Necro Denies Lyrical Connection To 8-Year-Old’s Murder in Canada

(AllHipHop News) Brooklyn, New York gore and metal rap emcee Necro is sticking up for himself, after his lyrics were recently used as evidence in a murder trial taking place in Canada.

The trial centers around the murder of an 8-year-old girl named Victoria “Tori” Stafford, who was killed in Canada in 2009.

Necro issued a statement to defend himself, after discovering reports of the evidence used in the trial according to reports across the net.

“I see I am being mentioned in this Big Canada murder case. I wasn’t gonna say anything but it seems a lot of fans want me to address this. I do not support the killing of kids,” Necro said in a statement. “I love children and feel they should be protected and loved and cared for, especially when they are your family…”

When the prosecutors discovered that Terri-Lynne McClintic, girlfriend and alleged accomplice of co-defendant Michael Thomas Rafferty, was a fan of Necro, lawyers sought to prove that Necro’s music was the cause of the violent behavior exhibited by the defendants.

According to reports, Tori vanished after walking away from school in Woodstock, Ontario, on April 8, 2009.

The third grader’s remains were then found three months later, in a rural area near Mount Forest, Ontario.

“I’m against anything that brings harm to children,” Necro continued. “A lot of us grew up fu**ed up because we weren’t loved as kids or got fu**ed over. As for this case, every few years some lawyer or court or newspaper tries to blame some rapper or metal group but that’s bulls**t. Whether Ozzy or Judas Priest, or ICP, or now Necro. We all have 100,000 to a million fans+ and none of them do this s**t.”

Necro told his fans that the lawyers in the case were targeting him, while ignoring the large corporations and movies that visually show violence and murders.

Necro also went on to add that he blames parenting and schools for violence amongst the youth in the world.
“I am not responsible for the bad parents and sh**ty school systems and governments of the world. Teach your kids and show them love. If anything I’m more in touch with your kids than the parents or schools are in a positive way because I talk to them, I respond and you see me making positive moves in life revolving around art, whether or not the art is violent or not is not the point, its art!”

  • Roberto Ciamora

    lol @ “I wasnt gonna address this but….” GTFOH man, this is the most pub you’ve had for a minute I bet you gonna go on any TV show that’ll have you to discuss this

    I agree with him tho, not his responsibility to raise children, its not like he markets his music directly to kids or anything, he’s about as underground as you can go, if your listening to Necro you really had to dig deep to find him

    • fuckin  stupid comment…you think he wants publicity like this? And yeah he’s deep underground because he doesnt go on tv shows talkin shit…the man is an underground legend,so i think you should show some respect,his fan-page has 100k people checkin him out daily…no ‘publicity’ needed!!!! PLR…DIE!!!

  • Man has a limited biological capacity for change.
    When this capacity is overwhelmed, the capacity is in future shock.

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  • water_ur_seeds

    RIP to the little girl… PLR BABY

  • rep87

    RIP to this Little ANGEL those monsters who murdered this child need to pay the price with the Death Penalty !

  • Like always point the finger at the rappers & take there money.. 

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