No Church In The Wild: Watch Jasiri X’s Awareness-Raising Video on the Trayvon Martin Case

Pittsburgh rapper and activist Jasiri X spends a great deal of his time traveling the country in support of various causes and solutions. So, it is only fitting that he would use his unique voice and influence to spread awareness about the shocking case of teenager Trayvon Martin that has taken the country by storm this week.

According to news reports, 17-year-old Martin was walking in a hooded sweatshirt through a gated communnity on February 26 when he was shot and killed by a member of the local civic association who claimed self-defense. Protesters have argued that Martin had done no wrong and was shot senselessly after being the victim of racial profiling. Until now, no charges had been filed against the neighbor, but recent reports state that a Grand Jury investigation will now take place.

After we caught up with him at this year’s SXSW Music Festival, Jasiri X sent AllHipHop.com the following video to help raise awareness about Martin’s case and others like it. Take a look and let us know where you stand on the case:

Follow Jasiri X and get updates on his music and activism on Twitter (@Jasiri_X).

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  • Soulgasm

    This was one of the dopest songs and videos ever recorded.  The message behind this needs to resonate within every community across this country.  I just hate that it had to come at the expense of Trayvon Martin’s life.  Wake up people.  Rest In Jesus’ Peace, Lil Homie.

  • V C Pittsburgh


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  • This is massive !! Props to Jasiri X

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    I would first say RIP to the sent, Trayvon Martin and condolences to his family for their loss of this youth.  It must be a sick world many are co existing within for this to STILL be taken place in the year 2012.  A radio host for shady 45 Sway had a loop of the shooter calling the child a racist name signifying the ignorants hidden hatred for his own kind sapiens sapiens.  he called the child a coon name which has been seen observed on AHH but that’s another conscious fix.  The adult who did this to the child didn’t have to murder him but instead felt that he was the GOD of this child and sent his life…  It is a sad sign of the world that these types of ignorants can co exist and have all there life continue yet end the life of this child.  I am not sure of all the REAL details but from what’s gathered or observed it was done in vain and could of been handled in a better way which would of allowed this child to continue his life within the 3rd dimension.  Unfortunately the man took this child’s life away and for that will the GOD of this planet judge the in total clarity and truth.  May the soul of Trayvon live on in the perfection of the LIGHT and may the laws of man find the truth of the killers intent.  My prayers are with his family in mourn.
    2012 and racial profiling is still a weakness of the planets genetics…. SICK

  • nyblackatheist

    Great song and video.Finally a rapper not scared of white supremacy