Plies “We Are Trayvon” [Trayvon Martin Tribute]

[ahh_audio src=/3-25-12/Plies-WeAreTrayvon-TrayvonMartinTribute.mp3]

  • damn….plies actually did a good job

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Bullshit, Millions of kids die like this every day and we dont even here about them, lets focus on some real shit, this is lame.

    • The Brain

       You are truly lost…

  • Negro Peligro

    People who promote violence sound real ignorant when they denounce violence. I mean what about all the people you be talking about wanting to shoot.  Its like Eddie Long denouncing Penn St. for touching little boys. You promote shooting people of the same race you just black so its OK. Its like African who sold slaves turning around and writing a song in dedication to the slaves in bondage to white people.  I mean at no time did he stop to look back at his own lyrics and be like you know maybe if I told the world I was valedictorian instead of a goon maybe I wouldn’t have perpetuated the stereo type.  

    • cmack_777

      At least he is responding to this tradgedy.  Its seems hiphop artists are unusually quiet about this incident.  Can’t help but think if this had happened in the ninities that there would be a ton of tunes out right now.

    • FerrisTexasBalla

      He said one key line in that song, “Pac said it best, only God can judge me.” I guess you missed that part.

  • not mad at this

  • idk… sounds like Plies trying to get free publicity off a tragic situation??? Honestly some ppl don’t know who they are and what they stand for. All of sudden it ain’t coo to bust them choppers? smh!!! sometimes i f**king hate rappers. A goon who cares all of sudden give me a f**king break Plies some topics you shouldn’t rap about. This being one of them.    

  • rep87

    This is a good look Plies i dont care for your music but will give you your props on shining some light on such a tragic event that took the life of a innocent young man !

  • FerrisTexasBalla

    Plies….You did that. No matter if you rap about gooning or gospel, you gone have haters. Us real cats out here trying to get it know where you coming from. And through all of this tragedy, we still cant come together as people. Dayum same.

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