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Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil’ Kim Banned from Releasing Music?

This past weekend, Lil’ Kim sat down with DJ Envy for MTV’s “Sucker Free” and revealed that legally, she is banned from releasing music due to several lawsuits from her previous record labels.

“When I came home from prison in 2006, I was really unhappy with my label so I wanted to get off, and I didn’t get released. I wasn’t dropped. I had to pay them. So, at the end of the day, it’s like that takes time. For two years, I fought and fought and fought and finally there was a break. During those two years, I did my Hollywood thing, I mean doing reality shows, ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and all that good stuff. But in between me doing ‘Dancing With The Stars’, I struck up another deal. I did deal with Track Masters, and it didn’t work out, but that took another year or two.”

Unfortunately, the Track Masters deal did not go well, and Kim ended up backing out of the deal after they had shelled out $200,000 to get her out of her previous contract with Atlantic Records, spent $240,000 to produce eight songs for her unfinished LP, and shelled out over $12,000 in rent for a home near her crib.

So, apparently, Kim is currently being sued by them for $2.5 million and also barred from recording any new material.

“Contractually, by the courts, I could not record any music. I wasn’t supposed to put any music out. Technically, Black Friday was a mixtape, so I was able to get away with that. But technically, they could have come after me if I were to put out an album. I couldn’t do it. So, this is something that my fans don’t know, but now you know. Legally, I wasn’t allowed or able to do music. And ’til this day I’m not going to say I’m glad that the lawsuit happened with Trackmasters, but it made me more of a businesswoman.”

Kim never said if she settled the lawsuit, but she is back to releasing music and recently put out the track “Keys To The City” featuring Young Jeezy.

  • Black Exodus

    Hmmm…get it together Queen…was wondering what was going on with you. Hopefully the next song you put out…will be more your style…the song with Jeezy left from your boss chick status and bordered on “Trap Queen”…Didn’t know you were a “Trap” rapper. Anyway get back to the good music.

    Black Exodus “Diamonds” everywhere!

  • gerald dawkins

    she looks a mess, someone close to her needs to hold a pre famous picture of her up to her face and ask are you happy. tragic

    • EzE


  • BoldSpice

    She needs to be banned from taking pictures.

    • churchboy2

      Wow, that’s cold.

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  • Guest

    Lil Kim lacks any sort of charisma in her rapping, she sounds really unconvincing these days.

    • charisma in rapping? this is why im getting sick of these “pop” singers trying to be rappers…..why the hell does a rap song need charisma this isnt a love song…

      • Guest

        Lil Kim sounds like she’s being held at gunpoint and forced to read lyrics off of a sheet of paper. There’s no heart in her music, at least not in her new music.

      • Tony G.


      • Brian Andrew Smith

        do you even know what the world charisma means?  of course you need charisma.

      • Tony G.

        every rapper has their own..its what separates them from other rappers…learn the meaning fo the word

  • YaheardSyndicate

    lil kim looks better then 99 percent of yalls girlfriends, and you would be star struck if you got to meet her, trying to take pics with her for your facebook.

    • Get the f*ck outta here, bruh. I’m a fan of Lil’ Kim, but she is severely deficient in the good looks department these days.

      • brotha_man

        I would def blaze lil kim…..and post pics for my facebok page. Lil Kim can mother my off spring.

      •  LOL!!

  • Mugshot_McGruff

    I like Kim but hate what she has done to her physical appearance

    • Capn_African_America

      i saw her in person and it doesnt look bad she was actuall still pretty with no make up but when you add eyelashes and lipstick you can tell how fake everything looks- shame i miss KIM Jones

  • Andrea Torchia

    Thats COOL AND DRE you dumb ass motherfuckers

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  • Andrea Torchia

    That picture is NOT the Trackmasters lol

  • therealest1

     Who’s the motherfuckin’ Pollock that put up gay ass Cool and Dre photos
    in place of Trackmasters? Motherfuckin’ retard! That spic Dre is
    annoying talking on tracks though, and should never ever touch a
    microphone again because he can’t rap. I’m glad his solo project got
    shelved in 2006 because it would have been a disgrace to the already
    disgraced rap game.

    And where are the Trackmasters these days? They were really relevant
    producers throughout the 90s. I don’t recall them doing anything past
    the late 90s. I actually miss their work honestly. I’m shocked how the
    demand for them from other artists ceased and desisted suddenly after
    late 90s.

  • Capn_African_America

    i want to blame it on shelf life of rappers changing of the guards and people not doing their homework

  • She should get more surgery so she’ll look like hardcore era Kim again for the new album. She was the cutest chick from around the corner back in those days.

  • Really AllHiphop!? Cool and Dre tho? haha 

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    biggies mistress….sorry to say but when i think of lil kim dats whut comes to mind….dat an dem pumping all of jr.mafia kidz from her stomach…..bitch needs to go back under the knife…shorty looks worser than t.i.’s bitch

  • myrealtalk

    Kim is FULL OF SHIT. Didnt she say she sold over 100,000 copies of that black friday BULLSHIT on “PayPal”? Bitch isnt that putting out music, Especially if you “SOLD” over 100,000 copies? She just trying to find excuses as to why all her rants againgst Nicki has not worked. And I’m no Nicki fan so theres no hate over her. I just know bullshit when I hear it.

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    damn ya’ll don’t knw the difference between cool & dre and the trackmasters…..what kind of hip-hop site is this

  • rep87

    This is what happen when you fall off, Kim looking plastic and fake these days she tried to start a beef with Nicki Nasty to get them to drop a album but when Nobody showed any interest they refuse to release the album next they will drop her all together

    • therealest1

       Lil Kim is starting to look like that Jew Catwoman who got all that plastic surgery making her look like a house cat. And its sad that a house cat looks better than her.

  • withease

    the lawsuit made her a businesswoman?  She been in the game for damn near 2decades. She should be a pro by now.

  • Why was it the whole time I was reading this article and that Nicki Minaj “Stupid Hoe” was in my head!!! LOL

  • Guillaume Pilon


    no more more kim music

  • This shows where she is financially. Is she saying she didn’t have $200k to back out of her contract or to produce 8 songs?… interesting

  • i swear yall haters 

  • like go kim Team Lil Kim In Japan!!!!!!!

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  • -.-

  • D_Ably

    This chicks been droppin shit since what, 1996? and she only figures out in 2007/8 that she gotta be a businesswoman to protect her own shit? Shes slow. I love that black Friday cover tho.

  • shakira parker

    Okay First Of All Lil Kim Has Been With her Record Labels For a Long time…She Hasn’t Been Through It before So Basically in 1996 —> She’s Been Tooken Care of What you have to Learn is At the end of the Day you have to go through things In order to learn things…. all You Broke a*s people who is Saying Stuff about “She didn’t Know this….She didn’t Know that” It’s hard in the Music Industry all they do is try to Sue You, Get money Out’ve You They’re Snakes And Half of Yall Talking about her Plastic surgery Need to Go Under The Knife Because Yall Not Cute Smh But i’m So Happy She Got this All Settled Now She’s Making Music again (::

  • ladynamor

    Regardless of her BDD issues, Kim is the only female who has a solid history in rap music as a female that is relevant today. She has always maintained the same persona and never “borrowed” another artist swag for numbers. If every female wants to be you, you win. Kim set the trend for all these spoiled over-payed lackluster hoes that put down their own race and gender because they got a little change. Kim is the Madonna of rap, Lauryn is the only other female that will be remembered in the end.

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