Ray J and Whitney Houston

Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Ray J in Possession of “A Ton” of Whitney Houston Sex Tapes?

Sources have told Star magazine that Ray J is in possession of “a ton of sexually explicit photos and videos” starring he and the late Whitney Houston.

The insiders says that Ray J knows that he is “sitting on a gold mine” and has “been stalling” to hand over the footage to the Houston family. This could be a huge payday for Ray J, and he wants to think things through before he just hands over the footage.

The Houston family has “been in contact with Ray and told him they do not want any photos or videos painting her in a bad light to come out,” the source said.  The family also “explained to Ray that now is the time to honor Whitney, not drag her legacy down.”

The source is claiming that the late Houston “adored” Ray J, and that she “loved doting on him and would have done anything he asked — including making a sex tape.”

  • Tril Beats

    This tape will surface eventually lol….

  • TimeWillTellu1

    Thats great and all, much props to another one of Ray J’s sex tape additions but dam thats just a sleazy thing to do breh.  Just get rid of the tapes and let Whitney Rest in Peace and keep those memories to yourself.  IMO this is a big disrespect to the family for even holding this over their heads for MONEY.   What if someone had tapes of BRANDY or yo MAMA Fool?  @RayJ

  • johnblacksad

    I wanna see though… arrghh!!!

  • immackulate

    ugh jus thinking about that shit is disgusting … but i aint mad at ray-j
    all you mf’s tal’m bout HONOR WHITNEY was the same mf’s “cracking”
    jokes … pun intended.  she shouldnt have been cutting  the lil niggah
    anyway – let alone making sex tapes

    • MrTroyMercy

      waddup nd?

      • immackulate

        waddup my niggah … ISK

  • jboat123

    AS MUCH AS I LIKE celebrity sex tapes this one wouldnt be a good look for the boy it he would be vilified and it would tarnish whitney’s memory although it would be interesting to see her riding a dick or getting fucked doggystyle mmmmmmmmmm well dont do it bruh its not worth it.

  • Raheem Classick

    All I gotta say is if  I was one of Whitney’s Family members, There wouldn’t be anything for Ray J to think about, He would just have to hand them tapes over point blank period. (Gasoline & A match will do the trick)

  • EzE

    i wan see dat sh!t

  • Sucka is , sucka do.

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  • i absolutely would not want to see that s#!t.  Right up there with “A night in China”…


    Ray jay is a scum bag

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    ya’ll actually want to see dis deceased women have sex with this talentless media whore….bunch of sick puppies

  • Honestly I don’t think he would go THAT low to disrespect the deceased. But then again…. this is Ray J. If he’s capable of getting gay goons to rape , anything is possible.

  • CaliTransplant

    this dude need his ass kicked for even considering leaking these tapes. for real…thats like selling sex tapes of mlk and shit..just the ultimate sell out move…just all kinds of codes broken nigga go to rehab..wasnt she his lady? he’s just TRASH!!!!!

    • MLK? Stop it, bruh.

    • You ain’t lying. 

      • CaliTransplant

        Love him or hate him, at least Bobby held her down publicly. Bitch ass ray j just wants to come up off of her. Jokes on him though, cause they’re investigating how, who and why regarding her death. His name will be right in there somewhere as far as who supplied the drugs to her.

      • immackulate

        aye man WHITNEY was a cotdamn crackhead … please dont ever co-sign or compare WHITNEY to Martin Luther The King

      • immackulate

        whitney like Martin Luther The King huh … you simping ass niggahs kill me.
        she was a cotdamn crackhead homey dont upgrade her now she gone

    • Man y’all niggas caught up in this tabloid shyt!! (smh) You aint heard Ray J say shyt about none of this out of his own mouth but you already judgin him like this shyt is a factual report or sum shyt!!
      Personally I would tend to believe that he has the sex tapes, but I seriously doubt that he will release them.

      • CaliTransplant

        Yeah but if she’s your people , burn them shits and keep it pushin’. It wouldn’t even be a question. Out of respect, I deleted my episodes of Being Bobby Brown! And i didn’t even know her!! That’s love though. Let her finally have some peace, ya dig.

  • Yo what is wrong with dudes in 2012. No Class. I’d kill this off the jump ain’t no sex tape.  That’s what real homies do. 

  • his last sex tape was weak af so i know this shit gotta be corny 

  • rep87


  • What does hip-hop/r&b recording artist, Johnnie Newkirk Jr and Lj Ugarte have in common?

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  • Another BS “hip-hop” rumor. SMH.

  • If there are any tapes..which I doubt..I hope he has sense enuff not to do it…and shame on Sydney for posting this shyt

  • probably true but ray j would not release it hope he burned the copys this is set up

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