Yung Berg Hits the Studio With New Acts

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Yung Berg welcomed into the studio, as he put the finishing touches on his artist Mia Rey’s first album to be released on his Yung Fly Movement (YFM) imprint.

In between his own albums, Berg has kept busy building his emerging brand, in addition to producing for some of the top artists in the industry.

“Right now I’m cooking up my artist Mia Rey, we just put the ending to her album so we bout to get her a situation and its gong to go crazy,” Yung Berg told “Her album is phenomenal we have 10 joints we are in love with. When I went in on her album, I didn’t wanna just create the typical let’s get a pretty girl and make some techno type music and sell it like that. I wanted to make real R&B.”

On the production side, Berg has kept busy by working with artists like Lil Wayne, Meek Mill and Diddy over the past two years.

Just recently, Berg attended the Grammy Awards and although he didn’t take a trophy home, the nomination alone was proof that he is on the right track.

“I been doing my thing producing a lot of tracks for a lot of different people. I did a song with Future recently, [I’ve] been going ham on the song writing tip,” Yung Berg continued. “We didn’t end up winning [a Grammy] but it’s still a good look to just even be nominated“

Watch Yung Berg as he brings inside the studio.

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8 Responses to “Yung Berg Hits the Studio With New Acts”

  1. Mr. Starr Vision

    Mia Rey is actually a hell of a talent…my home girl is one of her back up dancers and left a cd by mistake one day…Berg got a hell of a singer and he’s a hell of a writer/producer….i see great things happenin on trhis one

  2. digitallife

    This dude needs to go hire that police squadron 50cent hired when he was popping all that shhht when he finally broke through from obscurity…

  3. Forwhatitsworthtowho

    I dont understand.  The dude is alright ,not cold, but like not far above the average but so much better than so many overrated entertainers.  I rly dont get it.  I dont care enough to goggle him but did he kick a baby or hit a walmart greeter?   

  4. rep87

    Ive never been into Yung Berg but hope he has matured rumors from other artist he use to speak reckless and thats what got him slapped around by other artist in the game good luck berg with your new artist

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