Curren$y, Dame Dash

Curren$y Suing Dame Dash For $1.5 Million; Claims Dash Released Music Without Consent

(AllHipHop News) TMZ is reporting that Jet Life Recordings founder Curren$y is suing Dame Dash, co-founder of both Roc-A-Fella and DD172.

Curren$y, whose real name is Shante Scott Franklin, is suing Dash for $1.5 million for releasing his music without  permission or compensation. TMZ states that both Dash and Franklin began negotiating an agreement to release music together back in 2010; while the deal never materialized, music was still released.

The lawsuit states that two of Curren$y’s albums in 2010, Pilot Talk and Pilot Talk II, were released by Dash despite the New Orleans MC striking a deal with Warner Bros. who had exclusive rights to his music.

At press time, Dash has responded by claiming that he had the right to release “the albums in question because he was given permission.” Dash states that Curren$y stabbed him in the back by “reneging on their agreement and signing instead with Warner Bros.”

A judge has yet to rule in favor of either side. More details will be released soon.

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  • Damn.i thought they were doing the damn thing.Funny that a week ago I was telling my folks Spitta was signed to dash.Thought they were on track

  • illymac

    Dame Dash been having a hard time
    dealing with this industry shit..
    I mean damn ol’ boy can’t catch a break..


    Damn no joke the hounds on this fool on a reg……..flip burgers already

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    This fool cant get a break, wit a pocket full of kit kats………..

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    did he get money from these releases and if so did he write the checks to curren$y from the proceeds?                                                                                                                            

  • shit happens, the same guy who’s head was in the clouds about having a image of what he had and materialistic shit now looks dumb,  should always be humble

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  • rep87

    The crawl from the bottom has been  tough for Dame and this kind of news doesnt help his reputation Benie made statements of millions being stolen from him by Dame last year all a man really have is his rep

  • johnblacksad

    “N!ggas is sayin they made Hov, …make another Hov!”

    First Biggs the other day over a weed ring, now Dame…  crumbles of the roc is what’s left.
    Funny what a few years can change… sh!t was all good just a week ago.

    What happen to DDMG, Tiret watches, ProKeds, Armadale?!

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  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    side note not a currensy fan but i paid him a lil more attention after seeing him get with dame …. why try to kick a man while hes down … but then again who knows warner could be the ones persuing this law suit …. lets not forget who’s running warner right now #lyor lol 😉

    • Tony G.

      not about kicking him while he’s down..if he released the music and wasnt supposed to then he’s wrong

  • immackulate

    all those years of playing GOOD COP (JAY) and BAD COP (Dame) got people’s perception of dude in the shytter … these lawsuits and bad business practices aint really helping out too much … god bless that bruvah hope he’s able to pull himself up by the bootstraps soon

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