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Hip-Hop Rumors: Lupe Says “No More Mixtapes?”; “Food & Liquor 2” To Be Double-Album?

At a recent show in Portland, Oregon, Lupe Fiasco announced that he would no longer be releasing mixtapes and that his most recent project, Friend of the People, which was released in November, would be his last free offering.

After stating that he’s done “some pretty groundbreaking things” with his mixtapes, Lupe said that “in light of that history, amazing lyrical feats, and superb works, I am sad to say that after tonight there will be no more Lupe Fiasco mixtapes.” Check it out for yourself in the video below:

As you may have heard, Lupe also teased that the highly-anticipated sequel to his major label debut could be hitting stores this summer. In even better news for Lupe fans, he says that Food & Liquor 2 may be a double album. Anything to make up for Lasers, Lupe, anything at all.

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  • Damn Food & Liquor does bring back some good memories. Need another classic like that Lupe. Enough with the politics.

  • johnblacksad

    Who cares what you ain’t gon do? Don’t talk about it, be about it…

    Lupe did start real high in my book…

  • meekhaEl

    thas actually a good look for the whack whack whack rappers out now…… more pressure    but for folk like me…………damn………..the best rapper imo for the last 3 o 4 years……shovel?

  • meekhaEl

    if not? who is better with story tellin n thought provacation than him?      double burger wit cheese………………..nothin kashrut about it. check that song out. double burger wit cheese. colder than my babies’ mother heart! thas COLD! trust! shalom alekhem        

  • Roberto Ciamora

    He’s delusional. this generation has the memory of a goldfish, you dont release about 10 mixtapes a year they forget your alive

    • Trusttee

      Kanye, Jay, Eminem don’t release mixtapes – they aren’t forgotten. What’s your point? And no, I’m not comparing Lupe to those individuals – just providing you examples that mixtapes don’t mean everything. As for Lupe – he’s already got a very solid/loyal fan base that will always turn out to help him go gold quickly. As much as I hate to say this – he’s doing the right thing for HIS career.

      • Roberto Ciamora

        Jay Z & Eminem are both 40 years old b, they have older fans who grew up with them that have patience and remember what it use to be like before the internet, thats why they can survive without mixtapes…….. Lupe doesnt have that luxury

      • Trusttee

        The fact that you stated that Lupe doesn’t have the luxury of surviving without mixtapes is all I needed to read. As I stated before – Lupe Fiasco is one of the few hip hop artists out today that has an established and loyal fan base. Ask any true Lupe fan if they are going to buy his album if he doesn’t release a mixtape (or two) in-between and you will hear them say “of course.” I’m not making this up man. Lupe fans are loyal – he more or less makes it that way by being the artist he is and saying what he says (and how he says it). If we were talking about Rick Ross, I would fully agree with you. But we aren’t. 

      • Hmmm, split decision on this E-Beef.

        Lupe’s fans are loyal , but he doesn’t have as many as Jay or Em , & by all accounts, even Lupe’s , Laser’s was doo doo cheese….on purpose?

        KRS-ONE has 25? albums in a 27yr career & not one mixtape?

        Had a #1 video , where the Benz in the song….was a matal folding chair & it went #1 & is still a classic. ( Material Love { Love’s Gonna get You )

        Bubble gum / ring tone rap is for the crack babies.

      • Trusttee

        E-beef? I don’t do that. That would imply some sort of fake thug act that is completely unnecessary to get points across during a debate.

        Anyway, I said Lupe has enough loyal fans to get him to gold in my first reply. These days, what label would pass up on a chance to have an artist signed who will always go gold at a minimum? The right marketing scheme that doesn’t bust budgets makes 500K sold an absolute success. Furthermore, he regularly stays in the Grammy rotation; meaning his relevancy remains solid.

        I never said he had as many fans as Jay or Em (who would believe that?).

        I’m not defending Laser’s either – which is an album that had substance but wasn’t necessarily for the ear. And every loyal Lupe fan will tell you exactly that.

      • immackulate

        you not thinking straight fam  … every phucking rapper from LIL B to The Game has a certain amout of LOYAL FANS … however you ever heard of OUTTA SIGHT OUTTA MIND – the game is fickle my bruvah – and to stay relavant means you have to drop consistent music – and thats why LUPE aint really relavant now … he aint even sure that his album gonna see the light of day – and when it does no matter how critically acclaimed it is … the shyt gonna go WOOD and he gonna be bytching about what the label didnt do YADA YADA YA

      • immackulate

        niggah did you just compare LUPE’s 3-4-5 yr run to some MF thats been changing the game for 10-11-12 yrs and better … KANYE JAY AND EM were fixtures in the game before MIXTAPES started popping again … the game is viral now and if you aint KANYE JAY OR EMINEM then yo punk azz better be dropping mixtapes – and thats CURTIS JACKSON included

        LUPE is nasty on the mic but dont ever compare APPLES and ORANGES

    • Bosshogg973

      That’s real talk..!

  • im a big fan of lupe but i think the cool is a 100 times better then food and liquor .


    why you acting like age mean something? MIXTAPE shit is overdue and played out. If you hot ppl going to buy. Lupe don’t have the luxury??? Dude I can tell you learn all your hip hop off internet and you really didn’t grow up with it or being it.

  • D_Ably

    Hasn’t he got a record label to cry about or blame somethin on these days?

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    the mixtape chasing the cool was ill…he hit topics most rappers aren’t equipped lyrically or original enough too….i disagree wih 86ing the mixtapes….weezy made a name for himself after cash money wih madd mixtapes…dats why even though he dress like a drag queen we still can’t deny da talent and work put in….it’s up to him(lupe) though…for my sake i hope he continues making mixtapes because he is one of the new niggaz dat go’s out the box and dnt jus rap about hoes and money and how he dominate sexually…he’s one of the last of the true mc’s….reconsider mr lazers…please reconsider

  • hernandez26

    lupe is that dude……
    is wordplay is always on point!
    spit better than half the peeps out right now. i will put him over drake anyday errrday!lol

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