Bigger Than Trayvon: America’s Culture of Suspicion

Nothing exists in a vacuum, so when looking at the tragic shooting death of unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida because he appeared ‘suspicious’ to a self-appointed Neighborhood Watch captain named George Zimmerman, it can not be viewed in isolation. It’s part of something that’s much larger and systemic.

Many of us don’t like to admit it, but the fact is, this country has a long and sordid history where those who appeared ‘different’, meaning not white and male, were often deemed suspicious resulting in deadly consequences. Call it a Culture of Suspicion if you will, but it one that’s helped shaped social and political policy and impacted damn near everything we’ve done throughout the years.

TheBlack Codes, Vagrancy Laws, Jim Crow, Internment Camps, Salem Witch Craft Trials, Compulsory sterilization, Poll taxes, McCarthyism, Cointel-Pro, The War on Drugs, The War on Terror, The War on ‘Illegals’, The War on Women, these are just a few of the policies and measures that have emerged over the years out of this culture of suspicion…..And let’s be clear, so we’re all on the same page…The Culture of Suspicion is rooted in irrational FEAR and extreme ANGER.

It’s a FEAR and ANGER that dates back to the days of the pilgrims landing on Plymouth Rock where those who weren’t Anglo-Saxon in this case Native Peoples were ‘suspected‘ of being ‘less than human’ and thus needed to be civilized, stripped of their land and exterminated. Can we say Manifest Destiny? That’s what that concept and ideology ultimately meant for Native Peoples..Can we say Genocide?

Nat Turner and FEAR of slave revolts has resulted in deep-seated suspicions of Black people that are alive and well today

This FEAR and ANGER was pervasive among those who brought Africans to America in chains and enslaved us. Our culture was stripped, our language forbidden, our Africanisms stamped and literally beaten out of us.. Why? because slave owners had deep-seated fear of slaves revolting. All sorts of laws were put into place and all types of measures including divide and conquer tactics were employed to keep those who were then seen as beasts from rising up and doing what slaves like Nat Turner, Gabriel Prosser and Denmark Vesey eventually did-kill or in the cases of Prosser and Vesey, plot to kill their white masters.

This FEAR of Black reprisals has resulted in nearly all traces of the over 250 of slave rebellions that went down in the American South being erased from our school history books.

What has remained are disturbing stories of Black men, being lynched and hung from trees in what was described by singer Billie Holiday as Strange Fruit. What’s remained are eerie stories of entire Black town like Rosewood, Florida and Tulsa, Oklahoma being burned to the ground by angry white mobs because of FEAR and suspicion.of a Black man lusting after a white woman.

Sadly there’s a litany of stories about Black men being accused of looking at or lusting after a white women. This irrational Fear of a Black Dick and ‘suspicion’ gave rise of the Ku Klux Klan especially after the 1915 DW Griffith landmark film Birth of a Nation which had Black men lusting after white women as a main theme. You can see one of the more controversial scenes from that movie...HERE It also led to this country keeping anti-Miscegenation laws on the books up to 1967. Tragically it also led to countless young Black boys who having their genitals mutilated when those lynchings I mentioned earlier took place.

Again for many this legacy of FEAR and SUSPICION throughout our history is a painful pill to swallow. As a country we don’t wanna have an honest conversation of how pervasive it was and is and how it’s permeated our collective mind-set.. We don’t wanna talk about how this Culture of Suspicion been used toward various so-called minority groups in this country and the deep scars its left.

We don’t wanna talk about how we executed women who we suspected of being witches during the infamous Salem Witch trials.

We don’t wanna talk about how we rounded up Japanese American citizens during World War II and put them in internment camps because we were suspicious of them..

We don’t wanna talk about harsh and often fatal treatment levied upon men and women we suspected of being gay. How many have been killed, beaten, put into special classes to ‘straighten’ them out..

We don’t wanna talk about the horrific legacy of Cointel-pro a government counter insurgency program headed up by FBI director J Edgar Hoover. We don’t wanna talk about how Hoover kept all sorts of Civil Rights, Black Power, Brown Power and Anti-War organization under a suspicious gaze and actively used every resource possible to destroy them. He went after everyone from Marcus Garvey to Martin Luther King to the Black Panthers and everyone in between. Irrational fear, deep-seated anger and suspicion that those demanding equal rights were somehow not ‘real’ American were part of the rationale behind Hoover and the FBI actions.

To see how deep this gets.. I urge folks to watch this documentary to that lays out this culture of suspicion and Cointel-Pro.. You can peep it HERE: How the FBI Sabotaged Black America

The Importance of Connecting the Dots

Trayvon Martin

Again Trayvon Martin‘s tragic fate is not isolated. It has to be seen through this historical lens that reflects long-standing racial prejudices and attitudes and race based policy decisions in our society.

The unsavory actions of George Zimmerman coupled with the racial hostility he displayed in widely heard 9-11 call where he refers to Trayvon as a ‘F–king Coons and his paranoia (calling 9-11 over 40 times in the past year) are not out of the ordinary. He personifies the culture of suspicion.

The questionable actions and neglect displayed by the Sanford police department (not talking to key witnesses and keeping Trayvon’s body for 3 days without telling his parents) not only have the look of an outright cover up, but they too reflects this culture of suspicion… The message their actions convey is that; Trayvon must’ve been in the wrong. A young Black male wearing a hoody is always suspect. There’s no way Mr Zimmerman would’ve shot him for no reason.

In looking at Trayvon’s murder its also important to connect the dots to fear based incidents currently going on.. Look at the type of anger and hostility directed by those we are suspicious of…

Angel Rodriguez, a Puerto Rican basketball player was greeted with chants of Where's Your Green Card by Southern Mississippi band members.

For example,it was just last week during an NCAA basketball game we saw band members from University of Southern Mississippi resort to chanting ‘Where’s your Green card?‘ as rival basketball player Angel Rodriguez attempted to shoot free throws. The band members along with some fans ‘suspected’ that Rodriguez who is Puerto Rican wasn’t in this country legally. Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States, meaning they’re citizens.

Sadly similar scenarios played out in other schools around the country including last month in San Antonio, Texas where players from mostly white Alamo Heights started chanting ‘USA USA’ after they defeated their mostly Latino rivals from Edison. Again there was a suspicion that the players from Edison weren’t one of us (American) They must be illegall.

Some may be tempted to chalk these incidents up to sport fans being ignorant. And that may be true until we see this same type of attitude displayed by Presidential hopeful, long time Senator Rick Santorum. He recently stood before a crowd and remarked, that before Puerto Rico can become state folks living there will have to learn to speak English. Again that culture of suspicion at play. He’s suspects Puerto Ricans aren’t really one of us.. On a side note as was pointed out in a recent Reuters article, There’s no constitutional requirement to have an official language nor for a territory to adapt English as an official language to become a state.

Sadly the culture of suspicionit doesn’t stop there. There’s been a rash of anti-immigrant bills being passed with the harshest in Arizona (SB 1070), Alabama (SB 56) and just the other day Mississippi passing (HB 56). All are born out FEAR and suspicion.

We’ve had people like Texas lawmaker Debbie Riddle coin the phrase ‘anchor’ babies and ‘terror’ babies when referring to the children of Mexican and Middle eastern immigrants and push to pass laws to stop them.. This sort of fear mongering has resulted in entire communities being profiled and suspect.

9 year old Brisenia Flores was shot and killed after self-styled vigilante border patrollers suspected her family of being in this country illegally

People like Riddle help foster a deadly climate of suspicion with deadly consequences. For example, we should never forget what took place 3 years ago in Arizona when Shawna Forde a self-appointed border patroller formed the group anti-immigrant organization Minutemen Civil Defense Corps.

In May of 2009 she and some accomplices suspecting that a family was living in a neighborhood illegally, raided the home and shot the 29-year-old father Raul and his 9-year-old daughter Brisenia to death. The mother was there and left alive. Again the Culture of Suspicion resulting in vigilante justice.

The extreme measures taken on those ‘suspected’ of not being America are not just limited to hard-working, law-abiding immigrants. That anger and suspicion has been directed to President Barack Obama. We have a whole segment of society called birthers with people like businessman Donald Trump and Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio leading the charge. In a recent poll over 45% of folks in the south believed he was a Muslim and over 25% don’t believe he was born here in the US..

The suspicions of the birthers is unprecedented. First, they demanded the president show his birth certificate. After he did that they demanded he show a long form certificate. After he did that, they accused the documents of being forged and wanted original draft cards. In fact as we speak Arpaio is launching yet another investigation into the president. Can you say Culture of Suspicion gone wild?

It doesn’t help that President Obama has contributed or reacted to this climate of suspicion, by deporting over one million people and increased surveillance in American Muslim communities..His policies dovetail with the policies of many police departments that have also heightened this culture of suspicion.

It was just 3 or 4 weeks ago that a ‘suspicious’ looking Ramarley Graham was standing outside his home in the Bronx when he saw police officers roll by. He walked into his home only to be followed by police who ‘suspected’ he had a gun.. Police busted into his house and shot Graham in his bathroom in front of his grandmother and a 6 year old.. No gun or weapon was ever found..

Jordan Miles is a 18 year old violinist who played for First Lady Michele Obama

Graham was one of over a whooping 680 thousand New Yorkers who police stopped and frisked last year in their attempts to find ‘illegal’ handguns.. Over 80% of those stopped and frisked were Black or Brown men.. less than a 1% of those stops have resulted in any weapons being found. This policy has led to racial profiling and Black and Brown men being seen as suspects before being seen as productive citizens in their community.

The case of Pittsburgh, PA 17-year-old honor student Jordan Miles being stop frisked and beaten beyond recognition with his dreadlocks torn out his head is another example of what happens under this culture of suspicion..

Ironically in both the Jordan and Graham cases the police accused both men of fleeing when in truth, knowing the history of such encounters they probably developed a healthy suspicion of police who are no longer seen as friendly public servant there to protect and serve, but a vicious gang with a badges and license to kill.

There are too many cases to recount.. but the results are damn near always the same death, scarred communities and a legacy of deep mistrust.. Trayvon Martin is the latest casualty in this long line of tragic mishaps.

What if the Shooter was Black and the Victim White?

John White shot a White Teen who showed up at his house with a mob..He was convicted and sentenced

There are many who have rhetorically asked this question. It’s done not so much to plant seeds of racial hatred and be divisive but to point out the inconsistencies and double standards that exist within our justice system. Its way for us to look at situations and hopefully be moved to change them.

One glaring example of a Black man protecting his family and shooting a white youth involves took place a few years ago in Long island New York. In August 2006, John White confronted 17-year-old white teenager named Daniel Cicciaro who had been threatening White’s son. Cicciaro showed up with a group of his friends to get at White’s son. Fearing for his safety White shot the teen who was on his property. He was convicted and sent to jail. You can and should read about that case HERE.

At the time of White’s sentencing there were many who compared his situation with that of a White man out of Texas, named Joe Horn who shot two Black men on his property who he shot and killed after disobeying police orders. Like Zimmerman, Horn wasn’t directly threatned but he went ‘hunting’ for the people he eventually shot.. You can read about that case HERE and HERE.

This should come as no surprise to anyone that we have this type of double standard. The question and challenge before us all, is how will we fix a broken, racially biased justice system? Do we have to vote in new judges, new DAs and new prosecutors? Do we have to change the entire way we do business in the justice arena?

There are no easy answers and ultimately we are going to have to change people’s hearts and minds. Say what you will, but what fueled these confrontations and uneven results was racism and the suspicion that those who have darker skin are ssuspect..

The Zimmerman Is Hispanic Not White Argument

George Zimmerman

In recent days we’ve seen many in the media play this card and play it hard.. There’s a couple of things going on here that we should all think about.

First, is by playing up the fact that Zimmerman is half Hispanic suggests that he at one point or the other has been subjected to the suspicious FEAR laden gaze of society and hence he’d be a bit more sensitive and perhaps a bit more insightful when confronting folks, in particular Black folks. The implied thought is that Zimmerman, the half Hispanic would know what Black or Brown man to confront and not to confront better than the average white person..That’s utter nonsense so lets put that to rest..

Zimmerman was a racist who had a clear disdain for young Black males. He was as FEARFUL as any of the white person who has held similar attitudes. In short, what does Zimmerman being Hispanic have to do with anything? He drank the kool aid of white supremacy. His Hispanic background didn’t make him immune, the same way it doesn’t immune self-hating Black folks who buy into the same flawed belief systems where even with Black skin and having faced discrimination themselves, will see a young Black male with a hoodie and think the worse and become suspicious. Some of those FEARFUL Negros once they get a position of power or get to wear a gun and badge act out fearfully and suspiciously with the same deadly consequences.. So Zimmerman being Latino means nothing..

The other thing at play here is by the media highlighting Zimmerman’s ethnicity, Black folks are supposed to suddenly unite and start bombing on Latinos. We’re supposed to suddenly be upset with our Mexican, El Salvadorian or Puerto Rican neighbors? Was Zimmerman acting on their behalf and carrying out their agenda? I think not..

If they’re gonna play the ethnic card with Zimmerman all of us should be asking is Zimmerman repping for a large Latino body of people who are in the same struggles and fighting against an oppressive system. Is he part of an organizations like La Raza, MeCHA , NDLON, Puente, and in are they vouching for him? Would he have been suspicious of one the courageous Dreamers, undocumented youth who actually Marched through Florida a year or so ago pushing for passage of the Dream Act? Has Zimmerman been out there protesting all the anti-immigrant laws popping up all over the country or was he the type to support them, suspicious off other Latinos confronting them asking if they’re criminals or here ‘legally’?

Again either your working to free people from oppression or your working for the system, helping keep people disenfranchised and marginalized. Don’t buy into divide and conquer tactics. Connecting the dots, uniting marginalized communities and addressing institutionalized oppression is not in the best interest of those in power.

I’m not sure what Zimmerman represents and who he rolls with, but his actions deserved to be punished. And while in many places there are Black and Brown tensions which should be addressed the shooting of Trayvon Martin is not the jump off into further divisions. Whats at stake here is the death of an innocent 17 year old coming home in the rain wearing a hoodie and carry a package of skiddles..He was confronted by large, overzealous, suspicious wanna be cop who killed him.. We must resist the attempts to keep this tragedy isolated from these larger issues and histories at hand..We must seek justice and seek it in such a way that it puts a major dent in some of overarching problems and prejudices impacting us all.

  • Casor_Greener

    You are playing both sides of the fence.  you are saying it was wrong for John White to get prison (which it was) and then saying this guy should get it.  

    Speaking of suspicion, your article is just as guilty of creating it- “whitey and the system are out to get us”.  This could have just been a jacked up situation with no racial implications but you are making it that way.  

    Hopefully justice is done in all cases regardless of race.  The fact that it isn’t just means we need more power and people in the system (lawyers, judges, and law enforcement) not outside of it

    • Q.

      How did he play both sides of the fence? The John White case and the George Zimmerman case are apples and oranges. John White was on his own property defending his family, whereas Zimmerman went out looking for trouble. The writer clearly outlined that.

      “whitey and the system are out to get us”…Where in the article did you read that? The writer is just laying out historical facts. You sound offended by that. And clearly there were racial implications in the Trayvon Martin death, as Zimmerman was 1) quoted on the 911 tape using a racial slur, 2) Zimmerman’s own neighbors said that he had been profiling young Black males as targets, 3) If Zimmerman wasn’t profiling Trayvon because he was Black, then what other reason would he have to be suspicious of him–for wearing a hoodie? Does that make any sense? No.

      Yes, we can HOPE all day for justice, or we can initiate it through social movement. Power has never conceded anything out of empathy. We have plenty of [Black] people in the legislative and judicial systems, yet that alone has not remedied the psychological disorder of RACISM. We even have a Black President who can’t even address the situation, because he has to tiptoe around all racial issues for fear of white reprisal–so what’s the point? Unfortunately, we can’t outlaw fear, hate and stupidity.

      By the way, are you a white dude calling yourself “Amen-Ra?”

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      amen-ra…egyptian son god(also amun)……wow weird name for an white supremacist…your definetly confused and an racist….going to a klan rally later mr ra….jus asking

  • Casor_Greener


    If you can’t obviously see that this article was designed to incite anger in the system, then I can’t help you.

    He played both sides of the fence by advocating violence in one instance and going against it in another. While the cases are different, in both cases, the shooter determined he was in danger by a kid. Both cases the kids were unarmed.

    some people believe hoodies to be suspicious. I can’t say I fault them. Now they say it was raining so it might be different in this instance, but generally a character wearing a hood at night would be considered suspicious.

    • Q.

      Hmm. I don’t understand who you’re trying to protect, but the only thing suspicious here are your comments. You sound like an agent.

      I didn’t feel the incitement of anger you’re talking about, but if the article does incite anger, then GREAT. We need a thousand more articles which incite people to get angry and seek JUSTICE. I’d rather Black people be angry, than to roll over and play possum while our kids get senselessly murdered by these lunatics. But ALL honest people should be outraged by Trayvon’s murder. Again, there were no fences played here–John White defended his family against an aggressive TRESPASSER, which was a lawful act. Zimmerman disobeyed the police dispatcher and violated all legal protocol acting as a so-called vigilante. Apples and oranges.

      So, you’re saying because some people “believe hoodies to be suspicious” Trayvon deserved to have a gun drawn on him and killed as he screamed for help? Now your argument is just veering off into plain stupidity.

      • Casor_Greener

        Please show me anywhere in my comments where I said the shooter was in the right.  Stop all the agent talk. I can alreayd tell you are one of those brothers who think you have a monopoly on blackness. I highly doubt you’ve done more for our community than me. If so, then I applaud you

        I’m speaking to the article not the incident

      • Q.

        Monopoly on blackness? LOL That’s cute. It’s just your name and comments don’t match up in the least…All I see is an article full of facts. If you investigated any of the topics he listed, you wouldn’t have anything to argue about.

        So, whose community are you serving by acting like this wasn’t a racially-motivated incident? That’s what I’d like to know.

      • Casor_Greener

        I’m not trying to serve any community, I’m simply trying to avoid rushing to judgement.  I don’t go off screaming about hate crimes and institutional injustice whenever an innocent person gets shot.

        It’s rushes to judgement that have a lot blacks in prison for crimes they didn’t commit.  I’d rather be part of the solution rather than the problem. Your path might be in a different direction.

      • Q.

        You sound like a white dude who’s trying to play neutral, but you’re really low-key defending Zimmerman if you can’t look at the plain facts and call a duck a duck. An honest man wouldn’t go out of his way to duck and dodge the TRUTH.

        If it’s a hate crime, it’s a hate crime. Why would you quibble about that when the evidence is there? But, the fact is, this scumbag Zimmerman should be under the jail, yet he hasn’t even been arrested yet! That screams of the institutional racism that the writer is talking about.

        You say you’d “rather be part of the solution,” but you haven’t offered any solutions as of yet. What’s your solution?

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        go in son go in

      • Casor_Greener

        To allow the investigation to coni9tnue, sort out the facts and then make the judgement.  I have never once stated the shooter was in the right. You are accusing me of something, because like I said, you are all “black power” behind the keyboard but I bet you have never done $#!t in your life to help the community.  You are probably another internet revolutionary like this jamaican clown trying to take shots.  Keep up with the white boy accusations, it’s a tactic I see from you clowns all the time.  The media has been alerted, the investigation is on, and now we can wait to pass judgement.

        Again I never said the shooter was in the right.  So miss me duke

      • Q.

        LOL Dude, Each time you type you keep exposing yourself. I must’ve struck a nerve because you got mad emo all of a sudden with the name-calling. Now, I’m a clown and internet revolutionary? Yeah OK.

        You just confirmed my suspicion that you’re a white boy. You seem insecure and butt hurt ’cause you got your piss-weak argument shot down. I’m dealing with facts, homie–you’re dealing with emotions. If the truth hurts you, don’t expect me shed half a tear over it. It’s too late in the game for that.

        Now you may be a white kid who loves Hip-Hop music and whatnot. Obviously, you admire Black culture, that’s why you took the screen name of a Black African god. If  that makes you feel good, fine, do you… But don’t come on a HIP-HOP forum talking like RACISM DOESN’T EXIST IN 2012 and ignoring all the FACTS illustrated in the article. You can’t claim to be down with Hip-Hop, then play the other side of the fence and ignore the social reality of the Black experience reflected in same music you listen to. It don’t work like that.

        Here’s the TRUTH:  There are more than enough facts to arrest and prosecute George Zimmerman. Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin for no reason other than the fact that he was a trigger-happy racist douchebag who saw a Black target. Period.

        Swallow it.

      • Casor_Greener

        Ha you started the name calling first, now you are saying it illustrates how you struck a nerve. Now I am a white boy who likes hip hop. Like I said that’s the go to tactic of a Internet revolutionary. Accusing everyone who doesn’t agree with him of being white. You are the one being exposed.

        Show me where I said Zimmerman was in the right! Never once I said the article was bogus nd how a hooded individual could be considered suspicious. Trust me you struck no nerve, I see your type all the time. I ain’t white but if it makes you feel better keep it up.

        Where did I say racism didn’t exist? Once again you are trying to create words out of my statement that rent present.

  • Great article, really lays the whole paranoid culture out in the open. When people talk about ‘culture of fear’ they usually don’t bring up race, so I think it’s really important that you wrote this with such attention to detail.

  • Wish all white people died of cancer or aids

  • The_REAL_realtalk

    We can also HELP the cause by cleaning up some of the trash in our own community.  To me, it’s not as clear as back in the day when we carried ourselves with PRIDE, but were discriminated against because of something that we couldnt control (skin color).  These days, there is so much ignorance and admiration of criminal lifestyle, the GOOD people (possible such as Trayvon get stereotyped and become victims.  

    • Casor_Greener

      Watch out dude, the internet black power coalition might attack you for that statements

      •  oh you one of them that believe in the concept of “if we didnt then they wouldnt”
        LMBAO at the internet black power coalition……… its crazy how prejudice you are to your own people ASSUMING your even black

      • Casor_Greener

        Another “he is white” comment. Fall in line son… Like I said, I don’t go reacting to every story like a child.  Oscar Grant messed me up, Rodney King messed me up, but sometimes it’s ok to wait to form an opinion.

      •  well there are plenty of white minded blacks out here so………  you can wait for whatever it is that ur waiting for
        the FACTS ARE zimmerman LIED thru out his convo with police and if you match the timeline of zimmerman call to police with what trayvon was saying to his girl on the phone
        and add the neighbor who called police
        and the fact that he was unarmed and NOT trespassing
        AND the fact that the police drug tested trayvon and NOT zimmerman AND never questioned witnesses…….. i mean i can go on and on
        im basing my opinion off of facts…….. but u have all the rights to wait for whatever it is your waiting for to form yours

      • Casor_Greener

        At this point, To me this is  an example of poor gun laws and some over-zealous loser with false authority who took his position too far.  Hopefully, with the media’s intervention justice will be served,

        Now to extend that further into a culture of suspicion and using it to highlight racial injustice is where I hesitate.  A lot of people got on board with that stripper at Duke and you see how that turned out.  

        Never once, have I stated the shooter was in the right or that kid deserved to get killed. You jumped to the white conclusion because I had an opinion different than yours. The fact that I distrust the media is why I always try to form my own opinion and avoid rushing to judgement. 

      •  you never said the shoot was right……but your stance WAS agaisnt the writer who was stating facts and against other commentors who is calling a murderer a murderer

        so you dont HAVE to say the shooter was right but making excuses and making it like the writer was trippin off of FACTUAL things is no different then saying the shooter was right.  how can u NOW diss the shooter and call him a loser but went on a rant about a monopoly on being black or some black collation……..  u think people call you white cause of your view differs from the rest?  nah…….. they call u white cause your making anti black statements.  there are plenty of black white people in america so it aint the color of your skin
        but you do come across like ur prejudice of Your “own” people   

      • Casor_Greener

        none of what you said makes sense.. think about it. If you read all my quotes in the context they are presented and not how you are trying to shape them, my stance will be logical and not antagonistic.

      •  you co-signed a commenter who stance was basically “if we didnt then they wouldnt”  that concept is anti-black…….why? because your making an excuse for prejudice people to be prejudice. as much white kids that shoot up schools……….why arent white boys with no firends aka loners targets?  or as much as nancy grace show white men killing there wives or white moms killing there kid…….. why arent they targets? 
        because certain races are judged individually while others are generalized.  when generalizing a race, religion, creed etc etc turns to murder then i dont see how you can make comments like you did as a “black person”. 

        you made a comment about ” the internet black power coalition” attacking the guy u co-sign comment…….  your black but make a anti black statement about blacks uniting around a cause?

        you said the writer who article is FACT BASED….. not ideology or emotions
        true events that happen to real people and your response was “If you can’t obviously see that this article was designed to incite anger in the system”.  what do that even mean????

        when you listen to the 911 calls from the zimmerman guy, the neighbor AND trayvon talkin to his girl i dont see what “rush” to judgement is taking place
        when the police took the lies of zimmerman as truth and ignored all FACTS of the case.  how do you murder a unarmed kid and give the murderer back his gun and question NO OTHER WITNESSES

        but again…….you and zimmerman neighbor can wait for more “proof” to come out….
        while ignoring the facts thats in your face

    •  so because there are black people that commit crime that excuses the fact that a innocent black person was killed???

      do you feel the same way when a cop is killed? or only when its black

  • The_REAL_realtalk….. thank you!  great point.

  • flowermissing


  • dominicancoke

    america without the racism is like a bar with no liquor. this country was built on white supremacy ever since the first settlers stepped a foot in this muthafu#cka came and push the natives wigs back came and stole half of mexico participated in the slave trade

  • dominicancoke

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    life or death hey you decide one gun shot and you just die!
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    i murder these rap niccas buy them coffins suit and ties

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      nice bars…expecially the one bout chin checkin dykes…but hey yo….what that got to do with this topic son

    • BoldSpice

      Get the fugg out of here with that BS clown. Stay on topic. What you got a.d.d or something?

      • dominicancoke

        i no longer have a.d.d i got   c s  f  m  cant stop f*cking your moms syndrome 

      • BoldSpice

        Lucky for you i got the cure. Ruger to black azz hole resuscitation.

      • dominicancoke

        lol you ready for the black hoodie riot a million strong ima be there rekia boyd got shot by a cop in chicago is a riot going down tuesday

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  • Holy $heeeYiyeeeeeDddd!  Davey D came back on AHH harder than a Mo’Fo!

    Rolling down like dice in yattzhe on the foolz!

    Break it down Davey!

  • Q.

    Amen_Ra wrote:  “Ha you started the name calling first, now you are saying it illustrates how you struck a nerve. Now I am a white boy who likes hip hop. Like I said that’s the go to tactic of a Internet revolutionary. Accusing everyone who doesn’t agree with him of being white. You are the one being exposed.

    Show me where I said Zimmerman was in the right! Never once I said the article was bogus nd how a hooded individual could be considered suspicious. Trust me you struck no nerve, I see your type all the time. I ain’t white but if it makes you feel better keep it up.
    Where did I say racism didn’t exist? Once again you are trying to create words out of my statement that rent present.”

    Nah, I haven’t called you a name yet, and you haven’t seen my type, because you really don’t know my type, homie. While I still think you’re a white guy fronting, if you ARE indeed Black, you should slap yourself for pretending like this wasn’t a racially-motivated killing. The evidence is plain as damn day. And I didn’t say you were white because I disagree with you, I said you were white because your comments weren’t in line with a person who identifies with the realities of the American Black experience, i.e. white supremacy/institutional racism. Only a closet racist or a house negro would tiptoe around the facts, pretending like this murder wasn’t what it clearly was: RACIALLY MOTIVATED.

    But let’s go back to your original comments. You said the writer is inciting anger and playing both sides of the fence and creating suspicion of “whitey and the system.” You say I’m putting words in your mouth, though it was YOU who created words from the article that weren’t there. Right.

    And you STILL haven’t disproved the facts of the article. You act like the writer was trying to incite a race riot, when he was only reflecting on history, supported by facts. This article is filled with all types of links and research topics…but I have a feeling you’re not familiar with even half of topics the writer mentioned. If you are Black, as you claim, I’d really like to know why you are so offended by this article. I don’t get what angle you’re coming from by trying to shoot down the writer, when everything he said is TRUE.

    • Casor_Greener

      When did I ever say I was offended by the article?

       I said the author played both sides of the fence and incited suspicion with an article that was denied to say that it was wrong. That is the very definition of playing both sides.  On one hand to admit it’s wrong and on the other to cause it.  That’s like saying racism is wrong but I hate asians,Your insistence on calling me white just goes to show you are just trying to adopt a popular position.  That is the go to to internet tactic of boards populated by black people.   #1) When your arguments fail to gain traction, accuse the other person of being white.

      Were I patrolling my neighborhood and I came across a hooded white boy that I didn’t recognize I would consider him suspicious too.  That was my second comment.  Now I would probably not go to the lengths that Zimmerman did (hence I HAVE NEVER DEFENDED HIS ACTIONS) I might confront him.  Were that confrontation to end in bloodshed, I would hate for a snippet of a conversation I made in anger be used to portray me as a violent monger of hate.  That is the reason  I hesitate to make this out to be a racially charged hate crime.  

      Were the roles reversed I’m sure you’d be on here defending the shooter and saying he didn’t deserve the legal sentence the justice system would surely impose.  I would be adopting my same position to a group of white people…The shooter was wrong but I hesitate to make it out to be a hate crime.

      • Q.

        If the roles were reversed, you’re not sure of anything I would do. I’m here in the spirit of recognizing what’s RIGHT vs. what’s WRONG, so you can dead that angle. You’ve gone to great lengths to defend such a weak-ass point, which you have yet to support.

         Based off your example, if you are Black, and you approached a white kid wearing a hoodie, that would still be RACIAL PROFILING, wouldn’t it?  And trust me, if you were to assault and end up killing that white kid as a Black man, you’d be laid up under the jail, that is, if the cops hadn’t already executed you on site. Stop pretending like this wouldn’t be the case.

        I already stated why I think you’re white, and I’ll leave it at that. …But I think you thought you were being clever by trying to play the counterpoint to the writer just for kicks, and it BACKFIRED, and you keep tap-dancing around the question–HOW IS THE WRITER INCITING UNDUE SUSPICION OF WHITE PEOPLE? You haven’t quoted one sentence in the article to back your claim. What you’re doing is called false accusation. Something you read  in this article did offend you enough to compel you respond to the article in such a negative way. Now you’re just sidestepping the issue by trying to take jabs at me. LOL

        It’s okay though. I won’t waste my time responding to you again until you come with FACTS.

      • BoldSpice

        Change your name white boy.

  • Romia Blue

    Zimmerman’s mom is from Peru. His dad is white. At first glance, Zimmerman does have Hispanic features. But his last name is of European decent; German to be exact. My last name is of Scottish decent but I am clearly African American. No one is 100% anything so when does your racial background make you exempt from practicing racism? Light skinned vs. dark skinned; house vs. field. Adolf Hitler’s grandfather was Jewish. Did that make the holocaust any more or less racist? Did it make Hitler’s actions more about self-hatred or about right vs. wrong? As the 911 recording of Zimmerman’s call is replayed, I can’t say if he said coons or punks but his anger at a young, hoodie wearing, “colored” individual didn’t make him any more or less prejudice as to his beliefs as to why Martin was in his neighborhood.

    Let’s take race out of this equation for a minute. It is stupidity to follow and confront someone who you believe to be suspicious. Regardless of what you hear, the “Stand Your Ground” law does not apply to Zimmerman for the simple fact that he was not a victim. For Zimmerman to be a “victim”, Martin would have to have displayed aggressive behavior in an attempt to harm Zimmerman for whatever reason. 140lbs 17 year old vs. 250lbs 28 year old man who was once arrested in 2005 for assault and battery on a LEO. The very same witnesses who were ignored by the Sanford P.D. didn’t report anything suspicious about Martin that night.

    You aren’t born with hatred. Hatred has to be taught, just like tolerance. How you learn your lessons of hate and tolerance is up to that individual’s life and personal experiences. Zimmerman has a history of aggression. Even though the charges from 2005 didn’t stick for whatever reason, he allegedly resisted and/or fought a LEO. Who in the neighborhood appointed someone with an apparent temper captain of neighborhood watch? And why the hell was he carrying a gun? You’re neighborhood WATCH. You’re supposed to WATCH. Not apprehend, not stalk, and definitely not shoot.

    As more reports are being released, statements were released that as Zimmerman was being attended to by the paramedics, he was covered in grass stains, scraps and scratches; that signs of a physical altercation had ensued. Nothing a few slaps of an unarmed ground and a roll in some rain saturated grass couldn’t convey as a struggle. Zimmerman claims he cried out for assistance as Martin allegedly attacked him but Selma Lamilla didn’t hear any scuffling when she called 911. Neither did Mary Cutcher. During the autopsy, did the coroner see any signs of fighting, struggling or scuffling on young Martin? Race aside, this is a clear case of right vs. wrong. It was wrong for Zimmerman to profile Martin. It was wrong for Zimmerman to follow him. It was wrong for him to confront and accost him. It was wrong for Zimmerman to possess a gun while proclaiming to be protecting his neighbors. Everything about Zimmerman’s actions from the over forty 911 calls in the past year to report suspicious activity to the taking of this young man’s life has been wrong.

    So let’s reinstate the race issue. Although it shouldn’t be, this atrocity has become a racial issue. Maybe if the police had been more forthcoming about their methods in the investigation; if they respected Tracy and Sybrina more by not lying to them about Zimmerman’s criminal background; if they hadn’t let 3 whole days go by before allowing his parents to see him; if they hadn’t initially dismissed all of the witness accounts that contradicted Zimmerman’s testimony before the 911 tapes were released; if Zimmerman’s father hadn’t written a letter to the Orlando Sentinel claiming that Zimmerman is Hispanic and therefore not racists because he has black friends and know black people, this wouldn’t appear to be a racial issue. Although it shouldn’t be, this atrocity HAS become a racial issue because the Sanford p.d. characterised him as a white male; not hispanic.  So again, this becomes about right and wrong.

    And y’all nitpicking about what the writer said versus what was implied has gotten the subject completely lost in the bullshit. Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see. This article is about suspicion and right vs. wrong. It was raining/drizzling that night…so Trayvon’s supposed to walk without using the hoodie on his shirt to protect him from as much rain as he could not thinking it would get him killed? I’m not going to consider anybody walking in the rain with a hoodie on SUSPICIOUS. I’m going to assume he’s trying to cover his head; especially if I’m easily 100lbs heavier. And I DAMN sure ain’t gonna approach him.

    KIM KARDASHIANS FLOUR BOMB ATTACKER WAS ARRESTED FASTER THAN THIS PRICK. My co-worker went to school with Trayvon’s mom. Her nephews played football with him and under his father Tracy as a coach of pee wee league. I live less than 20 minutes away from Miami…this shit hits close to home with me and the point has gotten lost between y’all bickering.

    • Casor_Greener

      I can respect it

    • Q.


      You and I are pretty much on the same page. But I’ve never lost sight of the issue. I was addressing the kid Amen Ra’s initial accusation of the writer “playing both sides of the fence,” and inciting suspicion of white people, which he has yet to defend with anything of substance. After I disputed his original claim, then it descended into the little back and forth, as I guess he was trying to save face.

      For all intents and purposes, Zimmerman is white. This Hispanic angle is a game some white folks are playing to distance their culture from the ugliness of this killing. Regardless of his Peruvian ancestry, Zimmerman lives and moves through society as a white man. There’s a reason the U.S. Census allows a person to identify as either “white Hispanic” or “Black Hispanic.” The term “Hispanic” relates more to language than race. And Racism is systemic. So I wish people would stop with that bullshit.

      But the bottom line has always been the bottom line: Zimmerman should’ve been locked up from Day One. The evidence is there to show he did indeed profile Trayvon based on race, not just the HOODIE, as a lot of Zimmerman sympathizers like to pretend. But even if Zimmerman’s actions WEREN’T racially motivated, then how can the actions of the Sanford PD be explained?

      The SPD basically thought they could let Zimmerman walk and cover up the murder because the kid was Black. The police broke a number of protocols in how they’re supposed to handle a so-called “self-defense” killing, including neglecting to issue Zimmerman a mandatory drug test…Why? By the way, the Sanford PD has a history of racial incidents that resulted in police firings and arrests, just so there’s no confusion that this was an isolated SPD fukk-up.

      No less a tragedy any way you spin it, this case has the stench of racism all over it. There’s nothing wrong with recognizing that and pointing that out, which is why I stand with the writer.

    • answer_frog



      That’s insane.

  • answer_frog

    This article itself seems like a paranoid culture of fear. One jackazz wannabe cop in Florida shoots a kid and suddenly its the whole country of 300 million are tarred with the same brush. Maybe this broad brush generalizing and stereotyping itself is the problem? If we don’t respect one another as people then all we have is hate and suspicion.

    • BoldSpice

      And we also have a lot of denial from people like you. This is more like a reality check showing the harsh reality of the world we live in. Just because it scares you doesn’t mean it’s not real.

      • answer_frog

        Listen — Paranoia is not real. Don’t you see the paradox here? The author makes some good point about the culture of fear and paranoia. But proceeds to make a paranoid and fearful article exactly that he is decrying. So you have these white guys getting armed to the teeth with semiautomatics because of the black bogeyman, and here was have someone cherrypicking every racist to make this racist white bogeyman for black people to be fearful of. Jesus christ, most people are not like this. Most people are decent. A handful of bigots and criminals shouldn’t make us this afraid of each other. This culture of fear and the violence it brings has to end.

  • BoldSpice

    From what i’m seeing, this racist called the cops every time he saw a black guy in his neighborhood. And each time using the excuse that houses in the neighborhood have been broken into, but not his of course. Seems like dude got tired of the cops not doing what he wanted them to do and took it into his own hands. Makes it even worse when you can hear the kid in the background of one of the 911 tapes screaming for help before he shot him. If that doesn’t scream racism what does.

    • answer_frog

      He previously assaulted a cop as well. 

  • We All Let Trayvon Martin Down
    We’re so sorry, Trayvon. We all let you down. As individuals, families, as a country, as a generation. We should have been in the streets demanding justice before you became a victim. We should have created civil unrest that could not be undone when it was Emmitt Till, Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo and countless others. We never should have put down the signs or our voices until we knew that they could not confidently patrol the streets in search of young Black males. After all, young Black males do not feel confident in America about slaying innocent white people. Why do the former feel comfortable and not the latter? Because this country has proved in numerous cases that the worth of Black life taken in cold blood is even lesser than that of an animal, a fetus, or a celebrity, etc.  We allowed this. Trayvon’s blood is on all our hands, those of us who knew the truth and sat on our hands in the face of injustice.  Trayvon’s murder never should have happened because the climate should have never been comfortably set for Black males to be stalked as prey. We brag in our raps about how we take no prisoners, we carry guns, we’re ready for war. The Black race has been at war on this planet, a war to survive in the face of genocidal tactics all over the globe by the white minority. So where are our security patrols on the rooftops? To maintain the village, you must protect the village. Our priorities became European-based when we left our village mentality for a capitalist mentality and decided to protect the dollar, rather than the family, the lineage, the heritage, the generations. Our survival as a race depends upon it and must be looked at this way on no uncertain terms. We are told to look at our survival in the short term, meaning employment takes precedence over justice. But when the cards are already on the table and they all clearly spell genocide, we must understand that this is our survival against the systematic fear-based genetic warfare that has been waging against us for centuries.  Fear of a Black Planet. The current global world powers have set up the system in such a way that this predominantly Black planet must assimilate into a narrow racist matrix of hypocrisy and spiritual warfare to play the game of money in order to survive.  To quote the great orator Malcolm X, “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”  The white minority, some say with a Jewish Masonic agenda, controls the media and has criminalized, stereotyped, and marginalized the Black race since it’s inception.  Is it a wonder white America finds the murders of our innocent children justifiable in the media and in the court of law while streams of hopeful Blacks and other activists pour into the streets to publicly express outrage, only to be further marginalized as “angry Black people”, “looters”, and “radicals”. Yes, the tightrope has dwindled down to a few loose threads and rather than try to walk it, WE SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE STREETS PROTESTING IT.  We should have been rapping about getting free just as much as getting money. We should have been patrolling our hoods for crooked cops instead of each other. We should have been training up the men in combat and war instead of video games and sneakers. We should have been protecting the women instead of exploiting them, because they are the womb of the Black man (rib), just as he springs from her womb. We should have been dropping out of public high schools at alarming rates due to us being taught our own history in our own schools in our community by our own leaders. The truth is, White Amerikkka enslaved the Black race and never let them free. The cunning, trickery of the white man is ever much the same as it was when he broke treaties with the Indigenous peoples of this Land and attempted to annihilate them. We are slaves to their money, slaves to their country, slaves to their corporations, and slaves to their morals and principles. Mental Slaves. Their God has always been and always will be the dollar and capital gain and until we find God in ourselves, rather than their dollar, we will never protect ourselves. Indeed, a Godless people is not worthy of protecting.  Until we are free from the choking deathgrip Amerikkka has on our minds, freedom, speech, family, future, and way of life, the annihilation will slowly, but surely, continue..
    RIP Trayvon Martin
                                                                       -Keyanna Bean

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