Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Drake Get Secretly Married?

The streets are talking, and they’re saying that YMCMB rapper Drake ran off to Las Vegas and secretly married a young woman he met on Twitter! And get this, he’s reportedly only known the Miami model/college student for ONE WEEK. Check out a photo of the two allegedly wearing matching wedding bands below.

I can’t really tell from the photo if those are wedding bands, but Drake IS wearing the ring on his wedding finger. The source says that Drake and the woman have been inseparable for the last few days and actually jumped the broom last Monday.

Drake tweeted a cryptic tweet and then deleted it moment later. The tweet said “Streets talking….they’ll confirm.”

  • nooope

  • H. U. S.

    Before I even read this article, I knew it was Sydney Lace’s work!

    Who cares if Drake married her or the dude behind him?

  • thisnigga

    betta give MTO that shoutout be4 its gets ugly…This site has fell off the face of the earth

  • baseforyourfase

    you guys were on a roll there for a minute and then you go and do this…smh.

  • Numbuh Four

    Real question, Sydney: Does anyone here, other than you, actually give a f*ck?

  • 7yoyo7

    Top 5 DUMBEST Rumors from Sydney Lace in 2012 : 

    – An iPad You Can Have Sex With???!!!
    – Did Kanye West Fire His Driver For Being Late?!
    – Church Claims Baby Blue Ivy is Satan?!
    – Rihanna and Chris Brown Spotted Holding Hands. (shout out to Seen Da Dream)
    – Beyonce Says Blue Ivy Looks Like Jay-Z.

  • MrTroyMercy

    The streets ain’t say shet just y’all blogging internet phaggots .

    • suge380


      • Kanye West


  • IllyPhilly

    He wanted to beat his boyfriend to the alter. 

  • The illuminati had to get rid of Illseed because he was giving away too much good information.

    • Kanye West


    • i believe that shit

  • suge380


    • the1stschool

      Right..I don’t even buy Drake records he with the young money copy cats.

  • rep87

    This dude is Sweet as they come  him marrying a dude is more of the truth than some random bitch please stop with the LIES and face what the public already know  Drake is Gay along with that sick bi sexual crew at ymcmb

    • World Wide

       took the words right out of my mouth!

      • Kanye West

        For real about time some one said it!

    • Mos High

      . How you know Oh like I said you must doing that stuff yourself. Its funny all the guys say Drake is Gay but you never here the women say it. Once I here a girl say, yo i think he is gay then I ll roll with it. But for now its seems like pure men saying it. Maybe you are the closet ones. Im its your choice so they say. But if you want him to be gay for yourselves just go ask him. Some real sucker sh&t,  

      • rep87

        You must be blind dude Ray CHharles can see Drake is GAY, its alot of homos running around in hiphop dont get upset over this IT IS WHAT IT IS ! The click he roll with is full of homo fake blood gangsta”s  Birds of a feather flock together . Aint nothing wrong with being gay just stop being Fake like Drake , And to you defenders you should hate a fake azz gay dude playing like he stright

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        i hate dat fudgepacker too rep….not cuz he pack fudge but the praise he gets from groupie whore’s as one of the greatest rapper ever….and these whore’s couldn’t tell whut real hip-hop is even if action bronson layed his dick on there foreheads

  • johnblacksad

    “The streets are talking, and they’re saying that YMCMB rapper Drake…”

    The streets don’t talk about Drake. The streets are about that Action Bronson Blue Chips mixtape or that Bumpy Knuckles sh!t with DJ Premier that just dropped.. Kolexxion! Get it right…

    Drake looks sad in that pic…

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  • morAL

    The streets should be talking about that ‘”Going Green” album we (@itsphyre and @jeroux1) dropped!

  • brotha_man

    Detective Brotha Man: so this broad found out that drake is on the low, she propose that they get married, get some of that drake money and royalities from degrassi to keep his secret safe. If drake Aka Jimmy Brooks Aka Canada Dry were to reject this proposal than this female would post evidence online…. on your favorite Hiphop TMZ site (allhiphop).

  • brotha_man

    hahahha she must be ugly as hell…. Jimmy Brooks(drake) looks sad and lost and his boy behind him wont even open his eyes. she look like a bust down

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    i agree what john said earlier….i got my ear to the streets…always had since 88’….and i’ve never heard the streets talk about no pu$$y ass drake…sorry we dnt fu@k with dem lames…we only talk about dat underground shit..dat real hip-hop….only ppl i know dat talk about drake is the bitches(women & gays)

  • mi0715

    this mofo looks so sad in all the pics… REALLY, all that money and that all he can get…then again hes not somnthing worth looking at either

  • Arvette Powell

    this pic is photo shopped!

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  • This is not true, Drake met the girl in Las Vagas but did not marry her, Her had a show out there at one of the clubs and asked the girl and some of his other friends to be his guess. seen Lil Wayne and Tyga could not make it. Wayne was in LA working with Nikki and Tyga was in NYC wth Diggy. And if you can really prove that he married the chick ill belive it.