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Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Funk Master Flex Steal A Nicki Minaj Exclusive From DJ Clue?

Last night, New York’s HOT 97 DJ Funk Master Flex went on a long rant during his radio show against Power 105.1 DJ, DJ Clue.  The rant was sparked because DJ Clue was bragging about beating Flex in the ratings the night before on twitter.

In his sound off, Flex claims that he went into DJ Clue’s email and took an exclusive record,  specifically, Nicki Minaj’s, “Beez In The Trap”.  Flex also went in on DJ Clue claiming that he is not made for radio.

“You talk the talk, walk the walk,” barked Flex. “This is not your arena. This radio thing is not your arena, okay!”

Flex berated Clue for about 5 minutes calling him numerous names including “Box” and “Charlie Brown”. Clue did not take too kindly to all of the talk, check out his response on twitter below:

Did Flex really steal that Nicki Minaj record though? That ish cray!

  • damn flex…. if the dude beat u in the ratings.. then u get on ur grind to make sure it doesnt happen again… throwing a hissy fit just makes ya look like a biitch….

  • Simpl3jacc

    Flex is getting bitter with old age

  • The_REAL_realtalk

    Flex is like 6 years older than Clue. BOTH yall old lol

  • ldc3000

    Is confessing to a crime hot these days. Hacking someone’s email will get you that Fed time and Flex really ain’t built for that.

  • illymac

    Ol’ Sydney
    Stealing rumors out the ill community..
    U suck..

    • immackulate

      you suck  for commenting on Sydney er’day like you winning points … state yo case and move the phuck on chump … cuz yo whining and complaining still aint stopping what Sydney doing

      • illymac

        U a lame acting tough on a computer..
        fack outa here..
        I dont be on this shit everyday
        I can actually go outside my house and interact with people in the real world..

        U a broke, lame ass socially challenged
        living in ya moms basement ass,
        pathetic dirtball…

        Kill Ya Self…

  • V C Pittsburgh

    If your a radio geek like me.. then you’ll know that Hot 97 is losing in the ratings by Power 105. Hot 97 plays the same records all the time while Power 105 plays new school and 90s music as well. People listen to Hot 97 because its a brand. Since Hot is losing then of course Flex is going to talk ish! But a Nicki Manji record dont mean sh1t. Shes trash aint ways so i dont know why theres trash talkin.
    Thanks for reading my comment!Follow me @412News:twitter 

  • NoGoBoi

    I don’t see how flex gets respect anymore. From the Tupac situation, him always crying and wining over some bullshhh and talkin sideways to everybody, old a**puss a**ni@@a

  • immackulate

    flex need his ass whipped … not for being an azzhole BUT for not really ever contributing shyt to hiphop but a few BOMBS DROPPED for some singles he prolly took paper to play

    CLUE at least responsible for bringing DESERT STORM – FAB to the game
    and them AKEDEMIK joints useta be hot back in the gap too  

    • He had his little 60 minutes of funk joints that were kinda hot tho…i just dont like him lol

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    that some gay ish going into another dude email, then brag about it.

    • So Oh I got that nigga sex tape looking ass nigga.

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    where ya been…..flex has been a dick for a long time

  • YaheardSyndicate

    DJ PREMIER -#1 NYC Djay.

    • YaheardSyndicate

      The Djays on the radio, know in their heart of hearts, that premo is everything they want to be hip hop wise. All the side businesses in the world, still dont put you on premiers level

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