions and decided to engage Trayvon. He admitted to police that he shot Trayvon, but claimed it was in self-defense. He has been able to dodge being put behind bars simply by telling the police that he acted in self-defense? His word is that good, huh?

However, if you listen to the 911 calls made by witnesses, you can hear the cries of a young boy just before a gunshot is let off.

The cries went mute…

Florida is one of many states to have passed some form of “Stand Your Ground” law in which self-defense is asserted against a charge of criminal homicide. This Central Florida case has people questioning this “Go-Ahead-Make-My-Day-I-Have-A-License-To-Kill” legislation.

Why does it seem like the Sanford Police has been trying to protect Zimmerman? Why did it take them so long to release the 911 tapes? What made Trayvon suspicious? What made him a threat? If Trayvon was the aggressor and presented danger, why is he crying out for help on the 911 tapes?

Trayvon weighed 140 lbs. He was armed with a bag of Skittles and a can of iced tea while walking back from a nearby 7-Eleven convenience store. He is said to have been wearing a hood on his head because it was drizzling. Are we missing something here?

Trayvon had dreams of being an aviation mechanic. One day he could have been working on Air Force One, or even sitting onboard in the seat of Barack Obama as the next President of the United States. We will never know.

With all we have to deal with, Black men are not even safe in a gated community patrolled by a neighborhood watch leader?

Let’s flip the script: Had Trayvon been the shooter, would he have been given a pass with the self-defense claim? I highly doubt it. No way a Black man could be acting in self-defense, right?

What is Black life worth in America? Less than a dog, because I’ve seen man’s best friend get much better treatment and advocacy than us. This is not race-baiting. This is just a fact.

Ask the families of Emmett Till, Oscar Grant, Troy Davis, Sean Bell, James C. Anderson, Brandon McClelland and Amadou Diallo.

No matter how much people try to shove the concept down our throats, this is not a post-racial America. This broken system of America is a joke to the fullest and could care less about giving justice to the Black people within its borders.

The more I listen to the cries of Trayvon on those 911 tapes, the more I keep thinking about my little nephew Jacobi. He’s one of the most highly intelligent boys you would ever meet. In the photo below, he’s wearing this hood on his head at a Black Male Summit we hosted in Houston last year.

He would be a target of racial profiling if he was dressed like this walking the streets late at night or even just walking into a department store. Yet at that summit his responses to questions during workshops left degreed presenters in suits and ties in awe.

Jacobi could have been Trayvon Martin.

He is Trayvon Martin.

We’re all Trayvon Martin.

I am Trayvon Martin.

***If you would like to join the call for justice in the Trayvon Martin case, sign the online petition. Also a national rally is scheduled to take place on March 26 @ 5pm EST in front of Sanford’s City Hall at 300 N. Park Ave, Sanford, FL.***

Jesse Muhammad is a staff writer for The Final Call newspaper. Follow him on Twitter (@BrotherJesse).

  • coolceas

    Great article. But the effort must be cohesive. Address Zimmerman but also the punk @$$ niccas who shoot up our neighborhoods. The fatherless bastards who terroize and glorify the music of those all hiphop profiles in their articles. The cats who wont show up to the court dates of their faithful fans. Im pissed on this but the ones who need to speak out are quiet as shyt! BUT DONT WORRY THEY WILL PUSH THE RESPONSIBITY TO THE PRESIDENT……The Value of Black life equates to a wallet, plunger, no snitching, and some skittles…

    • I dont hear to much about them “punk ass nuccas” being gun down by police.  sure hear alot about unarmed black men though………. ur post is generalizing. do u do the same to police?

  • Raheem Classick

    If we didn’t do to each other as we do, (Drugs,Gangs,Rape,Murder,Assaults,Robbery,Ect”) Which we are the #1 Accusers & Defenders when it comes to us! These racially motivated Crimes against us wouldn’t happen as they do we would have A better foot to stand on in all situations, Never the least we can’t let these type of Crimes go UN-Punished! I will always fight for Truth & Justice. I hope you will too.

    •  so black people are the ONLY ones that commit crimes against themselves and others?
      and according to you its OUR fault the WE are…
      how bout doing some historical research of your “people” assuming your black and you will learn that “these” racially motivated crimes have ALWAYS happen to us……

      i swear u new blacks be killing me with your white logic of your own people

      • Raheem Classick

         First of all thank you for responding,  Let me say this, I’m not
        concerned about any other Race and what they do to one another, I’m
        concerned about what we do to one another, Other Races are gonna hate us
        for whatever reason and we deal with that as it comes, But in the last
        30 years we harm each other far more then any other Race in this
        Country.  I hope my reply is sufficient enough.

      • the last 30 years we do more harm to each other then other races??? but ur not concern about what other races do to each other so how do u come to this conclusion?  its true that it WAS blacks pushing for stricter crack laws and its true that it IS blacks pushing for laws against saggin pants………….. so ir u mean we doing harm like that then i agree……  but the concept of “if we didnt then they wouldnt” makes no sense and your basically co-signing things like this.
        its like saying since you ran from the cop the cop have a right to beat ur ass

      • Raheem Classick

        I hear you B, Keep up the fight.

    • Well does the police or other people judge whites by the KKK or MAFIA, then all white people should be  suspicious also when you see one,, wasnt it white people hanging others??? last i knew it is alot of white people who deal with drugs and sell them

      • Raheem Classick

        In the last 30 years our people have been causing havoc on each other, When the other man hurts his own, that’s their business, But when it comes to us that’s our business, And it’s also our business when we harm each other, And in the last 30 years we have caused ourselves more harm  then any other Race has, It makes it hard for us to fight the good fight when we fight each other. I hope you can understand where I’m coming from.

  • coolceass

    Nall Brook, your missing the point. Sure other races continue to practice malice towards us but at what point is there self responsibility. It is hard for us to champion deaths like Trayvon’s when others will say “well dont they kill each other any way, sale drugs to each other anyway”. As a new black (same black just fed up with bullshyters and excusers) I m asking to let this incident finally wake all blacks up old and new to pay attention and be proactive in teaching, helping and protecting our youth instead of apathetic or justifying it on allhiphop site. Pardon my departure I have mentoring to do!

    • Raheem Classick

      Speak on it Brother.

  • water_ur_seeds

    was zimmerman white? rip trayvon rip

  • Mos High

    Terrible, there is no way that man shouldnt face jail time. Imagine a black man shooting lily white child. it would be game over. lets just be real

  • rep87

    This child was Murdered by a RACIST plain and simple no other way to say this and not to arrest this Coward is tragic and a mockery of Justice the child had a bag of skittles and a ice tea , GOD WILL HAVE THE LAST WORDS FOR THIS ANIMAL !

  • AlbertoRipRon

    My heart goes out to the family.  This sickens me but for now I feel nothing but pain for the loss of Trayvon Martin and others who die senselessly through this country’s constant manipulation of racism and racial profiling. 

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    its things like dis why i say us as black ppl ain’t shit…..if its not about manaj or beyonce white ass baby or about a rapper degading us or our culture…it seems like we dnt give a f#*k….in this case we have a racist ass cracker who snuffs out someone from our family tree but we seem to care bout  mundane things….if this happen to someone of asian decendent of spanish or better yet if this was an homosexual i bet these group of ppl would shut sanford down…but us we too lazy and brainwashed we do nothing but complain….not i though….ive signed de petition…and my black ass will be there on the 26th on my fu$%k da police shit…..we should all not rest till dis pig suffers da same faith as this poor slain black youth or until he is fired and his family land be given the torched earth policy…and he moves to some isolated place free from our justice…personally i rather the ist option…sorry for da rant

    • Raheem Classick

      You good, Your rant was warranted.

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  • Who What Why When

    SMH! All i can say is wake the f*ck up. This has been getting prominent lately. Dont forget about Danroy Henry. After he was shot he was left to die HANDCUFFED on the street. We talking about decent kids with no criminal records so all that sh*t about what others are doing is moot. Its been gettin ugly for brothas. All we ever hear is cases being investigated while they wait for the public to forget about it then its back to business as usual. Sometimes I feel like black folks have accepted that we are worth nothing so we engage in hatred of ourselves because the chips are stacked against us. I often wonder if Barack as president marks the beginning of an end. Since his appearance racism has been rekindled strongly. A lot of mouths and thoughts have been real loose as of late. The media been throwing a lot of logs on the black vs white fire lately and I wonder what the end game is. White supremacist call to arms? race war? what? I know America has been increasingly becoming diverse, so is this Custards last stand? When economy gets tight people become uptight and it seems racial matters always begin to get sloppy. Sh*t is f*cked up because I believe someone wants black folks to trip so we can get cut down, but this asking and waiting for fair sh*t aint workin for us either. Meanwhile niggas trapped in they own worlds lookin for where the hoes, drink, and smoke at as niggas blazin us up walkin free as f*ck. SMH

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    how bout dis…jus a thought….all of us as blacks and latins including numerous of gangs of various hoods and sets we outnumber these pigs 3 to 1…da only justice we gonna get is if we get on some nat turner or nanny shit… fed up…..i live a few hours from sanford and me an my niggas want to find where dis cracker rest his head an……well ill just leave it there….buggin

    • Q.

      Now THAT’s gangsta!

  • i go to skool in sanford and my classmate lives on the same street as the shooting. trayvon was beating zimmerman who is a latin speeking minority. i don’t know if any of you live down here in central fl but every night on the news we here about black males in gangs in the hood breaking into homes robbing and or raping people. trayvon was not a member of that community and if he was I am fairly certin that  he would have met mr. zimmerman and this tragisty would not have accurred. To the writer of this artical if you feel that we should give up our gun rights then you my friend have fallen right into the trap. you probly go watch the news and belive what they tell you to belive.

    • Who What Why When

      Even if thats true…just by the fact he stated to the police “he’s reaching in his waistband and he’s black” suggests where his mind was and other comments like “these a$$holes always get away” your not an officer so report and sit your a$$ down. I dont give a f*ck what black gangs do, you dont judge every black person because of that sh*t! Caution maybe I can understand. With all the crimes comitted against blacks throughout history we not shooting white people to death or our own OUT OF FEAR. It kills me how sh*t happens to us and we judge the person involved and when someone black commits a crime, we are judged as a whole. WTF?! I hope dude isnt Latino because attemps have been made in the past to get black and brown into serious beef and we all know thats divide and conquer. I wouldnt be suprised tho if this is a trick bag to get shit started, but still even if they fought, you got to smoke a 17yr old kid? Whoop his lil a$$ and let cops handle him if he came at you……with his deadly skittles and ice tea. smh    

    • Q.

      First off, dude…are you drunk, or high? Your spelling is atrocious. You even misspelled your own damn name. Who does that?! …and wtf is a “tragisty?”

      Second, nobody “speaks Latin” in 2012; it’s a dead language–you must mean Spanish?
      But that’s beside the point. For anyone to try to defend what Zimmerman did is beyond my comprehension. This coward MURDERED a kid in cold blood who was screaming for help, for no other reason than blind hatred. If anyone was using self-defense, it was this terrified boy who was being accosted by a strange maniac with a gun!

      Thirdly, that drivel you typed about “black males in the hood raping and robbing and people every night” is irrelevant to this case, and most likely untrue at that. And I don’t give a damn if the whole roster of the Boston Celtics was down in Sanford snatching social security checks from old white ladies that day, that didn’t give Zimmerman just cause to murder an unarmed CHILD. The police operator told this moron to stand down and he disobeyed. This guy is not the congressman, mayor or police, so he had zero jurisdiction to confront ANY other citizen on the street, especially with his prior record.  Your state laws and local police are straight up corrupt, and the fact they didn’t even drug test this asshole illustrates that clearly. Damn near every appropriate course of action was completely ignored by the killer AND the police. But believe, Zimmerman WILL be held accountable for this murder…one way or another.

      You live by the sword…well, guess what?

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    dats bullshit…beat this armed cop with what…little man was 140 pounds armed with skittles…tell me what harm would dat bring to a trained officer of the law with a weapon which he apparently used….for a police to use deadly force his life are others most be in danger…THE KID WAS UNARMED…and dnt u try to justify dis modern day lynching with ur racists assumtions or what u hear on the news…the editor asked a damn good question…WHAT IS OUR LIFE AS BLACK PPL WORTH TO U RACISTS CRACKERS….i havent heard about this till i came on the site…and i live in tampa fl…when vick was in the issues with dogs dat shit was on every channel…using words like unspeakable and cruel to mourn dogs…yet this young black life full with promise was vioelntly snuffed out yet we hear no news nor words to illustrate the cruelty of mr zimmerman…so matthew i guess to u and ur white freinds dogs lifes are much more important than trayvan as well as me and the other blacks…well matt i say u disgust me not from an racial point but from an human being point…i hope i c u on the 26th

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    and dnt talk shit about the news when u take ur que from it…redneck

  • 1 im not a redneck. 2 mr. zimmerman is not a police officer. 3 it wasn’t rascist because he has black releatives and mentors 2 black youths. further more trayvon did not live in the naihborhood and was not know to mr. zimmerman who was in charge of the nahborhood watch program. he was accredited to stopping multiple robberies in the last year. most of the time we would call him hero. I think that its just sad that a life was lost even if it was a blonde haired blue eyed kid.  you know there are alot more of us whites then black people that have given up our racist belifes. I just heard a report this morning about some black guy that wrote a book that stats that black people do bad in skool k-12 because our teachers are racist, even the black teachers. this is new doctrine that the public skool system is trying to institute. theres a few skool districs acrros the nation doing this. i wasn’t trying to stir the pot, but i guess yall are just some racist hate mongers. i was just trying to spread new info that was read from a letter sent by mr zimmermans father to the local news station here.
    and my comment about gun laws was due to the fact that if you take away my guns the only people that will then have guns are the police and crooks. tell you the truth i can’t tell either of them apart. benjamin franklin once that men who openly give up their liberties for safty shall have neither liberties nor safty. 

    • bigbeeinthebuilding

      Your spelling is terrible. I hope you are not over the age of 10.

    • The “F” are you talking about?  What doctrine? Maybe in goofy-land, but here in reality the air is different.  The facts in this particular incident is clear.  It was driven by a racially profiling member of the neighborhood watch. 
      Tell me where does it say that a Neighborhood watchman/woman is supposed to pursue, capture, and interrogate. Or shoot to kill, if need be?  No where, because he is NOT an OFFICER OF THE LAW.  Just a citizen with a propensity, and a deep passion for justice.  However, it doesn’t mean this shit is justified.  I mean he even incriminated himself. 
      And who said your guns are in jeopardy? No one cares. If you are a responsible gun owner, then good for’re one of a few million. keep up the good work. Me I prefer to rely on my fists…I’m not a punk…I like busting skulls with my knuckles, soft hands
      Black people, white people, whatever…if you give a damn and you want justice…flood city hall.  occupy it’s space and demand JUSTICE!  STAND UP!

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      you can articulate but you cant spell…i refuse to argue with a little kid…in the great words of ice cube u need to check yourself…and check a spelling workshop or something…or spell check

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    1st of all why this cracker is not a cop but he got a gun…and talks to dispatcher…and i mentor kids of all races on my little league team…they are of every color….dat means shit…some of these kids i mentor r spanish….just cuz i mentor these kids dnt make me spanish…it make me aware of there plight with sincerity but dats it……and stop coming out of left field with these other things ur man is wrong…and u trying like hell to justify proves my point

  • bigbeeinthebuilding

    This is horrible and I’m tired of it. We need the New Black Panther movement to empower us again. We need to start shooting back.

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  • Black Panther Party revival? A group of African-Americans with positive intentions is exactly what we need right about now. This is just ridiculous.  It is a shame.  My heart goes out to Trayvon Martin’s family.

  • RIP Trayvon and Zimmerman better get punished for this!

  • What is Black life worth in America? A lot more than it is in Africa. Want empowerment? live your life without a chip on your shoulder crying woe is me. Live in the now. Much like our president, much Like Colin Powell, much like many successful Black Americans. Black Panthers? Seriously? The Asian immigration wave to California, as well as the Mexican Illegal immigration wave to all points…THOSE folks have it rough. They get hated on by ALL no matter what color. They are modern day indentured servants. What happened to this kid sucks. But I have SEEN the same type of thing happen to kid’s in California, wrong place wrong time, with a jerk just happening to be nearby. I hope this guy get’s the chair, It is TERRIBLE that this young man’s life is snuffed out before he had a chance to experience life, love, fatherhood. But I am so tired of Black American’s calling attention to the fact that they are Black Americans, that the “Crackers” (as One posted here) are all the devil keeping Black people down. Idiots are going to do stupid things, with terrible consequences. Random school shooting’s, regardless of (skin color), Gang related activity, random violence, sensless shooting in neighborhood’s resulting in innocent victims who were doing nothing more than watching TV in their family home (regardless of color). I seem to recall two Black Americans going on a random shooting spree a few years ago in the beltway area. I tell you now, I never heard any “Crackers” getting together saying we needed to “Get a white empowerment group together and fix this mess!”. My point is twofold. I sympathize with the family, I have two son’s, I almost lost my oldest when he was six. I remember sitting in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, a grown man, crying and blubbering like a little baby, because they weren’t sure if he was o.k.; if he was going to make it. I didn’t lose my Son like this poor family, but I felt the awful trepidation, the chill along my spine, the abyss creeping up on my soul…I cannot imagine what hell they must be going through. My second point is This is not 1875. this isn’t even 1965. If Black America cant see past this idiot and LOOK around them to KNOW that thing’s have changed, and are continuing to change for the better…than THAT is the real issue. No one group in this nation is targeting Black people, that was the case generations ago, but White men and women don’t wake up every day with an eye bent towards Black oppression, not anymore. THOSE day’s are long ago. The only one’s white people seriously screwed over and manage to still get that act done is the American Indian. Yes indeed, there is a people that we pretty much erased, and still keep “settlements” for. And lastly (point three) racial prejudices on the part of ALL American’s point with accusing finger to the illegal immigrant wave from Mexico, and let me tell you, I have seen the melting pot that are gateway cities, San DIego, Los Angeles, Washington, New York, Miami, and EVERYBODY discriminates equally in those places, yet for the most part, we make it work, that much elbow rubbing with different culture’s is ultimately, good for the soul. In deeply entrenched southern rural areas, not that much has changed, not as much immigration, not as much ethnic melting. People get lost in the same old hatred’s and lose track of the fact that thing’s HAVE changed. To Mr. and Mrs. Martin: I am deeply sorry for your loss, and I pray that justice is done and this man Hang’s for it.


    concerned White..scratch that…Concerned American

    • Q.

      Dear Ron,

      I think you have good intentions, but you have some serious flaws in your thinking/argument. Let me point them out: You start off with the tired strawman assertion that “a Black life is worth more in America than it is in Africa.” That is one of the most tired and asinine arguments that white folks tend to use to try to rank the quality of existence of Black people in this racist society of America. So, based on your and many other whites’ twisted logic, Black folks in America should be happy to be wrongfully beaten, shot and arrested on the pretense of race because…well, AT LEAST  WE’RE NOT NOT IN WRETCHED AFRICA. I’m here to tell you to STOP the bullshit!

      1) We should not be comfortable or tolerant of ANY injustice ANYWHERE at ANY TIME. I don’t give a damn if it’s in Sanford, FL or Soweto, South Arica.

       2) “Africa” (as most people tend to generalize the diverse continent of 40+ nations) is not the desolate war-ravaged wasteland that Western media continues to portray it as. There are plenty of well-developed, bustling cities throughout the continent that contain well-educated Black people and thriving business activity, wealth, solid family life and so forth. Don’t stereotype Africa as if you’ve surveyed the entire continent. Most of the information you’re basing your presumptions off of is probably 10 second video bytes and UNICEF commercials.

      3) You said “I never heard any “Crackers” getting together saying we needed to “Get a white empowerment group together and fix this mess!” Umm, have you ever heard of right-wing militia groups? They’re all over the United States. The New Black Panther Party is one small group. Let’s be real here.

      4) I don’t hear anyone crying “woe is me” here. The fact is, an innocent CHILD was murdered by a racist lunatic, and people are rightfully upset–don’t belittle that by criticizing people for vocalizing their pain. It’s futile for you to try to guilt Black people into shutting up when we feel a certain way when we see young guys like Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, and now Trayvon Martin helplessly die at the hands of some maniac white men. Sorry, but it is YOU who should feel guilt for not standing up to other whites when they defend injustices such as these. A lot of you so-called open-minded white people still use race when it’s convenient for YOU, but when it comes to ultimate justice for non-whites, how many of you stand with us? This is about RIGHT and WRONG.

      5) Again, many white folks like yourself have this warped idea that Black people in America should feel somehow placated by the placement of a few select brown people in high positions of status and seeming success, i.e. (Colin Powell, Barack Obama, Condoleeza Rice, etc.). You use these examples of handpicked Blacks as social benchmarks that racism has somehow vanished from American society. Here’s some insight on history: since slavery, whites in power have always granted select Black people seeming positions of status and power to allay and manage the anxieties of other Black people–it’s a social illusion to keep the Black underclass hopeful, and somehow tolerant of the continued mistreatment at the hands of whites. You ever heard the term “House Negro?” In other words, you may have elected a Black President, but there still exists a severe racial bias in our legal and judicial system, which allows racist cops and scumbags like Zimmerman to feel perfectly free to murder Black men and boys as they see fit. You’re right, this isn’t 1965, it’s 2012…and yet we still have racist lunatics out here taking lives of Black citizens. So NO, we’re not going to get over a damn thing as long as these injustices continue to take place. You asked Black people to see past a clearly racially charged incident, as if Zimmerman didn’t use racial slurs and profile Trayvon simply based on his race–No, it’s not happening.

      See, a lot of white folks like you keep talking about how tired you are of Black people speaking out against injustices in this society and how much things have “changed”, and then you use lopsided stats to try to illustrate why Black people should continue to be treated as third-rate citizens…”well, because you have gang bangers and drug dealers in your neighborhoods.” Yes, it’s true, we do have drug and violence problems in some of our communities, but SO DO WHITE FOLKS. White folks have just as much violence, corruption and illicit activity in your communities and throughout your history as any other group, if not more. Furthermore, many of you white folks tend to lazily overlook the ramifications of a society that was founded on the premise that the WHITE MAN IS INHERENTLY SUPERIOR AND THE BLACK MAN IS INHERENTLY INFERIOR, a society which gleefully allowed the enslavement, rape, torture and murder of countless numbers of our ancestors and wrecked many of our families, ramifications which are still very much felt today in our homes, schools, in law, and the general workforce, and you turn around and tell us to “get over it.” You have no idea how degrading and insulting that is to not just Black people, but to humanity itself. It is irresponsible for you to expect people who built this country yet are still shitted on in daily life to simply keep turning the other cheek as we get slapped in the face. No sir, that day is coming to a quick close.

      Concerned Human

      • B


    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      i agree with sum of whut you say but i disagree with sum of ur other points….i knw not jus my history as a young black man but i knw the history of the world like for instance i knw blacks were not the first to be inslaved nor last…shit we inslave ourselves in africa and we inslave our minds today…i also knw dat our black decendant(the moors) inslaved white folks in europe way before african slave trade…being from the islands i was raised not to hold on the dat past…not forgetting but not using it for a crutch…but can u blame thoes dat do…i dnt knw where u live at but in florida,bama,texas, its newly found laws make it extra hard in a life dats hard already to survive…it seems u are asking for us to forget….well i say no fu@#$ing way…you whites run this country i dnt care whut the color of the president is….look how ya’ll modify the laws for personal use….when its time to arrest us guilty or’s done..but with mr. zimmerman…they find every crap to delay his arrest….i understand what your saying but u have no idea whut this is..ur white..ur heart is in the rite place but ur mind has to evolve to a plain where there is no color jus ppl….and not jus u mr. soronen but all of us(including) me

  • CooL_KiD_305

    Zimmerman is not part of the neighborhood crime watch, he took it upon himself to follow and pursue trayvon. This world is crooked if they don’t give this family the justice they deserve!

  • Well then, I stand corrected, don’t know what I was thinking. I am wrong, apologies. Still much love to the Martin family. Now I am going to go bury my head in the sand so I stop making people angry about me ruling the country with my $12.00 an hour job:)  But I still, say…Indians got the worst deal of any and all as relates to this mess. (ducks)

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      cmon ron no one said u rule nothing but ur household….and i happen to make a dollar more than you(ha ha) but dnt take this personal no one is attacking u….it ain’t about ur white pastry’s about a racist cumbucket who shot a kid claimed self defense when he approached and chase the kid down…now ron u sound like a smart anglo-saxon so i knw u knw dat shit is wrong…so please pick ur head up out the sand fore u cease to breathe life cuz i dnt want nothing to happen to you my pale skin brother…jus remember jus cuz dis is a hip-hop site dnt mean we are all not educated and u can jus pose ur will upon us…we r very educated…despite popular beliefs…next time u want to chop it up with us b-boys expecially about such a touchy subject u better bring the MEAT…and i ain’t talking poultry….or nothing sexual either…(no homo)

      • badgirlblack

        Hey Negroid if your so educated why is it you can’t spell the english language correct. I bet you don’t even have a American birth Cert. to be apart of this conversation, I just brought the meat to you now you can go jerk off.

      • immackulate

        you are one ignorant bitch (no spell check)

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        as long as i can jerk off in ur mouth….actually i am a citizen of this country for the last 6 years and as for the spelling i see this forum the same as texting…so i type in the same manner…has nothing to do with spelling just a shorter version of the specific words of my choosing…an dnt be mad that a jamaican like myself can come to your country and take your better jobs…don’t have to live with my parents…and have and overall better existance as part of the constant finacial machine called america…not my fault that you crackers grow lazy as what you would call the common negro and use the advancement of us non-born americans as a crutch to why you live in your moms basement with no job and with an i.q of a wash rag…..and u brought no meat to the conversation just hate and jealousy…but its ok even though im not attracted to you cuz i dont digg fat white girls with no ass…u can always suck on these choclate salty balls……..”put em in ur mouth and suck em”-qoute from issac hayes

      • I brought the “meat” as you can see above, I apologize again. Now, can you get me hired? I could use that extra $160.00 a month, I would like to catch up with my IRS payment:) I can lift 100lbs, I can work 16 hours a day, I can work any shift no matter if it changes week to week, 21 years in the Army has taught me that, and I can relocate. Please advise:)

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        sorry about da confusion my normandic brethen…and i would love to hire a man such as urself(military training makes good discipline employees..
        ..sometimes)but i live in the sunshine state and i work in sales and customer service…no physical labor….but i’m willing to help anyway i can..u did indeed brought the meat with the convo with q….so i guess ur welcome to my bbq anytime….ur a good man….be easy my nigga 1…..and yes i am aware dat ur white….i dnt care i got a lotta niggaz dats white

      • Ahh, and as far back as I can trace my root’s unimpressive as they are, that would be Norman, not Saxon:)

    • Q.

      Hey, Ron. Thank you for expressing your sympathies for the Martin family. I really mean that. But please don’t play the game of comparing people’s plight and pain–that’s really not a good look. Trying to measure out who got fucked worse by white Imperialism is pointless. You can’t possibly know the pain of a people decimated by germs and guns, or the pain of a people subjugated to the level of chattel. That’s like saying,

       “Timmy’s mom got raped twice, but Billy’s mom got raped three times, soo…Billy must be in more pain than Timmy!”

      See how silly that sounds?  

      C’mon. Stop that.

      All I ask is that if you’re truly sincere about what you said about this injustice, then stand up to the white folks you know who keep defending Zimmerman’s actions, as if he had some God-given right to gun down Trayvon Martin. That’s all I’m asking. Enjoy your $12/hr–a lot of people don’t even have that.


      • It wasn’t a game. Imagine being a white man in modern America if you would, for a moment. From childhood We are exposed to a carefully modulated curriculum on American History. We worship hero’s such as Thomas Paine, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Louis and Clark, Abraham Lincoln. We glory in their triumphs, we revel in the birth of a nation, we celebrate their birthday’s, our independence. Now, imagine you move on to middle school, histories are not so simplified, our cultural awareness grows, we begin to see the background plots of these men we were taught to worship in our formative years, there is a mixed message in our minds, these men such as we had been initiated to, had been given us to love and celebrate. Now we begin to see the awful facts of their lives, the slave holding sides, the machinations of war, domination, murder, bloodshed, lying, deceit and ignorance that caused tremendous strife and mass murder. Now imagine if you will, being told that you are the legacy of all this, you with your white skin, are the cause of so much hatred, the industrial revolution of which this countries stuff is made of, being built on criminal behaviour, or so it would be judged today, the land you own, being bought at the sacrifice of a million Indian braves, their wives, their children. No, not all were taken by disease, maybe as much as half the eastern seaboard tribes were decimated, there were no records kept on such things, just the best guess of the literate at the time, mainly white clergy. We begin to become aware of the impact we had on all those around… everywhere. Then comes college. At a time when you are at your most malleable, you begin to read text’s and letter’s, biographies, autobiographies, see documentaries where the truths that are alluded to in elementary education are fully revealed. You see that we are monsters, that we were uncaring, that based upon the emergence of a capitalistic republic, we were no different in our pursuits after independance than those that came before based on “Divine Right”. Based upon these inescapable truths, I can logically make a statement on my own, about the evils that white men of this country imposed upon the less fortunate, less entrenched. I, as a white man who has to stand up and face those my fathers denigrated, enslaved, killed, murdered, raped, oppressed and any other eulogy you could name, on a daily basis, will do so. With my head carried high, my soul at peace with my convictions, and my eye towards a future where there is no racial impunity. I will do so in an educated, illumined manner. I need to approach any and all issues in which I toss my hat into the ring in a dignified manner, aware of others dignity… and proud heritage.  Aware of my heritage, accepting of my responsibility for past transgressions and horrors in which I had no part, but in which I will also not cry: “let you not decry to me your virtues, your  struggles, let you not blame me for the sin’s of my father, for what have I done to you?”.
        In truth I have done nothing, nor will my children, they will not be a link to hatred and violence in the name of ethnic differences, for I have taught them well. They are of mixed blood, being Filipino and Caucasion blood, they will experience, to a much lesser degree, the challenges of bigotry, yet If I can make no other stand in my life in the challenge of racism, it will be this; that my children and their children after, will take no hand in it.
        Forgive me please if you took my statement for what it was, a note of sarcasm certainly, but more accurately; a statement of frustration. This nation, we people, will never heal, will never stride towards greatness if SOMEONE, somewhere, does not stand up and say: “Enough”. Lay down your sword, or your pen, in the exercise of violence, in the cause of remembrance, if it be in the fashion and design of extending prejudice. I am white, yet I feel the burden, weather or not any tells me that I cannot understand the “feeling”. I do, if from the other side of the coin, and it wearies me, it burdens me, and it hurts me too.
        I stand before you, not with a pen name, but as you see with my true name, because I am willing to engage in dialogue, that any may see, in plain view, in an effort to FURTHER the cause of peace between all Americans. I receive no pay, no endorsements, expect no accolades, flinching at the blow of the pen in anticipation, but yet I stand, before you, and say again, I am sorry for the tribulations placed on all that my race has destroyed, but now, let us move forward, NOT in an effort to forget the past, but in an effort to save the future.
        I will apologize once more. I did not intend to go into such a lengthy discourse, in truth when you replied to me, I was a bit overwhelmed by your response. I tend to meditate a bit when such weighty matters come into play and I am involved in any way. It is also true I tend to be glib and sarcastic. Such tendencies are detrimental to meaningful conversations, and I beg your forgiveness again. In this age of technological advancement, we tend to bring ourselves to the lowest common denominator in terms of mechanical diatribe and philosophy. To wit; cell phone text. That was my approach here and I certainly see why you would respond the way you did. I can however, and certainly will, engage in meaningful dialogue with any person such as yourself who envisions a greater good through purposeful debate.



      • Q.

        Thank you for your reply. I dig the way you articulated your perspective here–it was refreshing, and I could feel your sincerity through your words… I have to say, that was one of the REALEST posts I’ve ever read on this site. I can sense you have empathy and compassion for others, which is what counts. Your apology is fully accepted and appreciated.

        The truth is, all of us products of the American school systems have been mind-fukked by the U.S. history books aka “academic fiction novels.” Lies have been told to White and Black folks in regards to our true history, and as to what roles we should assume in this ongoing social drama. Let me share a few things I’ve come to understand about racism:

        Racism is not an inherent component of human behavior; it’s a science. Racism is a social mechanism–a matrix, if you will, which was devised by a small group of individuals, in order to fulfill a particular agenda. That agenda was to seize land, resources, and subsequently, power from other human beings on the planet, to service their own selfish ambitions. Racism is the means by which those selfish individuals justified to their subordinates to do their bidding, setting up a system for that minority to rule. Today, the racist mentality is a socialized condition used to maintain such a system. The concept of a “white” race and a “black” race is a manmade device created to divide society by assigning status. In today’s paradigm, a non-white person can be almost functionally “white” if they have obtained enough wealth and status, meaning they can move amongst and through almost any elite social circles of their choosing, without discrimination. The U.S. Census has been continually used to assign status. Take Zimmerman–a lot of people are describing him as Hispanic, which is irrelevant as he is still classified as a white man. Contrary to popular belief, the terms “Hispanic” and “Latino” do not describe race, rather lingual and cultural background. Hispanics/Latinos come in every so-called race imaginable, which is why the U.S. Census has separate boxes for “White Hispanic” and “Black Hispanic.” Zimmerman clearly identifies himself as a white man, and takes full advantage of the social status of being such. It’s a fact that most Hispanics worldwide  do not classify themselves as “black” even if they are brown-skinned. If you want proof, check out the demographics of Brazil. You can see how the whole race classification system itself is fraudulent and provokes further division. Only God knows the immense damage this race matrix has inflicted on Humanity.

        Racism is a total scam; it has deceived people of all races into assuming a psychological position on the Superiority-Inferiority scale. As racism has become more disguised and mutated, some people utterly deny it even exists. The modern racist doesn’t believe they are a racist, yet willingly, often unknowingly, indulge in it’s system’s wretched fruit. To me, racism is like a baby’s crib for the undeveloped mind; it’s a comfort zone which offers a sense of security. Leaving that crib and exploring the mysterious world outside can be daunting to that undeveloped and sheltered mind. The fallacy of the baby’s crib is that it is not a safe shelter at all. It’s a PRISON. I’ve heard people often say “Racism will ALWAYS be in the world, and it’s here to stay”–I wholly disagree with that. This idea of racial supremacy is only several centuries old, really. One can look at Ancient Kemet (Egypt) and see examples of societies thousands of years ago that were multiracial and integrated and, though not perfect societies, they were not dominated by racial strife and hatred. I believe the racist mindstate is correctable–and it MUST be corrected if human beings intend to survive another century on this planet. It’s about choice.

         As you said, the choice has to be made to BE BETTER. We [ALL PEOPLE] have to educate ourselves, expand our thinking, and be accountable, as individuals and as a collective society. We  have to develop global awareness so we can better see the universality of the human condition. We have to develop critical thinking skills, in order to see past the smokescreens and game our ruling-class governments run on us to keep us from cooperating with each other instead of at each others’ necks. We have to practice acting in the spirit of compassion and acceptance, in order to suppress evil, and so we can make the RIGHT decisions in all human affairs. In the past decade the world has experienced a multitude of catastrophes that have brought death, destruction, and FEAR. I believe these have all been tests, to remind us of the value of life and to re-evaluate the meaning of our humanity. I’ll let you reflect and decide for yourself where people have succeeded and where we have failed in our responses.

        I, like you, can see past this world into a more evolved future… A lot people wonder how they can change the world for the better. They think “I’m only one little person, I can’t make an impact on this great, big world.” Well, the secret is, the world can be changed much easier and faster than we think. It only takes a small minority of responsible, determined individuals who decide to act differently. I’m not talking about any weird cults or bloody coup d’etats–I’m simply talking about the revolution of the MIND. We have the power to fashion a new reality by simply rejecting the lies and living in TRUTH and JUSTICE. The impact of a movement like that is immeasurable.

        You may not realize it, but by you acknowledging and ACCEPTING history, and resolving to do better than some of your ancestors, you are actively absolving yourself of their transgressions. When one decides to live responsibly in this way, apologies no longer become necessary.


      • @yahoo-66DQKBAUXK76SUPUEXPJMFNY5U:disqus  Q and Ron Shc Soronen
        Nice conversation. American needs to learn how to speak to one another (like you 2 did) without being hateful or worrying about hurting feelings. 
        You don’t have to agree but at least understand where the other is coming from.

  • B

    My problem with this article is that this didn’t have sh*t to do with that law.  The LAW is fine.  It says that you do not have a duty to retreat(try to run or get away) before you use deadly force IF you are acting in self-defense.  However, Zimmerman was not acting in self-defense because he initiated the confrontation AFTER the dispatcher told him not to do so.  A “stand your ground” law just might save your ass one day if someone comes barging through your house or tries to kill you one day.  No, this was plain ole fashioned racism/stereotyping and Martin is dead for it.  Tired of n****s cosigning this “disarm us all” bulls**t.  That’s why they run over us now….

  • B


  • badgirlblack

    I think everybody is missing something here. This kid has no idea of becoming a jet airplane mech. He was suspended from school when he got shot. I guess if he was home studying he wouldn’t gotten himself shot. I guess if he had parents that were married and all lived under the same roof and made more or less than 12.00 per hour the kid might be still alive today. You see a 10 yr. old in a football uniform, how American, all we need is the apple pie. This guy was 17 yr.old a wanna be with a hoody on and don’t care about his future, because Obama will take care of him and everything will be roses. Well he’s getting the roses now. Obama will be out of office, then who is going to take care of his food stamp ass kind now. Let the law that’s on the books now take care of this problem in Sanford Fl. wheather you like it or not. Must be alot of people out of work and on food stamps in Sanford Fl. I guess nobody works in that town, they just go to protests to pass the day. I wonder if they were giving away fried chicken at the street party.

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      no respect for the dead… not gonna argue with u trick because only a fool argue with fools…it’s clear dat u have no understanding of the world and it’s inhabitants…if you would get out of ur preppy racists bubble then and only then can u fully understand…someone was killed a mother lost her son and the world lost a young man for no good reason…hav u ever lost someone?..what if it was a black man shot a white boy i bet u see it different….now i’ve wasted too much time on you..but what i will leave u with is u need to replace the shit coming out ur mouth with my big black jamaican d!@k… shut ur mouth and make me some fried chicken beee-yyatch

    • ROCKAH

       ARE YOU A BLACK? OR A MINORITY? WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? HE WAS 140 pounds at 17 years old and died at 140 pounds and 17 years old, thats all anyone could say about the circumstances because nobody who’s commenting on this shit was there. A white girl gets suspended from school for joking using racial slurs then gets beat to death by half a Brooklyn project that sounds about right…right?! Let those niggers who you stereotype from the jungle give you what you expect. IF Zipperman Zimmerman ran across my damu bros in Florida running thru his community he would of had the show he was looking for..with dirt being thrown right on his red oak casket.

    • u are incredibly ignorant and if u express these thoughts verbally and audibly near a group of protestors, you may not be safe. Who Are You to judge a young man who can no longer speak for himself? WHO ARE YOU to deem someone hopeless because of a school suspension? Do you know that Bill Gates is a high school dropout? smh.. PEOPLE LIKE YOU ADD TO THE ZIMMERMAN’S OF THE WORLD BECAUSE YOU THINK YOU HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO NAME YOUR PRICE ON SOMEONE’S LIFE. YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN LOOK INTO THE FUTURE AND DECIDE WHAT SOMEONE IS GOING TO BE OR WHAT SOMEONE IS WORTH. YOU ARE NOT TRAYVON, BITCH, YOU ARE ZIMMERMAN

      • badgirlblack

        Disqus generic email templateIn response, no I’m not ignorant, but I’m no Bill Gates either. He stayed home and invented something and gave it to the world. He didn’t walk around in a hoody and back pack with questionable possessions saying he was holding it for a friend. I’ve heard that story so much from punk ass thieves trying to get out from admitting they stole it. What I see is ( Disqus ) and others ( AllHippoHop ) publishing information that has no support, You want attention, ( never had enough of your mommy’s titty ) insecure, right! I will speak out and say what I feel, it’s my opinion and my constitutional right called the first amendment. The second amendment is another constitutional right that I believe in. So I don’t fear anyone when in a group stating my mind. They can just walk away if they don’t like what I say. If I’m threatened I will stand my ground too. Being black doesn’t mean I carry the problems of the black man’s world. I will not go back to the time when Al Sharpton AND Jesse Jackson were much younger men. Today they have nothing better to do except hang on to their past. They were caught doing wrong Especially Jackson and were forgiven by black’s that they are lying to today. Because they don’t have the fact’s. They just want to create hate and re-live their past. All said here two wrongs don’t create one wright. Got it Bitch! What I say is my opinion and my constitutional freedom to say what I want and I have a Birth Certificate too. So for now I’m one of the wrongs and you’re the other wrong until the court has the facts and a ruling will be set in American stone and you and I and others will live with it. Again, Got It Bitch! What should be reported and looked into as I see on T.V. is so many blacks marching around the country Monday thru Friday, don’t they have jobs to go to. Tell Obama to turn on the T.V. and see what he has created. A unemployed America. Let’s protest about not having jobs for so many Americans. There are facts to back that too. Are we really a food stamp nation that people say Obama created to keep us under control. Why are we not a working America? Argue that point, Bitch!

    • UponA_Star

      all i can say is that your very ignorant how dare you despise somebody thats dead for just walking to the store. Okay and he was suspended and what does that have to do with this case NOTHING, all black people don’t have to be on Food stamps either you also dont have the right to say that he didnt deserve his life and he has roses now Get a Life and a Clue and Grow UP!

      • badgirlblack

        Disqus generic email templateYou say grow up and get a life and I don’t have a clue, well I do. A black mother raising three boy’s with my husband on the South side. In a town where three cop’s got killed in one year from 17 yr. olds that people called kids. My boy’s have made it to man hood with my vigilance. They were taught how to conduct themselves when walking from a 7 to 11 store by themselves. If they were visiting friends in a private community and stopped as to why they were there. I’m sure they would have gotten through the questioning with out getting themselves shot dead. Good parental training! Teach your kid’s how to respect other’s private property. T. M. wasn’t walking through a ghetto project, it was gated and a private community. Must have thought he was in Miami. My opinion is his death was brought on due to his lack of respect for other’s and parent up raising. I guess someone forgot to tell him to stop and look both ways before crossing a dark unknown street and be aware of his surroundings. Hey all grown up do you have any kids! I wonder if they would have gotten home under your supervision. You have all the clues and must have a great life.

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  • Let me also add…for the record, that Zimmerman is not “white” so we can leave all this tired 300 year old black/white shit at the door. Despite Al Sharpton showing up and aggrandizing this into a polarizing black issue; this not a such an issue. This is an idiot who was clearly an overzealous idiot (my OPINION not a statement of facts) who killed a kid who was doing nothing more (based on available FACTS) then walking in this idiots neighborhood after dark. Notwithstanding this child’s skin color, the FACT is, there is a dead child and some VERY bereaved parents who need support. There is nothing more that need’s to be said except: Mr. and Mrs. Taylor….I at least am sorry and FEEL for your loss, that from a total stranger who is a father, and who hurts inside that such things happen to little ones every day, somewhere, ALL over the world, REGARDLESS of skin color, ethnic histories, and community involvement.

  • We All Let Trayvon Martin Down
    We’re so sorry, Trayvon. We all let you down. As individuals, families, as a country, as a generation. We should have been in the streets demanding justice before you became a victim. We should have created civil unrest that could not be undone when it was Emmitt Till, Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo and countless others. We never should have put down the signs or our voices until we knew that they could not confidently patrol the streets in search of young Black males. After all, young Black males do not feel confident in America about slaying innocent white people. Why do the former feel comfortable and not the latter? Because this country has proved in numerous cases that the worth of Black life taken in cold blood is even lesser than that of an animal, a fetus, or a celebrity, etc.  We allowed this. Trayvon’s blood is on all our hands, those of us who knew the truth and sat on our hands in the face of injustice.  Trayvon’s murder never should have happened because the climate should have never been comfortably set for Black males to be stalked as prey. We brag in our raps about how we take no prisoners, we carry guns, we’re ready for war. The Black race has been at war on this planet, a war to survive in the face of genocidal tactics all over the globe by the white minority. So where are our security patrols on the rooftops? To maintain the village, you must protect the village. Our priorities became European-based when we left our village mentality for a capitalist mentality and decided to protect the dollar, rather than the family, the lineage, the heritage, the generations. Our survival as a race depends upon it and must be looked at this way on no uncertain terms. We are told to look at our survival in the short term, meaning employment takes precedence over justice. But when the cards are already on the table and they all clearly spell genocide, we must understand that this is our survival against the systematic fear-based genetic warfare that has been waging against us for centuries.  Fear of a Black Planet. The current global world powers have set up the system in such a way that this predominantly Black planet must assimilate into a narrow racist matrix of hypocrisy and spiritual warfare to play the game of money in order to survive.  To quote the great orator Malcolm X, “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”  The white minority, some say with a Jewish Masonic agenda, controls the media and has criminalized, stereotyped, and marginalized the Black race since it’s inception.  Is it a wonder white America finds the murders of our innocent children justifiable in the media and in the court of law while streams of hopeful Blacks and other activists pour into the streets to publicly express outrage, only to be further marginalized as “angry Black people”, “looters”, and “radicals”. Yes, the tightrope has dwindled down to a few loose threads and rather than try to walk it, WE SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE STREETS PROTESTING IT.  We should have been rapping about getting free just as much as getting money. We should have been patrolling our hoods for crooked cops instead of each other. We should have been training up the men in combat and war instead of video games and sneakers. We should have been protecting the women instead of exploiting them, because they are the womb of the Black man (rib), just as he springs from her womb. We should have been dropping out of public high schools at alarming rates due to us being taught our own history in our own schools in our community by our own leaders. The truth is, White Amerikkka enslaved the Black race and never let them free. The cunning, trickery of the white man is ever much the same as it was when he broke treaties with the Indigenous peoples of this Land and attempted to annihilate them. We are slaves to their money, slaves to their country, slaves to their corporations, and slaves to their morals and principles. Mental Slaves. Their God has always been and always will be the dollar and capital gain and until we find God in ourselves, rather than their dollar, we will never protect ourselves. Indeed, a Godless people is not worthy of protecting.  Until we are free from the choking deathgrip Amerikkka has on our minds, freedom, speech, family, future, and way of life, the annihilation will slowly, but surely, continue..
    RIP Trayvon Martin
                                                                       -Keyanna Bean

  • The sad thing is there was no proof that this young man was “racially profiled” The audio tape played by NBC was edited to make it sound like Zimmerman was after him because he was black.  Google it and see NBC’s apology to Zimmerman for blatantly falsifying the tape that was played on national TV.  But the truth is they edited the tape to make it sound that he was after him because he was black.  I believe the media is playing on the “racial heart strings” on our country to generate revenue.  Nothing more nothing less. Yes, there is racism in this country but it cuts across all racial lines.. 

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