Lil Kim

Lil Kim Ft. Young Jeezy “Keys To The City” [Radio Rip]

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  • illymac

    Kinda feeling this..
    Kim spittin that cocaine rap..
    Its only right she put the SnowMan on here..

  • brotha_man

    Nikki betta step her game up….got to comfy wit no females to challenge her.
    all in all, female rap is like the WNBA, I know it exist just dont care enough to support it

  • lilgiz

    She gettn challenged, just some not listening, Miss chee NLF, shes anotha female grinding on thevrap scene

  • I don’t have Lil Kim Ft. Young Jeezy “Keys To The City” on my Android smartphone yet. 

  • Yall do know Jeezy wrote the whole song. If you cant tell that Lil Kim sound like Jeezy yall lame as hell.

  • The only thing missing was the ad-lib, I understand yall dont like Nikki, but know matter how bad the songs is she write her own music. Kim has never been a writer, she was all looks, and she changed that. 

    • eurontay

      So you call what nikki does writing lmao that shit sounds like my five year old writes it.

      •  To me an MC is also a writer, HIPHOP is not a TV show nobody else should be writing your lines. If your five year old can write like that you need to get them in the game, because she is already one up on KIM.

      •  Look guy… Kim wrote this one.. If you want a ghost writer you dont get Jeezy.. She wanted to flow with the Jeezy so you would do his style… Kims last cd got 5mics sooooo

      • eurontay

        lmao you think nicki pin game is better than kims hilarious.

  • eurontay

    Kim murdered this track !!! say what you want

    •  So you happy that KIM can say the words Jeezy wrote for her….This is why real HIPHOP is screwed up. Kim have been hiding behind a team of ghostwriters her whole career. Biggie wrote the first albums and other cats had to sue her to their money from her other albums.  Google it.   I would put my old Heather B. album against any album Kim has brought out. Rah Digga, MC Lyte, Mecca from Digable Planets, real female MCs its many more but its 2 am on the east coast. Kim dont even make my list of Female MC’s.

      • People please…I will admit and Kim has already admitted that she has HELP
        on hooks etc. but the girl has TALENT We have MEN & WOMEN AUTHORS who pin
        BOOKS and SONG WRITES why can’t people believe that KIM can write her own
        RHYMES? EVENTS that PISS HER OFF U can tell that she wrote it…NAKED TRUTH with
        the disses 2 the Mafia or BIG MOMMA THANG Diss 2 Faith & PAC U, Biggie’s
        Another track him and Kim was going toe 2 toe…U think he wrote that dissing


        Lil’ Kim on Naked Truth flowed like EM on Quiet so U telling me M&M
        wrote that for her or Put yo lighters Up…the girl can take a flow and mold it
        into her ON so I believe she can write…and I’m not the One…The girl sounded
        just LIKE BIG…so I guess he really is her “GHOST” WRITER!


        Give Kim credit…she been doing this to long not 2 have learned something
        in the GAME!

      • HIPHOP is about the expression of you, HIPHOP is not a book or a movie, HIPHOP is a culture and one of the Golden Rules is you write your own music. You get in the lab and feel the beat and write to it. People go to school for 12 years and dumb as a rock, she may be in the game but it doesn’t mean a thing.

        I just looked up quiet she on a song with The Game dude is crazy but he can mimic any MC in the game. You have to come better cause he wrote that.

        I give her credit for not snitching but make no mistake 75% of her material she dont write.

        Mary J Blige was talking one day about how Biggie wrote the verse for lil kim on the song they have together.

        I just went to EMI Publishing and KIM only has 9 solo song writing credits.

        You can always go on youtube and listen to B.I.G. write the song for her.

      • Just checked ASCAP they only give her 2 writing credits.

      • U really PRESSED…Every Artist have a TEAM of People on a song from the beat to the mixes to the samples!  Look up Jay Z, Nicki, and Wayne etc writing credits while U on yo quest.  It’s all over YOU TUBE that Lil’ Wayne has ghost writers and you people all on his dick, from his HOT BOYS Days you can see a HUGE change in direction!

        Hell I looked at Trina the Da Baddest Bitch CD Jacket and she is only credited with writing TWO SONGS so whats yo point, I have never heard her having ghostwriters?  Better yet during the BEEF with Junior Mafia those niggas dissed
        Kim hard but they all said her and Money L were the only two that wrote they own shit and Biggie HELPED EVERYONE ELSE.  Puffy during the Nicki Beef could have
        really discredited Kim and said she had writers but what did he SAY…KIM is a TRUE MC she going to fire back with Rhymes that is what she does.  Speaking of Puffy how many albums does he have and the nigga told y’all “Don’t worry about if I write RHYMES I WRITE CHECKS!  Baby of Cash money “President” replaced Juvi rapping….Need I say more!

        U people try 2 discredit Lil’ Kim anyway you all can and the girl still moving forward.

        Hip Hop is an expression of culture…REALLY yet we got everyone talking about Booty Poppin, Going deep, and Stupid and Nappy Headed hoes…LMAO our people and what they BELIEVE IN…Lil’ Kim lyrics hit home period from her
        struggles in this GAME CALLED LIFE…so take yo 12 years of Special Ed and re-apply yoself.


        The Notorious O.N.E

        “I’ve been hated on many times, adored, and even idolized check the stats I am ALL THAT bottom line!” Lil’ Kim  My Last Day

      •  In any argument you ever put out dont bring up Puffy, I could be wrong as the man in the moon, but Puffy bitched up the game for sure.

        You dont listen to enough HIPHOP if you think “Everyone” talks about that, OutKast, Goodie Mob, Killer Mike, Pharcyde, Tribe, Lupe, Common, Talib, The Roots, K-Dee, Ice Cube, Public Enemy, Eric Sermon, Murry, Redman, Method Man, Wu-Tang, Rakim, Run DMC, Mc Lyte, LL, 2Pac,Latifah, Kane, Slaughterhouse, Eminem.

        Is that why you defend Lil Kim as an artist because you like not real people but people that stay on that B.S.

        I was wrong about EMI, I didnt stroll the page down.

        No matter what your point, to me Lil Kim just dont make my greatest list period.

        I have Eric Sermon in my top 10, HIPHOP is in my blood and KIM just dont stack up to me.


      • On my next move I’m yelling CHECKMATE…I Smell a MASSACRE!  U stated that NICKI was a TRUE MC and that you rode with her because she wrote her own shit and Lil’ Kim don’t….right. 

        Now, you pull out the WHOLE industry out to try to discredit Lil’ Kim.  Your 1st mistake is putting Nicki down as a True MC next to those VETS which is a INSULT to them and which 90% of them I have in my CASSETTE & CD collection…did U hear me CASSETTES, that
        is how I roll when it comes to MUSIC…seen it all from MC HAMMER Oaktown 3.5.7, To LL Cool J.  days to the Eazy E, Dr. Dre beef days…so WE COOL LIKE DAT “DP”…while U still under ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT….we all are EVERYDAY PEOPLE…U feel me.

        Again…don’t play me because U and Nicki Headed for Self Destruction U remember that ONE…because WE ALL IN THE SAME GAME…True West Coast All Stars.

        LMAO…trying to go up against the Queen and the The Notorious O.N.E is U OUT OF YO MIND?


        The Notorious O.N.E
        “Besides GOD WTF should Lil’ Kim fear…the only ONE who can stop her is that chick in the Mirror!” Lil’ Kim My Last Day Naked Truth 5- Mic Classic!

      • That was cute….I respect your hustle, but Kim just dont stack up.

      •  By the way type in Trina and Ghostwriter, she too has a Ghostwriter.

  • I’m the L I L 2 the K I M…B I G…R I P  Bab E…I rep BK and the N.Y.C and no chick did it like I D.I.D…what the Fuc I had 2 spell it out!

    It’s K.I. till I Die!  Kimberly Denise Jones aka Queen Bitch 4 Life!!!

    Twitter: TheNotoriousKJM

    The Notorious O.N.E
    “A Queen is not a Queen because she FELT, A Queen is a QUEEN because Failure has NOT STOPPED HER! – Lil’ Kim I’m Human “Notorious K.I.M” 2001

    • hatewutsfake

      This dude sound crazy as hell thinking somebody write for KIM but Nikki sit around Wayne and Drake all day writin her own nursery rhymes. And how u defendin a chic that wanna be the QUEEN. If sht ain’t for show…then why she tryin to look like…KIM. (DEEP SIGH)….kids I swear. He must be borrowing his daddy’s music roster. I can see him now…in the car…jammin to Starships. Just say u a Nikki stan.
      Well…I’m glad u checked thattazz. Thank u Notorious O.N.E!!! People should really think about what their saying. Even Twista admitted that all MCs get help in some way. He just said that Biz Markie wrote songs for Big Daddy Kane. I hate it that men always try to discredit females. But if you’re going to use someone against her, let’s not use someone trying to be her. Think about it.

  • I just wasted time an energy I just really realized you named yourself on twitter after LIl Kim, thats lame. Thats like me naming myself after 2Pac. I respect the hell out of Pac but I am my own man.

    • B ~ U still on the menu…that’s why this story (post) is 2 be continued. U got educated that’s all so U wasted nothing…my Government name is Keiandré J. McGruder and those initials are K.J.M not K.I.M…but “J” for Joseph-Vashund so dude my twitter link is TRUE 2 ME.  And my alter ego is “The Notorious O.N.E” which was already taken on twitter.

      That name pays HOMAGE 2 Lil’ Kim and Biggie who birth her…along with my personal persona being Str8 Notorious I am that ONE…my SWAG is Unlike Any Other! So now do u get it with yo Nicki Minaj short yellow bus flow moment. 

      I’m very much my own individual…swag, mindset, and views! I don’t follow TRENDING NOW ITEMS or the IT FACTOR like MOST DO…why do U think I’m still riding for K.I.M 16 years later?  I have had many that have copied me in this game called life…so I am a TRUE LEADER.

      Now U bring up 2Pac…U started with Lil’ Kim then Nicki then the rest of the industry now 2Pac??? Really…U reaching Friend LMAO…My main concern is, was, and always will be K.I.M no other…but it’s fun 2 see people try 2 discredit Lil’ Kim and TRUE FANS like myself shut them down with FACTS and our LOVE 4 QB and her movement that most of us have been on since 1996.

      Like I have stated b4 I can relate 2 Lil’ Kim struggles and stories she sites in her MUSIC…I’ve been there.


      The Notorious O.N.E
      “Niggas walkin around Stint’n & Front’n talk’n shit but ain’t saying nothing…don’t worry baby time is coming…” Lil’ Kim – It’s All Good – Naked Truth – 5 Mic CLASSIC Album

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