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Hip-Hop Rumors: MC Lyte Calls Tyler the Creator “Irresponsible” For Dissing Her On Song

Rap legend MC Lyte has finally publicly responded to Tyler, The Creator from Odd Future’s line which implies that she is a lesbian. On Odd Future’s new album “Rella,” Tyler raps “Let’s get it poppin’ like MC Lyte around some dykes.” Check out what MC Lyte had to say about that line below:

“Yeah, I definitely was insulted. First off, it’s totally new school. [Tyler, The Creator] has yet to understand [that] although he can have quite a bit of followers and fans, it does take a moment from one’s entry in the business for them to really understand what it is that we do for other people. And how we inspire them, and how we influence them, and how we can literally make or break another human being’s day. And with all that I’ve done throughout my years in inspiring generations of people, I think it very irresponsible of him.”

“With saying that, we do have a generation that is quite irresponsible when it comes to what it is that they’ll say [and] their behavior. [But still], it took me by surprise. One, because I know of people who know him and kind of hold him in high esteem. [But] from that action alone, I don’t know that I feel it worthy for me to address it in any other format, outside of this. But, yeah, I thought it was very careless.”

Handled like a true pro….although in her response, Lyte doesn’t confirm or deny the rumors regarding her sexuality. Does it even matter?

  • RickyTracyDC

    MC Lyte > Tyler Tha Who ?!

    • johnblacksad

       Real real talk… i cannot name one song from Tyler the Creator… i believe he was on one song with Kanye… that about all.

  • water_ur_seeds

    legend, l.y.t.e one of the goats.. shes fine to

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  • Q.

    Can any Odd Future fans explain what’s appealing about this clown Tyler?

  • Joseph Thomas

    dude is damn joke…..a carbon copied early eminem

  • SamuelLJacckson

    I Mean…….She Does Eat Pusssy…

  • AK

    This is exactly what tyler wants, Tyler is a troll duuhhh! smh its all entertainment why would you take anything that tyler says serious? LOL smh 

  • SamuelLJacckson

    I Bet If She Burped Right Now, Her Breath Would Smell Like Vagina!!

  • AK

    and you guys think tyler says some fucked up shit he is like the pg version of the dudes from AOTP (paz, celph titled, planatery, reef, etc) but when they do it its considered raw hip hop , get over it already 

  • blah

  • jayblackhat

    woow!! every rap hoes a dyke? Lyte,da brat,latifah, minaj, lil kim e.t.c.,even riri is suspect!!!yup u clowns keep biggin up thez bitches meanwhile they hate men n wanna steal your hoes! probly laugh at dudes n bash u suckas behind yo bak meanwhile they all got male ghostwriters n we men gave em their big break n made em famous? yup u keep kissn thez homos asses.da biotch avoided the accusation wit dat slick reply!gtfoh no wonder lyte sounds like a man.nvr liked her shyt anyhow!all thez hoes mad overrated 4realz!

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      i dnt knw where u been jay but all these hoes is gay….im talking bout every chick u ever met screaming how she strickly d!@k is getting face paint goin down on her best freind while she on her period….trust brother all these bitches is gay now….in 16 years men are gonna be obsolete…oh and da strippers they hate men and r da biggest dykes..sorry to give u the bad news brother…jus thought u should know

    • churchboy2

      LYTE wrote her own lyrics… that is what made her the legend that she is.

      And let’s not get into the insecurity of male rap fans about females in the game.

      On some grown man talk homie, they don’t all have to be hoes or dykes.

      In fact, they don’t all have to talk about what they do behind closde doors.

      Kudos to LYTE for answering like a grown woman.

  • Guillaume Pilon

    its not a rumor if she said loud….it a fact

    its just a punch line…who care 

    • johnblacksad

       Yeah, it’s just a weak punchline…

  • Sounds like a legitimate line to me. Why she mad? If anything she should be grateful he put the female og mc in a lot of his uneducated st(f)ans ears.

    • Dude u sound straight up stupid! She dont need to be grateful for that. Lyte made the way for ALL these female artist to be accepted in this game and for some silly, wack no lyric having ass rapper to put a legend on blast like that in a song is straight classless. 

      • Guest

        Don’t read into my joke TOO hard now. Of course she doesn’t need to be grateful but for her to even address the issue as “disrespectful” should tell you something right there. Put a legend on blast ? She ain’t even confirmed gay! Now a simple rhyme turns into a debate of respect ? Yall trip me out with the biased democracy ish goin on.

    • Tony G.

      u should slap yo self for that dumb ass comment

      • Guest

        I liked your comment. Now you got 2 instead of one.

  • Tim Terrell

    ““With saying that, we do have a generation that is quite irresponsible
    when it comes to what it is that they’ll say [and] their behavior.”

    Yeah, OUR generation! I am in MC Lytes age range. We had N.W.A., 2-Live Crew, The Poison Clan, Snoop, Too Short, The Dogg Pound, And it goes on and on….Far worse than Tyler and Odd Future.

    • First and foremost every group you just named is NOT from the great East Coast. In the mecca of hip hop they would diss you but they would do it to your face during a battle. In the east we hat people like Kool G Rap or Just Ice. Those were our gangster rappers and they only spoke on real stuff. The stuff that the people you named spoke on was mostly made up with the exception on Short Dogg and Two Live Crew. I am almost 40 years old and grew up on this stuff too and Lyte is the most lyrical MC of that time and could still crush 90% of these chicks out here. Todays music is straight trash! No one is lyrical and its taking away from the craft of hip hop.

      • CaliTransplant

         Mostly I agree with you except for the great East Coast line…The West had it poppin while the East was chillin. NWA/Ice Cube redefined gangsta rap although they were not the first. (Shout to Schoolly D) Plus they had some of THE most controversial lyrics in rap music. That’s a slight to say they were saying any
        thing..Police brutality is nothing? 2-Live Crew took on the Broward County Sheriff’s Office-the largest sheriff’s office in the country-and drew fire from Er’body for their stance on free speech..

        Plus, you going to say that the Dogg Pound was shitt isn’t lyrically?! they talked about the same thing that Kool G Rap was spittin. Have you ever heard them? I’d pit 2012 Kurupt battling against anybody from the East now and he’ll body them.

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    it dosent matter cuz lyte is the illest female rapper ever(besides medusa)as for tyler his spit game is wack…son is ass period…..therefore he needs to pay homage before he goes in….fyi in a rap battle lyte would make tyler her bitch

  • MyssJae26

    He is an entertainer Lyte is an artist. Some of these young entertainers are here today and gone tomorrow. He will never be a legend or an icon that will be honored Lyte has history she is a seasoned vet. This kid won’t be around too much longer.

  • AlbertoRipRon

    Get em Lyte!! Straight to the point, no promo, no diss track, no nothing.  Just expressed her thought on the situation and she killed it.  Much respect to the architect.

  • rep87

    Mc LYTE  is a giant compared to this Bozo with no talent running around on a stage with dirty clothes on rapping mindless bullshit and trying to beef with a woman you coward

  • churchboy2

    MC Lyte: 20+ Year legend
    Tyler: Disposable wannabe soon to be forgotten.

  • No it doesn’t matter! I have mad love for MC Lyte, that’s why I don’t listen to these new rappers. They don’t know the roots of the game, nor the respect they should bring to the table.

  • Didn’t a cat from Gucci camp throw that fool off the stage last week?

  • slumlord_vinny

    Tyler needs to smack himself for that!  Smack yo self!  Lyte a legend and dude can’t see her on the mike!

  • I believe that if a rapper no longer raps then dissing them is off the table.  For instance, I believe that Jay-Z dissing MC Hammer was classless.  Unless I missed something that Hammer said, why bring his name up.? Let the retired artists RIP.  They put in their work, Hammer took countless shots, his time is up.  Nikki took shots at Kim because Kim, although retired, dissed her off of wax and Nikki responded on wax.  I would never take shots at RUN DMC or Diggable Planets or Rakim or Slick Rick.  They may do something every once in a while, but they are out of the game.  Let them live their lives.  

    • Weedras

      how is Hammer being broke a diss the dude did go broke its fact… and how many other have referenced Hammer b4 Jay-z what this immature fool did was insinuate something thats not fact.. we don’t know if Lyte’s into women or not..

      • u dont know the difference between bankruptcy and being broke?  obviously not!

    • Tony G.

      I dont think Jay dissed Hammer….he referenced a situation…it was Hammer who took it as an opportunity to try to get back in the limelight and came with a weak ass song/video…..but Jays verse was just a play on words..not a diss

      • immackulate

        ok so now you being bias

  • stop hating on oddfuture. they got the best album so far this year. and we got earl back. GOLFWANG HOES

    • mike malarkey

       shut up bitch

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      son whut da fu@k is u talking bout…this nigga dress like the homeless dude down the street and if u think his spit game is nice and him and his flunkies have the best album then sykes ur either a bitch or one of dem yung skinny jeans niggaz…which one is u…for ur sake i would wish the latter….fyi because someone disagrees with u dnt make it hate..jus an alternative view(correct view)…now go seach for real mc’s like az,kiss,poose,vado,killa,fred,banks,shady,buddens,jay e,ortiz,cafe,meek…and dats off the head….listen to those and if u were impressed by tyler then the names i gave u will make ur head explode 

    • johnblacksad

       oh yeah, definitely a skinny jeans ninja!

      Now back to this new Action Bronson’s Blue Chips

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        action b. is dope…time for some action ft. m.o.p

  • meekhaEl

    uh. not to be tooooooo rude. but uh……. mc lyte DOES have a liquor(lick her) liscence. don t she? or no? cuz if not……..dude is foul for sayin that. if she DOES…………….what if somebody said the same thing about luther vandross pure sugarcane sweet ass? would it be wrong then? o well.

  • meekhaEl

    no more regs here? wait wassup edogz     is that northdollaz? kina type like him    if so   wassup

    • immackulate

      northdollaz … WADDUP MICHAEL!!!

  • meekhaEl

    blacksad wassup    waterseeds wassup   mike malarky wassup   all ya ll cats be coo

    • johnblacksad

      “don’t be too coo though… cuz you be too coo, you gon loose”

      Still around… errtime i’m tryin to leave, something pulls me back in

      Positive Energy Activates Constant Elevation!

  • meekhaEl

    the redstripe is gone…………….so am i………….hooraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay for beeeeer!!! shalom

  • Trauma562

    Lol she’s a dike


      So what if she is

      Fucken MC Lyte can spit some bars on ma music any day.

      Queen latifa too. Shit

      • Trauma562

        I didn’t say she wasnt talented. But Tyler didn’t really diss her he stated a fact. Be yourself

      • Facts according to who, though? Unless she comes out the closet or if she’s caught with another woman, it’s still all opinion. And even if she is, it wasn’t his business to call her name out, which makes it a diss (disrespectful). He does that for shock value & unfortunately, it’s working. Lyte’s not the first, but IMO, he’s putting nails in his own coffin to his career taking cheap shots at respected legends. Eminem might’ve built his career off taking shots at ppl in the industry, but even he knew where to draw the line.

      • William G. Lucca

        C/S at taking shots at legends. She’ll STILL rap circles around this fool.

      • Bro u prolly dont even know Lyte’s real name unless u google other words u dont know her…so until u hear that shit out of her mouth, dont make assumptions…she’s one of the few in the industry that has managed to keep her personal life private so no one really knows whether she is or not…and if she is then so what…ur being just as disrespectful as tyler by just laughing and throwing the dike word out there

      • Lyte did not write her rhymes and it does matter if she is gay because that would mean that she was lying…  I’d smash though.  Hell, I recall when Queen Latifah was first coming out I liked those big titties!  Then she got them cut down and it became clear that she was a funny woman.  When you live a lie it matters.  Besides, rappers are not supposed to be gay.


        Rapper can be whatever the hell they want homie

      • It really is not that big a deal if she is gay because she never came out and endorsed it one or the other and you know they are saying Malcolm was homosexual now as well.  and yes she did write her own rhymes “other write your rhymes while i write my own i don’t create a tone when im on the microphone”-beat biter

      •  Only rhyme she never wrote was self destruction ll cool j wrote her rhyme in that song

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  • johnblacksad

    As gay as he is, i’m surprised he tryin to put others on blast.

    WTF has he ever “created” anyways?

    • Dude is a weirdo in my opinion!

  • I dont know if he meant it as a “diss” but it was irresponsible and what Lyte said about the current hop hop generation being some what irresponsible is accurate. It’s cool to flip words and say ill sh*t but at the same time you have to be aware of the effects of some of the things you say.

    I personally dont know if Lyte is gay or not but I know she is a pioneer in the game especially for female MC’s. I perosnally would have said something to the effect of “Let’s get it poppin’ like MC Lyte with a Mic in her hand” lol She was dead nice!

  • eurontay

    Hell no it does t matter thats her business this younger generation is very disrespectful to icons and legends that built a foundation for us new artist to have a platform me personally being a underground artist I would never disrespect a legend unless they came at me. eurontay@twitter.

  • William G. Lucca

    Cha cha cha >>>>>>> Tyler’s life. Nothing he will EVER DO will amount to the respect MC Lyte gets in the game. FOH u lame!!

    • leftlanekb

       he already got more money than MC lyte ever earned.

      • YaheardSyndicate

        thats definitely not true. Mc Lyte, has had big label deals, shes been behind the scenes getting alot of money for a long time. That shows you know nothing about Hip Hop. and she can still tour.

      • YaheardSyndicate

        See shes been getting steady money for 20 years. Tyler might be getting bread now, but he might not have earned his first dollar in rap but in the past 5 years. you cant compare that to someone whos been getting money since 86

  • immackulate

    1st off i have mad respect for MC LYTE she is my all time favorite female MC
    i memorized CHA CHA CHA by heart as a kid – remember after ROUGH NECK her falling off but the game was changing even then (out with the old in with the new)

    it wasnt a scathing diss – he didnt say anything that WE all wasnt already up on – i think the reason people are somewhat TIGHT about it is becuz MC LYTE has always representing well for female artists and has kept her private life PRIVATE – and its something creepy about bringing someone’s business to light who is otherwise LOWKEY AND OUT OF THE WAY – was it disrespectful NOT REALLY because HELL, ITS TRUE however IT WAS DONE IN BAD TASTE

    TYLER does shyt for shock value – and to keep himself relevant however “he should let sleeping dogs lie” with that being said … instead of “let’s get it popping like MC LYTE around some dykes” if he would have said “IM BOUT TO HEAT UP LIKE PUSSIE EATERS AROUND LATIFAH” nobody would have had shyt to say cuz LATIFAH has already put herself out there to an extent – then it would have been ok

    • leftlanekb

       i feel what you saying but it is what it is

  • Stop being so ignorant. Listen to bastard and Goblin and tell me his lyrical content and story telling isnt superb. Gay? Have you not listened to she and her? Tyler killed game and pusha T on they own shit. And let us not forget about the great earl and hodgy beats. GOLFWANG

    • immackulate

      you giving dude too much credit … he just another OK rapper who still aint saying shyt worth listening too – fake ass Marshall Mathers with less lyrical content

      • No your not giving him enough. No hes not eminem but ummmm who is? eminem the best rapper out right now. But hes one of the most underrated artist out right now. just listen to his lyrics


      • your an idiot. im 19 and im from detroit i was listening to shady back when i was 7. i know lyrics. eminem is hands down lyrically the best 

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        u ever heard of az,nas,big L…what r u 8 yrs old…ur getto pass has been revoked…green light ya’ll

      • immackulate

        no eminem is NOT the best rapper out right now … i mentioned EMINEM because TYLER on the same exact SHOCK VALUE that EM was on when he came into the game … however, EM’s shyt was tolerable and TYLER just sux shyt … anybody can say some off the wall shyt and make it rhyme –

        can you tell me what 1/2 the shyt he’s talking about MEANS

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      i’m not gonna talk hip-hop to a fu@#$ing geek…go back to ur justin bieber cd…white boy

    • YaheardSyndicate

      Sorry man. Tyler might be tight compared to whats out now, but he aint doing anything that Kool Keith, The GraveDiggaz, hell even the Flat Linerz aint been done. Ofcourse next to some one like “The Rejects” stacking crabby pattys hes going to sound brilliant. Horrorcore and shock rap have been out. Matter of fact, it kinda played out once already, and came back.

  • BoyAstronomical

    First she said Tyler had a small fan base. That’s wrong Tyler Fan Base is one of the biggest fan base out right now. The old generation is gone , stop bringing that sht up. Let the new generation rise and have their fame. Only people still here from the old gernation is 50 cent and Eminem etc. Those people are supporting the new generation in every possible way. Tyler way of rapping is insulting other artists , If they have a problem with that reply back with a song not a sissy note crying about the issue. Unless you scared that your Music isn’t respected in our time. This respect old generation sht need to stop. Example of Nelly and KRIS , Who won the way Nelly did and you know what KRIS said It show how our generation changed. OFWGKTA are out of control we all know that already , But their weird way of doing stop makes people like them more than ever. No neck though , I still respect MC Lyte. I want to see the new generation take over hip hop , Earl Sweatshirt , ASAP Rocky , Tyler The Creator , Hodgy Beats , Lil B , Domo Genesis , Hopsin , Swizz , Kreayshawn , 2 Chains , Wiz Khalifa and you get the point. All was recognized for their unique style of doing things.

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      look man u need to get ur young ass of the porch and dispose of dem diapers before u f@#ck with dis grown shit…ur infant ass knows not whut u speak off….i’m a 80’s baby..i’m from the era where ur lyrical ability was da key…make sense right dats the foundation of this shit…ur era is bitches..skinny jeans..emotional…dope beats but elementry lyrics based off gimics like dissing ppl dat could dust ur azz just to get ur name out there….truth is ya’ll is killing dis which we worked so hard for to keep real…ya’ll young niggaz is ass….and everyone u just name from the faggot new school all dem dudes is garbage…u want dope mc’s fu@k wit da underground..buddens,ortiz,frenchy,biggavell,poose,kiss,fred,vado,ghost,doony g,meek,mook,head ice,goods,maino,assim,m.o.p, etc. dats real mc’s lyrics…u knw whut im talking bout

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        oh and swiss is not new school…..and i acually like asap rocky but every other name on ur list is wack…i’m surprised u ain’t got dat garbage waka faggot flame on ur bitch list(except rocky)..2 chainz is ok…and nelly got booed of summer jam after he dissed krs-one so krs won dat shit….plus in a freestyle contest tell me krs wouldn’t kill nelly punk ass

      • BoyAstronomical

        Have you not realized that LYRICAL ABILITY DOES NOT MATTER IN THIS TIME NO MORE. PEOPLE GET FAMOUS FROM A UNIQUE CHROUS AND POPPIN ERA which pisses me off OR HAVING A WAY TO DISTANT THEMSELVES FROM OTHER. Tyler and other new generation rappers that just gain recognition was able to distant themselves from others. 

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        look little boy ur making my damn case for me or better yet us…u dumb bastard….and tyler gets recognition by dissing ppl…when he sucks lyrically as well

    • immackulate

      lil niggah if you dont kill yo’self soon … one of these OLDER NIGGAHS will
      it aint about old and young cuz aint none of these new booty rappers really got sustainability … “they’ll have a newer niggah next year” – tyler aint even the coldest in his camp the lil 17yr old SOUP COOLER LIPPED niggah is … 2nd is Jay Z considered OLD GENERATION to you … figured he was … and is he not solely responsible for advancing the culture by his cotdamn self … Justin Beiber more popping than tyler – man tyler aint shyt.  and yeah MC LYTE been collecting dust on the shelf for a while – and yeah she is a DYKE – but the bottom line is she’s not the one we wanna see on blast WHY cuz she stays in her lane and remains PRIVATE … if TYLER would have shitted on LATIFAH – no one would really givaphuck cuz she’s openly DYKING

      • BoyAstronomical

        Let’s break your statement down grandpa.
        1. Tyler The Creator is the most known in his camp , He is consider the coldest from there. Earl lyrics are better but his fan base isn’t as big yet.
        2. Cold Lipped Ol’ Boy is called Earl Sweatshirt
        3. Justin Beiber have a young female fan base. OFWGKTA fan base is mostly rebellious childrens. 

        People just don’t understand that.

      • YaheardSyndicate

        you live in fantasy rap internet world.

      • YaheardSyndicate

        So youve done a survey or something on Tylers fan base? You are just fantasizing like youre cool with Tyler the Creator… Youre a stan basically

      • immackulate

        1. like i said TYLER aint even the coldest in his group and yo dumb azz just admitted it by saying EARL’S LYRICS ARE BETTER – phuck phace get outta here with the dumb-dumb
        2. Justin Beiber rhyme skills are about the same as TYLER THE CREATOR and aint neither of them hiphop –  
        3. and for you to say TYLER SHYTS ON ANYONE FROM LYTE TO YASHUA just shows me how phucking ignorant you lil phucks are

    • Matthew Oliver

      2 chainz a old rapper. He use to be named Tity Boi when joined Disturbing Tha Peace with Ludacris along time ago. He’s not a new rapper. He just going solo.

    •  you said 50 cent and eminem them niggers not old lol 

      • Shateece James

        Em is over 40, 1973-2015, do the math, so is 50 cent. Just do you know

    • YaheardSyndicate

      you sound so stupid. Dope is Dope. Jay Z is the largest rapper in the world and he was out in the 80s. HOw old do you think Kanye West is? How about Bun- B? How about Snoop Dogg. The point is, the so called new generation, arent even certified until they call up one of these legends to jump on their song. What do you think they were doing in the 80s. ALot of the people you named arent even Hip Hop. They are just rapping on a  beat. Hip Hop is a culture and you sound so stupid, because youre talking from outside of it. Lil Wayne was out in the early 90’s. Yet im sure youre on his nuts too. The point is people died so Hip Hop could even be around. Yeah, the pioneers are mad at what the people they passed the torch to did with it. Pussified it.

  • BoyAstronomical

    Secondly for everyone complaining about Tyler calling her a dike you should realize that he have a Lesbian in his crew called Sid The Kid. He rap with insults. So stop complaining about small remarks.

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      dat dyke bitch is garbage…wutup with all these gays in the rap game…..this shit ain’t for ya’ll

      • YaheardSyndicate

        Ask all these dudes wearing tights, and their underwear out whats that?

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        this skinny jeans shit is killing me…..u saw lil weezy pants…shit is like spandex…all these niggaz is gay….i dnt care if lyte is gay neways..shorty is one of hip hop founders…and if she likes da pu$$y…i care not…. she keeps the shit on the low and she dont throw dat shit in ppls face nor force it down the masses throats and i respect dat…i still smash if she like d!ck though

  • Matthew Oliver

    Big mistake

    • leftlanekb

       what was the mistake?

      • YaheardSyndicate

        Mc Lyte, is loved and respected by people in Hip-Hop who sign people like Tyler

  • Smooches09

    LMAO. He called her a dyke.

  • Juan Spin Serrano


    • wrong Hip Hop was made off of verbal competition between artist but a new school rapper attacking a predecessor who doesn’t have the same verbal outlet to respond isnt hip hop it is just an unfiltered attack. 

    • YaheardSyndicate

      you sound pretty stupid. Jay Z is as “old” as Mc Lyte. Yet you probably ride his nuts into the sunset. What do you mean a “target”? Mc Lyte is a Legend you dumbass.

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        couldn’t say it better myself

      • Ross Tarik Copeland

        hahaha! “ride his nuts into the sunset”

  • leftlanekb

    She should come out the closet and then it wouldn’t matter. What he said wasn’t even a diss because you are a dyke. Maybe you prefer the word lesbian lol

  • Who really cares when tyler the creator insults people? That shit it played out, it’s only good when Em does it.

  • YaheardSyndicate

    My Lyte will rap rings around Tyler The Creator. Also from what I see in society, alot of hip hop dudes walk around literally with their asses out. What do you call that? Thats definitely not the most straight thing to do.

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  • Forwhatitsworthtowho

    Nope.  Dont matter.  Tyler hurt MC Lytes feelings.  His lyrics are careless……NOOOOO RLY?  She def dodged a bullet with that deflection of a statement, cuz nobody thinks ur a dyke now…..

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