Tyler Discuss Fashion In New Issue Of GQ

(AllHipHop News) Odd Future’s Tyler The Creator is featured in the April issue of GQ magazine.

In the interview, Tyler and the article’s author and GQ’s Style Guy Glenn O’Brien discusses their infatuation with urban streetwear brand Supreme.

Both Tyler and Glenn O’Brien discuss how Supreme has influenced their style, artistic work and life.

“Visual aesthetic is important to me. I take video directing and designing album art and shit tlike that very serious, and they do, too,” Tyler told GQ. “So that’s one thing I like from them, the way they design certain things—not too much, not too little.”

Although Tyler is a fan of the Supreme brand, he told GQ magazine that he himself was not that into fashion.

“I’m not into fashion, but I like design. I wear the same shoes every day,” Tyler said. “These same pants. I’ve been wearing this Supreme hat for a month.”

The April issue of GQ magazine is in stores tomorrow (March 20).

Tyler and Odd Future will be released The Odd Future Tape mixtape tomorrow as well.

  • GQ is falling off

  • this is a Uncle tom rapper

  • rep87

    When you think of men fashion this dude is a long way from style of any kind he sitting up here with a pink bunny shirt on how gay is that ?G Q has fallen way off doing anything to get attention them kids who follow him are not into fashion

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    well gq no longer stands for shit…tyler dreses like my unemployed roommate…..son rhyme game is madd whack…and i hear his squad is full of fags and dykes….decent production but i dnt understand all the hype…none of these wiggers can rap

  • Jeremy Scott

    Im at a loss of words, Tyler says he likes the brand but not into fashion, wears the same clothes for long periods of time. Then is photoed with a pink shirt & a green hat?…. Who is this dude? Im  stuck right now, smh

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