NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Denver Broncos

Hip-Hop Rumors: Cincinnati Bengal Cedric Benson Wilds Out at SXSW!

When AllHipHop did the Breeding Ground at SXSW, we knew it would be a crazy time. But it apparently got super crazy when a certain NFL player was going through the venue (Kiss N Fly) on an apparent tirade to menace people. According to sources, Cedric Benson was a terror up in the venue, which was very crowded. Timbaland and Snoop were there performing. Meanwhile, downstairs the Cincinnati Bengals’ Cedric Benson was getting upset with the people of VIBE magazine (sponsor of the event) because they asked him to move from the stage where pictures were being taken. (We’ll just add in the fact that several women in the VIP section were acting super thirsty around the NFLer – doing body shots off each other and whatnot to get his attention. But we digress…)

Now, Cedric did move to the side as other artists came to the stage to take pics, but he didn’t depart. This prompted several people working the event to continue to ask him to get off. He seemed to get very, very irate and upset and got into a shouting match with the girl manning the camera. He was upset because he called her a b*tch and she didn’t appreciate it. According to a source, Cedric said, “I could buy this place!” Then some of the people said they were going to call security. But this time, Cedric had some of his boys with him. They said, “Go get security!” Security never did show up. He left and came back, but nothing much came about it.

Then upstairs, somebody claims that Cedric got into a confrontation with somebody that left him bloodied. There are conflicting reports. One said he was bleeding from the arm and another from the face. Nevertheless, the security in the whole place convened on this confrontation. This part took place upstairs as Timbaland was performing his new songs. We don’t know all the deal, but we know this…Cedric is a wild guy! Let’s get football training started!!!!

  • therealest1

    Ignorant shit.


    waste of words…


    Also….dry snitching as well. 

  • once again, i feel quite proud to be a bengals fan. smh

  • “They said, ‘Go get security!’ Security never did show up.” Trill ish, bruh.

  • rep87

    Conflicting story because its not true sounds like someone is desprate for a article YAWN !

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    has anyone ever seen benson run…duke is 5’11 235 and is considered an bruising back in the nfl……if all that happend was a bloody patron….then i say it was a swell nite…who gives a rats ass neway

  • Sir Benson is winning.

  • C’mon…I know this is a rumor section, but do your journalism school a favor and check names. His name is Cedric Benson…no K at the end of his name. 

  • Tony G.

    another poorly written piece

  • rodnelius

    isn’t this the same Cedric Benson, that left out of his apartment to beat up his roommate???
    yeah take a closer look at ole boy there….his anger may be denial. What rich NFL ball player has a roommate…google it if you think I’m hating. and where his mustache at?? wtf

    • Kato nigga rich niggas get down like that. I be damned if I go downstairs in my house and I’m housing some nigga with no Job and pilot to his credit he did back in 1993. 

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