Mystikal Behind The Scenes at MGK’s “Wild Boy’s Remix” @SXSW [N48H Teaser #1]

The Next 48 Hours team follows another legend, Mystikal. Newly signed to Cash Money/Young Money (YMCMB), we follow Mystikal through the biggest music festival in America, SXSW in Austin, TX. In this teaser we catch Mystikal doing his verse of “Wild Boys Remix” along with Machine Gun Kelly, this teaser features Meek Mill and cameos from Wale and Travis Porter.

  • mokhai

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  • dominicancoke

    her ego higher than the empire’ state—under the hair dryer
    trynna look flyer than the next looking for them buyers’
    she dont want no coach bag’s just fendi loui gucci
    if your wallet’s on starvation that you aint seeing her coochie
    she takes public transportation but loves dude’s who drive merceidez
    and she puttin holes in rubbers trynna have an atheletes’s baby
    texting suckers papi pay me be aware cause she’s a buss down
    got you paying child support so you ride the train and buss now
    meet her and she just might blush now but she’s acting where’s her oscar?
    she aint eating at no wendy’s only 5 star joints with lobster’s
    shorty can’t stand them imposter’ghetto fabolous she’s hot though
    she can take a look a suckers and instantly know they got doh’
    back than she was just the block ho’ now a day she’s chasing peso’s
    and you tooting your own horn but you’re paying for the sexo’
    is an after party lets go she will be there looking preety’
    million like her in my city what we do for a$$ and tittie$

  • dominicancoke

    if hip hop should die before i wake..
    i load extended clip’s in the glock  and go kill drake..
    gucci mane aint safe i’m patient so i’ll wait…
    run up on baby and rick ross during lil waynes wake..
    shoot diddy like they shot big i’ll leave soulja boy smoked
    run over lil b 5 times and slit niki minaj’s throat..
    im under comsumption while a-r’s im dumping
    shoot wacka flocka flame so he can join slim dunkin 
    mass murder thats nothing yellow tape on the scene
    for the way he robbed hip hop i’ll merk jimmy iovine
    i just bought em 600 a peace  gotta test out these glock’s
    put em to dre’s head and tell em to  go put out detox
    resort to shooting like remy ma  slick rick n cassidy
    run inside ymcmb ofices  committing a tragedy
    should i murder jay? nah he just had a new baby
    but ima kill that fagg*t kanye im gone stab em like crazy