Lauryn Hill

An Moment in Women’s Rap History: Lauryn Hill

This female, former Fugee has given most male rappers a run for their money. At just 36 years old and with one solo studio album and five Grammys, Lauryn Hill has accomplished more in a short time than most musicians accomplish in their entire careers.

Being a woman in a male-dominated game looked like child’s-play to Hill; before her solo success, she was a member of the Grammy-award winning group, The Fugees. Comprised of Wyclef Jean, Pras and Hill, the group came to prominence with their second and final, diamond-selling album, The Score. The group oozed eclecticism and musicianship, garnering praise from a worldwide audience that was smitten right from the start with the Boho-inspired, grainy-souled voice of Hill.

In July of 1998, Hill made her solo debut with the release of her first single “Doo Wop (That Thing)”, which became an international hit, and even came with a memorable video. The album also included mega-hits like “Ex Factor” and the Hip-Hop heavy “Final Hour”, with its fine display of her incomparable MC skills.

After the success of her debut album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, she followed up four years later with MTV Unplugged No. 2.0, a live album that still finds popularity to this day. Though personal and family life has limited Hill from releasing new material, she still sells out shows and finds happiness in the fans’ anticipation of her new music.

Lauryn Hill made a triumphant East Coast return at 2011’s Rock The Bells concert on Governors Island in New York, delivering a praise-worthy performance less than two weeks after delivering her sixth child. Whether its her quirky style, menacing mic-attack, or the way she pours soul into her vocals, “Young Lauryn’s” influence on the music industry cannot be denied. SALUTES the incomparable Lauryn Hill, as we celebrate Women’s History Month all March long!

  • churchboy2

    Easily one of the greatest MCs of all-time. [Salutes]

  • dominicancoke

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    • Wow. It’s crazy, but its real nice rhymin. YouTube. D stitt. I’m an oddball from Virginia

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      shit iz nice…merc all dem faggots

  • As much as i love lauryn, you cant be GOAT off of one group album (well lets say two) and one classic solo album. Dont we know of many artists who did the same and walked out the back door? It took biggie two albums before we crowned hm GOAT, lets not give this award out like college football.

    • churchboy2

      Fair enough, but the fact that she never dropped a wack rhyme/verse on any of the four albums that she is on, sold through the roof, bagged mega grammys, produced her own joints, influenced a generation of emcees and left the game on her own terms must qualify for something.

      • Most def’ it does. However…B.I.G. is no G.O.A.T. by any stretch of the imagination, personally. 

      • churchboy2

        Agreed. However, you do realize that we are in the minority.

      • Apollo Showtime

        I know that’s right, Biggie was the greatest!

      • I wouldnt say Biggie was the GOAT by any stretch. Id put Pac ahead of him. It all depends on what you like. Biggie had that wordplay that made you feel like you could see what was happening. He mastered ghetto story telling. For me, the All Time Master of story telling was Slick Rick. As for passion and ruggedness on the mic, Id give the nod to Tupac. As far as straight flow, Pac would come in 2nd to the D.O.C. but a very very close 2nd. For pure lyrics, Id give the nod to Rakim. Again, it just depends on what you like. Some folks prefer flow, some folks prefer delivery, some prefer wordplay. I dont think there is one GOAT specifically as we all have different tastes. Some folks are riding with Biggie as the GOAT just because others are saying it. For complete body of work, the closest thing to a GOAT would have to be Jay-Z. For over 25 years he has been consistantly the top seller regardless of how the landscape in rap changes, or who enters it. If youre looking at sales and influence on a worldwide level, then it would have to be Jay-Z.  Just my opinion as an old head. Hell I still remember when Rappers Delight first hit the airwaves and everyone did a dance known as “The Rock.”

    • Johny Jacques

      Biggie Small was GOAT before Life After Death even dropped…the moment the first album dropped all you heard was GOAT…there are no rules ma dude…the worst thing we can ever do is try to put rules on music…LH was the GOAT female artist because she like BIG shifted the landscape so much…remember when she was out what she was up against, a drug fueled, thug fueled rap music industry that treated women like sex objects and the two representing females were on stage everyday in lingerie furthering all stereotypes about women…then was Hill and all the sudden young women were going natural, Hip Hop became powerful again and beautiful…men and women were on it…she was the ultimate Hip Hop artist…a combination of all that was great and all the greats that came before her…she was American yet she made us West Indians feel proud and connected…Africans felt she belonged to them…even white girls were showing their roots…it was a beautiful moment in Hip Hop…she’s def the greatest female Hip Hop artist I have yet to see 

    • Apollo Showtime

      Dude, Biggie was crowned GOAT before he even died, that says a lot. Jay-Z was crowned king by the streets before he ever said he was the best (check Vol.2 Hard Knock Life) and Pac was too. There’s no rules. Name ONE…JUST ONE female in Hip Hop since Hill who has had a bigger effect on people around the world with ONE ALBUM…Damn, she’s the goat and hasn’t put out shit since 2001 Unplugged. You buggin’ she can give up her spot when a bitch tops what she’s done…

      5 Grammy’s in one night. 
      5 #1 records on 1 album. 
      22 million units sold
      #312 on Rolling Stones Top 500 albums of ALL TIME

  • rep87

    She  does real hiphop and she does it with class , her old stuff crush these sex selling females today i have much respect for this sister !

  • 1SOFLO1

    Lauryn is a MC, you can’t label her as a female MC, not even in the conversation.

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    hill is an mc or an female mc it don’t matter how u cut da cake…i always said mc lyte is the best spitter without a d!!ck i’ve ever seen following would be medusa,lauryn hill,rah digga,then i might say either remy or jean grae….but i might move ms hill in medusa spot…great singer great performer..great artist period….in a time where most chicks that r r&b stars can’t sing and every female rapper is gay and try to sell through sexuality or sexual preference…hill did it a different way she wasn’t butch hard nor bordello sexy and deffinetly not gay and proud…but she was lyrically sound great voice and soulfull…and it’s sad to say but u can’t say da same about no female star r&b or hip-hop dat fills those attribute…ms hill the greatest female artist of this era

  • Apollo Showtime

    Best female rappers ever?

    1) Lauryn Hill (Too fuckin’ real, skilled and intelligent as hell)
    2) Remy (Will eat anybody)
    3) Foxy (Less material and hits than Kim, but harder lines)
    4) Kim (The undisputed Queen Bitch)
    5) Da Brat (Machine Gun flow)
    6) Mia X (Listen to her No Limit shit, one of THE HARDEST)
    7) Rah Digga (Should be closer to Remy’s rank, but overall her music isn’t very interesting)
    8) Jean Grae (ill)
    9) Estelle (She’s actually a much better rapper than singer believe it or not, she needs to stick to it)
    10) Nicki Minaj (I’d be a hater if I admitted that Lil’ Mama is actually a better rapper than her, so just to avoid the hate here’s Nicki, lol)

    • churchboy2

      Your list is discredited because MC Lyte does not appear anywhere. She should be either #2 or #1 on any list of femae MCs.

      That’s not to mention Estelle instead of Missy… SMH

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      what no lyte….no medusa….u put mia x,kim and foxy….but no medusa…no lady luck…f@*k is wrong with u….U PUT NICKI ON DA LIST…..DATS DA LAST STRAW….james u know not of hip-hop….i like number 1,2,7(has to be higher jus of lyrics)8,…but the rest or ur list is thrash….and da fact u said lil mama name regarding da list…u must be a white boy from the burbs…vehmently disappointed

    • Soulgasm

      Nice list…..but dawg, you gotta put Eve in there somewhere.  

  • Pierre Elliott

    Uu wrong dog…. You forgettin

    MC Lyte.
    The 5 Deadly Venoms
    Conscience Daughters

  • I’m a big fan of L.H. At fifty-five, i can tell you she strikes a cord for real womenhood – no entitlement, no disrespecting of self or other sisters, stays true to her passion and community. What’s not to love?

  • Kimberly Griffin

    always been a fan of Lauryn Hill since growing up would die to meet the queen of the fugees. She even inspired me in Sister Act. I would love to tell her that she is one of the women that kept me holding and pushing on 

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