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Exclusive: Passport Issues Prevent DMX’s German Tour

(AllHipHop News) Germany will have to wait. Although DMX was apparently set to embark on a tour through Germany from March 29 to April 8, those plans are now over, reps say.

The Yonkers-bred DMX isn’t cleared to go overseas due to passport complications, AllHipHop has learned exclusively.

DMX’s publicist Domenick Nati told, “The team is doing everything we can to make an international tour possible for DMX. We have more logistics to work out, and as soon as we do, we will be creating a tour for X to perform for his fans across the world.”

Additionally, DMX’s manager and the rapper may be facing legal and financial issues from the German promoter, has also discovered.

AHH will update this story as it develops.

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  • therealest1

    Can’t get a break shit.

  • rep87

    DMX can allways do shows in U. S. once this dude get it together there is no limit, its all on him to get it together !

    • Negro Peligro

      Yeah too late

  • H. U. S.

    Nobody found this out earlier? This may hurt X’s fan base over in the U.K. Damn X can’t get a break…

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    the older kats know over there is where the real money is waiting for them. he has fans here but he has a sold out venue over there….

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  • I now understand why Older rappers should just quit and make room for others, because these old rappers are experienced enough to know how to handle themselves for shows, concerts, and public appearances.We expect a lot from these people and they continue to give us some half ass stupid shit……I  support the newer rappers because I guess it’s not about music anymore, at least they show up and perform.

    • Tony G.

      these kinda things happen all the time..older and newer rappers..its usually an issue when theres some kind of criminal background involved…to suggest that he and older rappers should stop trying to make a living and feed their fam is crazy bro…and there’s not ONE younger rapper out here that can touch X..not on the mic and damn sure not performance wise

    • YaheardSyndicate

      thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard. Groups like The Furious Five do shows all over the world. What are you talking about. New Rappers rap over their own lyrics. You keep on respecting that buddy

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  • immackulate

    its part of life … and he’s really being tested now … and this ug give X the chance to really see what he’s made of and if he’s really learned from all of his mast mistakes that are now catching up to him … in one way form or fashion shyt catches up to you and X will eventually get back to the money but for now he’s still got a few legal pieces of red tape that he needs to work his way thru before he can truly begin to receive ALL OF HIS BLESSINGS … hope he can keep his head up and his NOSE CLEAN literally

  • Maybe if X got some of that hate out his heart, this ngga could catch a break. Damn X. 

  • i dont feel sorry for him….. Not at all. He is a grown man who has been in this business for years. And youre telling me that he couldnt or didnt know about the passport issue? Come on man. A first year rapper, would get a pass, but not him.

  • dominicancoke

    this happens in every damn country when you trying to travel with a criminal pass you got to get on top of that months ahead of the actual departure date x is an entertainer but think about how long his rap sheet is 

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