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Hip-Hop Rumors: Teyana Taylor Brawls With A Stripper, Breaks Window at LIV

Lately, it seems like the only way Teyana Taylor gets any press is when she gets into a physical altercation, or when she allegedly releases XXX pics of herself on the net. Is she still even rapping or singing anymore?

Anyway, Teyana was at it again last night getting into a physical altercation with a stripper named Skrawberry at club LIV in Miami that ended with a window being broken! Queen Latifah was in the house celebrating her birthday and Mary J. Blige was there to perform, but that didn’t stop the foolishness from going down.

The story we’re hearing is that before Teyana ended up at LIV, she and her friends made a stop at the King of Diamonds strip club where she had an argument with Skrawberry the stripper. And yes, as unbelievable as it sounds, that is her real name! Below is a picture of Skrawberry:

Teyana’s friends are saying the argument started because Skrawberry was jealous of the attention that Teyana was receiving at the club. Anyway, Teyana and her friends left KOD and headed over to LIV, where they were sitting at a table with several friends including Baltimore Ravens player Bryant McKinney, when Skrawberry popped up again and approached the table to apparently apologize to Teyana. Things went left, because Skrawberry ended up punching Teyana in the face. Here’s what Teyana’s friend Hazel-E had to say about the incident:

“Miami stripper Skrawberry came over to the table where Teyana Taylor was.  NFLer Bryant Mckinney saw the two ladies exchanging words & as Teyana bent down to grab her drink, Skrawberry sucker punched her.  But it was the first and last hit she got. Teyana & her crew laid Skrawberry out.  She left the club leaking and wearing her dress as a belt.”

Check out a pic during the fight below (Teyana on the left):

The story doesn’t end there. An hour later after the club fight, Teyana and Hazel-E got jumped by Skrawberry’s sister!

“Teyana and her crew were outside the Fontainebleau hotel, retrieving their belongings that were left inside club LIV from the first bout,” Hazel tells TheYBF.com. “All of a sudden, Skrawberry’s sister runs up behind Teyana and grabbed her hair. The ladies fell into the bushes by the window where two guys that were brawling busted through.”

Looks like two different fights contributed to the broken window. Teyana tweeted the photo below of herself at 6AM this morning to show that she was not hurt during the fight.

Teyana needs to get into a studio and relax before she gets hurt out there. That or maybe join the WWE!

  • MrSoutCity

    Who is she????

  • immackulate

    i like her lil ugly azz … for some reason

  • Her new mixtape is banging. So sad she won’t let the music speak for herself.

  • johnblacksad

    You can *tell* Teyana ain’t scared to throw lips to the sh!t…

    I’d gladly glaze Skrawberry’s face… no sugarcoat!

  • rep87

    I wish they would just stop writing bout this boring chick she should do porn because she doesnt look or sound like the next big female to blow up in the rap game

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    2 less than attractive chicks with decent bodies battling it out….sounds like a good night from where im standing….skrawberry looks like her backshot game aiight….what ya’ll expect from the goggle me bitch…shorty is an harlemitte…they start beef run and get da shit kicked out of dem….cam an jones rucker park ya’ll

  • Tony G.

    check ya sources Sydney…Teyanna has new music out…

  • mike malarkey

    hate bitches that do that twisted face shit smh

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