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SXSW Video: “Wild Boy” Machine Gun Kelly Talks Touring with Tech N9ne & Recording with His Favorite – DMX

Earlier today (March 20), Machine Gun Kelly released his Half Naked & Almost Famous EP on iTunes, and it’s been climbing the charts since it was initially put up for sale this morning.

That’s not all that MGK has to be proud of, though, after coming off a hectic week of insanely energetic performances at this year’s SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. Kells’ first stop at the festival was the S.O.B.’s 30th Anniversary showcase, headlined by himself, Miguel, 2 Chainz, and Slaughterhouse.

Before the concert, we caught up with the man behind the Lace Up movement to talk about a long list of topics, including his run-in with Diddy at SXSW last year that led to the Cleveland native being signed to Bad Boy. He also detailed plans for this summer’s “Vans Warped Tour”,  in addition to being a part of Tech N9ne’s record-breaking “Hostile Takeover Tour.”

MGK dropped a few bits of information about a record on his album that features his favorite rapper of all time, DMX. Check out the video below:

MGK then spoke on the mega-remix to “Wild Boy” he just dropped with 2 Chainz, Yo Gotti, Mystikal, French Montana, Meek Mill and Steve-O, and what the purpose behind releasing his Half Naked & Almost Famous EP before his Bad Boy debut Lace Up was. The video below also contains footage of him and 2 Chainz filming part of the music video for the “Wild Boy” remix, along with the young MC chopping it up backstage with Joe Budden.

MGK’s Half Naked & Almost Famous EP is available now on iTunes.

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  • AK

    MGK is the worst white rapper 

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    the only mark he left was a skid mark.  that kid is straight $hit.

  • The hate strong, but the money long. Lace up

    • Brian Andrew Smith

      with a corny A$$ line like that, its no wonder you listen to such a wack artist as MGK.

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    would not say worse…mus say though..if i was claiming to be someone famous it wouldn’t be a dude dat staples raw meat to his balls then gets in an cage with an lion…haven’t heard enough word play from duke to hav an opinion…so he gets docked for the title of the track…and for modifying the tupacs back beat…but how i feel bout son rhyme game…cant say for now

  • baseforyourfase

    Bunch of haters as usual, kid is making money and selling out shows nationwide, what are you doing with your life?

    @MikeBerwick “he hate strong, but the money long. Lace up” BACKED!

    • Brian Andrew Smith

      just because you sell out shows and are making money, that doesn’t mean you are worth a damn.  The kid is corny.  he’s rhymes are weak. lace up, wtf is that corny ish about.  they only people that kid this kid any respect or suburban white boys who try and act harder than they are while driving in a car that their parents probably bought for them.  

      • baseforyourfase

        corny how? just cause you don’t like his music doesn’t mean millions of other people don’t too. Who cares who his fan base is whether they be white black boys or girls. Kid is doing his thing and repping for a whole group of people and pushing his own movement forward at the same time. you don’t tour with tech n9ne, feature on DMXs track, get the xxl freshman cover and sign to bad boy cause a bunch of “white boys” are buying your music. Mac Miller and MGK are putting on for their cities, their both talented as hell despite whether they’re lyrical enough or not for you, and the color of their skin is just a excuse for people to hate. people love to hate on anyone working harder then they are and that r making a name for themselves. personally I’m not even a fan but that doesn’t mean ima spit all over the kids name and what he’s doing. f*ck you doing with your life?

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        Bad Boy?  when was the last time that label was relavent.  the last record they put out was diddy dirty money, and only five records in the past 3 years.  DMX?  I love DMX but he has been down since the great depression and is trying to use mgk to appeal to a younger audience.  mgk is nothing more than a pawn.  Mac Miller?  I won’t even touch on that.  XXL Cover?  weakest freshmen class to date, and that is only because he received the most votes online and other people dropped out.  Come’on son, I have no problem with white rappers.  there are plenty that are worthwhile, but MGK is far from it.  When i said the only people that would be buying this record are suburban white kids it was because he is a caricature.  He tries to be this hard rough gangsta ass dude, but face it, he grew up in shaker heights.  A quite affluent SUBURB of cleveland.  He is doing nothing more then emmulating a culture and feeding back but with a face that white kids will support.  

        Also, I’m not spitting all over the kids name.  I am just calling it as I see, so when he goes out and pretends like he has created this movement, acting all hard and gangsta somebody has got to check him.  And that right there is a lynch pin of what hip hop is.