Trayvon Martin

Of Trayvon Martin: “Why Don’t Ya’ll Care About Black On Black Murder?”

This is for those folks who ask the question “Why ya’ll don’t care when Black folks kill Black folks all the time?”

Black people are just as hurt and concerned and angry when Black men die from gang violence, driveby shootings and “being caught up” every single day, as we are when white racist representatives of governmental institutions (that are supposed to protect and serve us) and ordinary white racist citizens murder us in cold blood.

Black people are just as hurt and concerned and angry when Black women die from domestic violence – murdered by those who say they love us – AND gang violence AND driveby shootings AND “being caught up” as we are when white racist representatives of governmental institutions (that are supposed to protect and serve us) – like Mitrice Richardson and the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department – and ordinary white racist citizens murder us in cold blood.


1. If you are dependent on the mainstream media to tell you that, you will not see it; they have no stake in that.

2. If you are dependent on Black media, you may not see it there either; they may not have the resources to do it consistently.

3. If you are not in close proximity to Black institutions or Black people – in other words, if you don’t know the folks that know – you are OOL – Out Of Luck.

In answer to your question “Why ya’ll don’t care when Black folks kill Black folks all the time?” I say this: ”How come YOU don’t you care?” It appears that this question ONLY gets raised when Black people vent their RIGHTEOUS indignation and anger over unjustified, racist murders.

If YOU really cared, then you would know about the organizations that exist to stop the senseless, every day murders of Black people by Black people:

1. You would know the names of these organizations

2. You would know when their meetings are

3. You would know where their meetings were

4. You would know the people who are a part of these organizations by name

5. You would know the people who are a part of these organizations by sight

6. You would go to their meetings

7. You would ask them, “What can I do to help ya’ll?”

8. You would ask your Black and mainstream media, “How come ya’ll don’t write/broadcast anything about these organizations on a REGULAR basis?”

9. You would give them much needed money

10. You would give them much needed money.

I live in Los Angeles, California. These are the names I know: Cease Fire, 2nd Call, Unity One, Unity Two, Professional Community Intervention Training Institute, Project Cry No More, Mothers of the Community, Unity in the Community, Peace in the Streets

What city do you live in? Do you know the names? Why not?

That’s what I thought.

If you genuinely and sincerely wanted to know the answer to that question, then I apologize for my tone. If you just like to stir up crap and make a scene because you’d rather the attention be on you, instead of JUSTICE for Trayvon Martin AND ALL THE OTHERS, you are a sick, sad creature.

written by Thandisizwe Chimurenga


Davey D Notes:

I’m glad my sista and fellow journalist/activist, Thandi wrote this piece… It needed to be said, and quite frankly a few folks needed to be called out on this. Folks who are guilty of this; are well-meaning but flawed at best and disingenuous at worse.

I been hit with the question/ assertion all this week and calmly had to point out that I had been to three well attended marches, town hall actions dealing with trauma and drama in our own communities.where were the folks asking?

One of the activities, was a town hall with Too Short focusing on teen violence and misogyny at jam -packed Oakland City Hall.. I posted up the entire video and article so folks could see and experience themselves, Not one person who asserted that Black people don’t care had bothered to pass / share around that video and write up..You can peep the article and video HERE

Nor did they pass around the flyer and article about local rap artists and activist including T-Kash running a marathon this weekend to stop gun violence..Its something he frequently does…You can peep the info HERE

We have cats like Adisa Banjoko and the Hip Hop Chess Federation.. Not only is working w/ T-Kash, but he frequently does events that focus on martial arts, chess and Hip Hop.

He works with youngstas in the Mission district of San Francisco as well as goes to prisons to work with young brothas..His events are always free, well attended and inspiring… He was just up at SF State at our Hip Hop class working with folks and offering up internships for students to help with his efforts.. he also writes quite few columns for News One about what we can and should do to improve our communities.. You can peep him HERE


None who ask where the outcry for Black on Black crime, bothered to join the thousand plus folks who showed up at Allen Temple Church 3 weeks ago to address the issue of human trafficking/ teenage pimping and prostitution. It was put together by author/ activist Reverend Harry Williams who heads up a organization called Street Disciples/ Hood Movement 21 They are out and about every week in the streets trying to turn lives around.. 2 months ago they had a big gathering for community groups to come together and maximize efforts.. Reach him HERE

Almost none of the naysayers got on board to support the efforts of the 44% Coalition , a group of Black, Latina women along with a number of male allies who stepped to both Too Short and XXL Magazine around the issue of sexual assaults on Black and Latina women..

Apparently these folks weren’t up on the Detroit 300 who are patrolling their neighborhoods and coming after those seek to do harm… or 1Hood out of Pittsburgh, PA where they not only patrolled the streets but set up youth media academy with the purpose of changing our image. Many of the videos done by Jasiri-x were put together by youth they work with and now train..You can see one of the projects they did about Pittsburgh HERE

These folks don’t seem to know about the tireless work and documentaries put together by former gang member Silky Slim out of Baton Rouge..This brother keeps himself on the front line of trying to stop the killings and turn people around from a life that he once led. You can peep his organization Stop the Killing Inc HERE


These folks don’t seem to know about United Roots, Urban Peace Movement, Silence the Violence, Love Life Foundation, Youth Speaks, United Playza , Homey, Barrios Unidos, Leadership Excellence the Sista Circle, Homeboy Hotline, Dereca Blackmon’s Gender Walk, Susan Taylor’s National Cares Mentoring Movement or the tireless work graph writers/ organizer like Refa 1 does .. I think it was last weekend he was out putting in work..and is gearing up[ to do a big event in the summer called Aerosoul You can peep his work HERE

Maybe they don’t know about the work of Truth Minista Paul Scott out of North Carolina who frequently writes about ways for us to improve our community and backs it up with action.. You can read his columns HERE You can peep the video of him stepping to a malt liquor company -BLAST who he felt was trying to poison his neighborhood..HERE

Maybe they dont know about artist like Mistah FAB who frequently goes to schools, does keep the Peace rallies, gives away school supplies and tries to give back..You can peep that HERE

He’s one of scores of artists I can name from Rebel Diaz in NY to dead prez to Ise Lyfe to Naughty By Nature, KRS-One, Bambu, Bun B, Kiwi, Metro P, Fly Benzo, Mystic, Mommas Hip Hop Kitchen, NY Oil, Wise Intelligent who are always in their communities working to uplift, heal and end violence.

Maybe they don’t know about the work local artist Jahi does with young men who he takes under his wings.. A couple of months back they did a Guns Down Stop the Violence actions..

There are so many more organizations and people to mention..Forgive me if I overlooked anyone.. because the list is super long, but I think folks get the point.. People are putting in work everyday in our communities, often unsung and highlighted in the media.. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist, nor does it mean work isn’t being done..

I will also add from my own experience, many of those who organize to heal our communities also organize around egregious incidents like Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant or Sean Bell. They do it because life is precious and they step up whether or not its done by a cop or it comes at the hands of each other..They do when the cameras are there and when they are not there..

But hey, as was pointed out in the article, there are many who ask the question ‘where’s the Black community when we kill each other?’ who are simply waiting for BET or CNN to cover it and blow things up-Don’t hold your breath..or even worse, maybe these folks simply can’t help but think the worse when it comes to us.. Like we somehow don’t care…

-Davey D-

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  • immackulate

    I liken it to sibling rivalry … me and my brother stayed at each others necks as kids but let somebody else run up on him and its CURTAINS for that man – we dont cry FOUL on ourselves when we have ourselves to blame … but let one of us fall victim to an outsider and we gonna form together like VOLTRON

  • immackulate

    plus black on black crimes dont transpire from RACISM – its outta thirst, jealousy, envy, etc…

    • the1stschool

      There is such thing as black racism it’s called “Self Hate”. You will be surprised to know there are some of our people who do not like being black they consider it the plague.As far as this generation today the media has destroyed all self worth of who we are,so when you see yourself presented in a negative light you hate who you are which leads to self racism.Look at the whole perspective.I do see some truth in what your saying.

      All respect

  • Dayum! Thandi went so hard…I thought it was Davey D!

    Davey D started off slow , but finished strong with Jasiri X & Truth Minista Paul Scott!

    Banging article , title made me think Truth Minista Paul Scott wrote , mos def a scary topic indeed!

    Good look to AHH for running this!


  • Ice

    just because  this black american look well you say crazy that don’t mean anything now what was your child this goes for every one think about it will you go kill someone over nothing, back to say what i was saying if that was your child  what will you do? and don’t go killing no one.

  • scullyson

    Good ish and Yeah be on some positive. Good read.

  • scullyson

    *Wise be on some positive.

  • the1stschool

    I appreciate this article because hip hop started out as a form of expression for all that was wrong in our streets.To see the many people and organizations that contribute time and effort to heal, I applaud them.I hope today’s generation will wake up and realize it’s more to do than just pimp your ride and waste time in the club.

  • $24076032

    If you live in L.A. then you would recognize that George Zimmerman ain’t white. If you insist on calling him WHITE, then you make sure to call Obama WHITE. His mother was a WHITE woman from Kansas. If Zimmerman is WHITE so is Obama. If Obama is Black, then Zimmerman is Peruvian. The motivation for the Trayvon killing may have been race, but it didn’t come from a white man. You living in L.A. should know the tension between the black and hispanic communities.

    • Q.

      Your comment is a common deflection and smokescreen tactic I’ve seen used countless times on internet forums since the Trayvon Martin murder went national.  
      Here’s the deal:

      A) Zimmerman is a WHITE MAN. He identifies as a white person,  and he moves through U.S. society as a white man. For all intents and purposes, in this American society, he is WHITE.

      B) Historically, everyone knows that when a Black person and white person mix, their offspring are still classified as “Black,” if not “bi-racial” or whatever other twisted definition white-skinned Euros created to delineate themselves from every other group of people. By conventional definition, President Obama is very much a Black man.

      C) “Peruvian” is not a race, it’s a nationality.

      D) “Hispanic/Latino” also does not denote race–it marks lingual and ethnic background, typically Spanish-speaking cultures. Look at a copy of the U.S. Census; there exist Hispanics of EVERY race on Earth. At best, Zimmerman might be classified as a WHITE Hispanic. Again, Zimmerman is WHITE.

      E) L.A. tension between Black and Latin gangs is completely irrelevant to this murder. Neither Martin or Zimmerman were gang-affiliated, and they were in Florida.

      So, what is your point of labeling Zimmerman as Hispanic? Are you a white person who feels some kind vicarious guilt by Zimmerman’s actions that you try so hard to distance him from the “white” race? I’m just asking out of curiosity.

      • $24076032

        Let’s take a look at your response and break it down.

        A.) George Zimmerman is a Spanish speaking minority. You know why? because his father said so. Don’t like it? Too bad. His father trumps any speculation you may come up with. Or simply use your common sense and you will see it would be impossible for him to move through society as a white man.

        B.) Is a person from England and a person from Peru the same? Is this what you are arguing? because you are claiming if those two people have a child THAT child is WHITE. However, if someone from Kenya and someone from the United States have a child, that child is Black. See the flaw in that rationale yet? If Obama is black then Zimmerman is Peruvian. If Obama is white so is Zimmerman.

        C.)  Peruvian is how millions of people from a specific country classify themselves. Regardless of your historical implication of the Three Originall Races.

        D.) You need Zimmerman to be WHITE on any technicality you can find so that it further fuels your VICTIM mentality. You NEED him to be white to further your argument against white culture. I’ve seen it a million times.

        E.) Where in my original post did I imply the racial tension between blacks and latinos is gang related? Are YOU implying that all blacks and latinos in Los Angeles are gang members? Sure seems like it from your post. Can only black and latino gang members in L.A. have race wars, or is it possible they can hate each other anywhere?

        The 3 original classifications of race were Mongoloid, Europid, and Negroid. You can agree we have since reclassified alot of things based on diversity in our communities. Zimmerman may very well have killed Trayvon based on racial hatred. But Zimmerman and I are about as similar as you and I. In this day and age Zimmerman is Hispanic or Latino. 

        Let’s not forget. The most powerful man on the planet is a black man. The playing field is now level. There are no more excuses for anyone anymore. Sorry. If you are not successful, it’s not because of your race anymore. That argument is dead.

        Martin did not deserve his fate. Zimmerman should be in jail on suspicion of murder. No question.

      • $24076032

        P.S. If “Geroge” was spelled ” Jorge ”  and the same picture was shown…..not one word about race would have been mentioned. And you know I’m right.

      • Q.

        If my name was Jackie Chan, I guess you’d assume I’m Chinese. But it’s not. Zimmerman is white. Sorry.

      • $24076032

        I get it. If something bad happens to a black person, any amount of white =’s white. Makes it more dynamic. But If , say a President is Half white. the same amount as Zimmerman..he’s not white. He’s black. Got it.

      •  You are choosing the worse example. If you didn’t know who Obama is, what would you see? A black man, right? That’s clear as water.

      • $24076032

        And when I see Zimmerman I do not see a white man. Guess perception is everything huh?

      • Your perception of Zimmerman is highly debatable.

      • Being Latin or Hispanic is not about skin color it’s about cultural heritage. There are black, brown and white Latinos. Italians and Spaniards are as Latin  as a Peruvian. I know guidos with the same skin color as George Zimmerman and they are consider white, right?

        “B.) Is a person from England and a person from Peru the same? Is this
        what you are arguing? because you are claiming if those two people have a
        child THAT child is WHITE. However, if someone from Kenya and someone
        from the United States have a child, that child is Black. See the flaw
        in that rationale yet? If Obama is black then Zimmerman is Peruvian. If
        Obama is white so is Zimmerman.”

        You are mixing up race and nationality. English, Peruvian, American and Kenyan are not races, they are nationalities.

      • $24076032

         Race, nationality, cultural heritage.  Semantics. We all know what ” A white person killed a black person” means. And it has never, in the United States, meant a light skinned Hispanic killed a black man.. If his name was Jorge Lopez Zimmerman and he looked exactly the same, there would be no outrage of “white on black” crime and we both know it.  The media made everyone jump on the civil rights, white man gets away with murder, bandwagon. This murder may very well be because Zimmerman hated black people, but Zimmerman isn’t white.

      • Not semantics but facts. Just because most Americans are not well informed doesn’t make their erroneous views correct.  Listen, I’m not hating on you and I don’t think you are a racist. I actually agree with some of your points but facts are fact.  Just educate yourself about it and lose those preconceive notions about race.

      • Q.

        I agree with you 100% that Zimmerman needs to be in jail. Other than that…

        a.) It doesn’t matter if Zimmerman speaks CHINESE, that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a white man.

        b.) No. I didn’t claim that at all. As Jon M pointed out, you’re confusing race and nationality–one does not denote the other necessarily. There are white Peruvians, just as there are brown-skinned English people.

        c.) Again, Peru is a nation and “Peruvian” simply indicates that one is a national of Peru, not one’s racial make-up. You seem to have a problem accepting that Hispanics are white too. ..And the “Three Original Races?” I’m not sure where you got that theory from, but it’s just that–a THEORY. Let me ask you–when did the so-called “Europid” (Caucasoid?) and the so-called Negroid originate?

        d.) LOL I’m not a victim at all–I’m looking at the facts. As I stated before, Zimmerman is a white guy who self-identifies as a white American. Ask yourself, where does Zimmerman get the racist mentality that Black males are inherent threats? Non-white Hispanics and Latinos didn’t make that up! On the contrary, I think people like YOU need Zimmerman to be NON-WHITE to alleviate yourself of any inherent or vicarious guilt you might feel as a white American. Why do you feel such a need to distance Zimmerman from his white racial heritage?

        e.) You said Black-Hispanic racial tension in L.A. Last time I checked, most of that was gang-related. Outside of gang life, most of this Black-Hispanic racial tension you’re talking about is non-existent. No need to play games about that. …When’s the last time you saw an old black granny and a Mexican abuelita squaring off in the streets? I rest my case.

        You wrote: “Let’s not forget. The most powerful man on the planet is a black man. The playing field is now level. There are no more excuses for anyone anymore. Sorry. If you are not successful, it’s not because of your race anymore. That argument is dead.”

        You veered off into left field with this comment. What does this have to do with George Zimmerman murdering Trayvon Martin?

        Again, I ask you, why do you feel such a strong need to distance Zimmerman from his WHITE racial heritage?

      • $24076032

        Why is it so important to you for Zimmerman to be WHITE? By your logic everyone on earth that is not black is white. 

        A.) If a Chinese man killed a black man would people scream , “White man kills unarmed black man?”  Answer. Not a chance in hell. That’s ridiculous..

        B.)’ White’  in the United States does not mean light skinned  Hispanic, or light skinned Latino and you know it. You are arguing technicalitites of shades of skin. Go down to East L.A. and start calling people “White boys”  see how that works out

        C.) I said it once and I’ll say it again. If his name was spelled Jorge Luis Zimmerman, a Peruvian man, and posted next to his picture you wouldn’t be screamin how a white man killed a black man.  Latinos kill blacks all the time…and nobody screams,” White on black crime.”

        D). What exactly is a non-white Hispanic now? Two brothers from the same part of Mexico. One is a bit lighter skinned than the other. Is one of them a White man, and the other a non-white Hispanic? How is this measured exactly. Cuz by that logic a Peruvian with darker skin than me is a non-white Latino or Hispanic no?

        E.) Do you really believe the ONLY racial tension on earth between Hispanics and Blacks is gang related? I’m  sure there’s no way anybody other than whites can form the opinion black males are threats right? Only the white man can form that opinion.

        Again, I ask you. If his name was spelled JORGE with the same picture, who would truly be calling him white? Nobody.  

      • Q.

        You wrote: “By your logic everyone on earth that is not black is white.”

        Um, I never said that. I think this race concept is going over your head. So I’ll be as simple as possible: The white Euro concept of race dictates that there’s a pale-skinned, albinistic group of people, then there’s EVERYONE else–that everyone else being different groups of people throughout the world with varying shades of brown skin. White supremacy dictates that the pale-skinned group is inherently superior to everyone else. White Euros classified these groups and their admixtures into so-called races. As we can see, this classification system is FLAWED, isn’t it?

        a.) You’ve missed the point. Language, culture, nationality and race are four different things. Learn the difference between the four.

        b.) Understand that RACISM is based on physical APPEARANCE. Zimmerman’s skin APPEARS to be white, with common European features. He also identifies as WHITE, therefore, he IS WHITE. I didn’t make these “rules”–your ancestors did.

        c.) You can talk “ifs” all day, but I’m talking about what IS. Zimmerman IS a WHITE man. The police who mishandled the investigation are also WHITE men.

        d.) I tried to explain to you what the term “Hispanic” means in my first post. Jon M also tried to help you out. You still don’t get it…which means it’s time for you to  research the term yourself.  It’s pointless to go back and forth with you if you’re not up to speed.

        e.) I believe racial tension exists between ALL races and ethnic groups in the U.S. …How much tension exists between each group? That varies. Historically, the tension between white Euros and Black Africans has been the greatest, for obvious reasons. There’s no side-stepping this reality.

        I’m not going to play tit-for-tat with you if we can’t get to the heart of the matter. It’s not important to me AT ALL for Zimmerman to BE white– he IS white. Even if he was, non-white in appearance, he would still be wrong. Also, you seem to be overlooking the fact that the racial aspect of Trayvon’s murder is not limited to Zimmerman, but extends to the negligence of the very WHITE Sanford Police in handling his death and handling Zimmerman. There casual neglect and breaking of protocol smacks of corruption and racism. Also, the Sanford PD has a HISTORY of controversial racial incidents which have resulted in police dismissals and firings. Look these incidents up. Like Jon M said…Educate yourself.

        Now, I’ve addressed your questions. But you’re still dodging my ONE. So, I’ll ask you for the third time: Why do you want so bad for Zimmerman NOT to be white?

      • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Probably since it means so much to you that you keep capitalizing WHITE everytime you say it.

      • Q.

        YOU MAD?

      • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        No I’m white, I’m never mad!

      • Q.

        Right. Just insecure.

      • scullyson


      • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

         Nah, I’m cool. Thanks for the concern though!

      • $24076032

        I will accept that Zimmerman is white to you, and people darker than him. To me and millions of others he is much much darker than us, and has the features of a ‘non-white’ as you put it.  So, I guess perception is everything huh? To me and many others his APPEARANCE as you put it is not white. Many whites have white guilt. I do not. I do not take any responsibility for anything that happened in the past. I do not take responsibility for the actions of others. However, no matter what happens in this country I am expected to cower and pay for the sins of the past. You seem very educated, and I can appreciate that. But take it from a white man, it’s important for Zimmerman not to be white, because he isn’t white to me. Call it race, nationality, culture, etc. Doesn’t matter. I don’t see him as white and neither do millions of others.

      • Q.

        Fair enough. If you want to ignore facts and history…that’s your choice. But do understand that the EDUCATED population won’t be giving you passes when you spout your incorrect opinions in public.

         Like you said, perception is everything. And as  you’ve illustrated so well here, racism itself is a contradiction.

        Have a good one.

      • $24076032

        Stop living in the past and using it as a crutch. It’s called history because it’s over with.  I don’t need a pass because I haven’t done anything wrong other than disagree with your desire to make everything about race. A man who is lighter than you and darker than me, killed another man darker than me. So it has to be about race. That argument is played out. Stop with the race card already.

      • Q.

        This is the textbook go-to argument of a closet racist. Instead of accepting the reality that white racism exists and occurs everyday, you project your own racial insecurities and shortcomings on the next group: Blame “the Blacks,” blame the “Hispanics”… You display the casual arrogance/ignorance of a person spoiled by White Privilege. You have a lot of nerve coming on a Hip-Hop site instructing Black people to “get over” racism. NO. As long as innocent lives are being snuffed out and thrown away at the hands of lunatic scumbags like Zimmerman and corrupt cops like the Sanford PD, we’re not getting over a god*amn thing.

        You fail to realize that your ENTIRE identity in this society is based off your juxtaposition to other races. Without the stolen labors of the African, the Native American, and even the Asian, the caucasian would have no world to sit atop, and would fall back to the bottom rung of the human family. Your people created the “race card,” so if you don’t like it being played, STOP dealing it, and start holding the mirror up to the flaws of your own culture. I’m done.

      • $24076032

        The truth hit home a little too bit? You are the racist here. You make everything about race. No matter what happens, you are angry about the past, and you hate whites. It’s clear, and that’s your right. But don’t delude yourself, you are the insecure one. Jumping at any chance you can to scream racism. You hold the predjudice card here.White society does not scream racism every time a black person does something to a white person. But in your world, every single time a black man is wronged by a white, YOU personally will scream racist. it’s your go-to word to make whites feel fear and shame. You were as much a slave as I was.YOU are divisive in nature.  Hate whites, man, but at least own up to it.  Your anger will consume you. 

      • Brian Sink

        your completely wrong.
        u actually sound pretty raciest.
        and u capatalizse WHITE everytime.thats really telling me something.
        and yes im a BLACK male.
        and drob2332 is so right. hes not white, hes hispanic.
        u obviously have never really known any WHITE people and that is very obvious.

      • Q.

        Hi troll.

        1) You’re late.

        2) Learn to spell “racist” before you try to check somebody.

        3) Read a book. Hispanic isn’t a race.

        The nerve of you DUMMIES. LOL

      • wataki2

         I just read your Post and u are my new Hero. Please make Youtube videos or something.

    • wataki2


  • shawhill

    probably just googled those names bet you didnt know those organizations off the back. All we need to do is respect god creations and everything will be allright

    • Sam Samson

      Yes, that’s “all we need to do”. But is that going to happen? No. Are you able to make people do that? No. The way you and others oversimplify this is sometimes as detrimental to those who genuinely have negative intentions.

  • laurie2326

    Mitrice Richarson is my Niece…I have been experiencing very mixed feelings towards many  that have jumped on the Trayvon tragedy, not that it is not important, but in the case of Mitrice we had a hardtime getting 15k signatures, and people involved to share the outrage in what happened to Mitrice at the hands of the Sheriffs dept. She was treated with disregard in life and death and it saddens me that as hard as we have tried we could not gather our community Nationally to protest the unjust practices that go on in an organization that is in power to do whatever they please……Not only do the police agencies not care …but to me, our community as a whole seems to not care.

  • Too often the people putting in the most work get overlooked.  This is a great post and you both deserve big ups for giving respect for those who are standing up and for calling out for others to step up.

  • I don’t really know of any organizations in my area, but I gotta be honest. I’ve wrestled with this myself.
    my response is mixed, at the moment.  You talk about black on black crime…yet most of the artists you promote or report on have a hand in that.  Whether directly or in-directly…WE ALL KNOW they have a hand in that.  From the stories of struggle to the glorification of the glamorous life through whatever gains (shown on videos)…it’s all there.  What these kids are hopping on today about, they see on the screen perpetrated by some f the same clown you guys report on…that means the SOURCE, XXL, and so on…
    that’s why I spit when people say stop the violence and then do dumb shit like listen to some rapper boast his “kill rate”.
    My point is stop the contradiction…don’t talk about it…really BE about it..

  • Guest


  • on point

  • whoever wrote this knows its some bullshit. black/brown men kill each other everyday and rarely do we march or get on tv and cry in justice. i lived in dayton oh for nearly 6yrs and per capita we have one of the highest murder rates in the country and the only big march the city had was when a young black man broke from a cop car and jumped off a bridge and people tried saying the police killed him. but on clear color on color violence marches rarely happened. not widespread newsbreaking ones anyway. you might get vigils at a street corner or a church memorial and thats it. but that one case i mentioed got national attention and was even feature don worldstar hip hop. too me all this care about the tayvon situation is fake love by the majority of people doing it because this many people dont do anything in their own communities when violence happens

    •  shut up bitch

      • Brian Sink

        wow. what a great comment.
        ur a complete fool.

  • DrPrepper

    Another point to consider too is when a black kills another black he is arrested when he is found. Not so in the Zimmerman case. That is why there is a national disquiet and outrage. Here you have a boy murdered with the shooter right there, admitting to it and yet no arrest! On top of that you have a police department collusion and cover-up and leaks of information to the press in an effort to tarnish the image of the dead victim. You have none of that in black on black cases so those are apples and oranges and whites constantly ask that question (Why no outrage when we kill each other) when they want to digress the conversation about the role racism plays in the whole scheme of things. A conversation they are incapable of having. Lastly, in most spanish speaking countries to our south, the darker, native nationals are the worst treated, living under the most abject, deplorable conditions. So, most lighter skinned, white hispanics feel they are superior to their darker brothers. It’s just fact. In India, In Arabia, The world over. Justice for Trayvon. Hoodies up, racism down! LeGGGOOO!

  • feeliama

    Davey D only mentions people he is promoting although it is positive. He always is on the sly promoting HIS special interest. People notice that about Davey D. He means well but he is not in support of people outside of HIS world. There are a lot of other organizations doing way more to fight against this, he just does not see them. I read his list of female artist he suggested  before and they all sucked. He appearantlly was trying to help friends. Basically, he is not credible, but the point of the story is.

  • feeliama

    Mistah Fab is working with the white girls who are racist LOL

  • Celz

    In short.. Because in Black on Black violence the guilty party is punished.. 

    • dominicancoke

      you’re right

  • The black community wont march, mobilize and protest as they are when any other color skin kills a brother or sister. In short, it’s not as important otherwise they would.

  • Am I the only one noticing the media is trying desperately to make this a black vs white thing? This is much bigger than it seems, or at least I think it is. 
    This is the rich once again trying to turn everyone against each other so that we forget how their shitting on us and taking everything away in this “economy” aka robbery. Thats my 2 cents.

  • dominicancoke

    ok though i read the comments where  folks said when blacks kill each other they are punished arrested ect is true i can see where the trayvon martin case took a left turn they questioned zimmerman and let him go.but if zimmerman was black and they let him go(which i hardly doubt they would of) would people march would this even be a national tragedy? just asking

    • xdc845

      thats a good question in a certain sense I would hope they would rally and be angry, but on the other hand ppl might feel oh dude must have been justified for killing him (i.e. drug related, crime related) and not feel so heavy to protest against it, the media practically portrays all black on black crime as drug related or crime related and ppl usually think oh they shouldn’t have been living that life and move on not really caring that a human life was taken. Its sad that it doesn’t apply to everything but that seems to be what life has come to these days. And I agree with @hance the media certainly has a lot to answer for with all the bullshit they are drumming up from this case esp Faux news

    • Sam Samson

       It probably would have seeing as it was a teenager that was killed. This case is also about the fact that Zimmerman didn’t follow orders from the police not to apprehend Trayvon and this led to a teenager dieing. So this in of itself would still spark outrage, as people see how faulty the “stand your ground” law can be and its messed up implications.

  • Kimberly Griffin

    Black on Black crimes is proceeded by the white with prejudice because they can’t take us out so why not sit back and let us take our own selves out 1 by 1 til in the end the white man wins. It’s crazy cause there is no one that’s putting two and two together and make a change for our hoods, our community and as the black and beautiful people that we are. The more the violence is struck the more cemetaries needed the more jail, prison places full with our own kind.

    • Brendget Jones

      you talk about the ‘white man’ like its the entire caucasian race isnt that being umm a tad racist?

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  • So how can I reach Davey D nowadays?  He used to have a dope a$$ website, what happened with that??  And Im sorry, but dont mistake activity for achievement… black on black crime is a fact, if you’re black and you’re murdered there is a 90% chance that it was by another black man (Even Tupac said it, “Its not them thats killing us, its us thats killing us)

  • Shae

    There may be groups who attempt to stop the violence in black neighborhoods but the facts are THEY ARE VERY WEAK !!!. Yes Black people may get mad at black vs black crimeS but we become OUTRAGED when a black man is killed by a white man. See…. that’s when you’ll see the piss poor black leaders like Sharpton, Dyson, Smiley arise. We are strong as a people….. So what we need is some REAL solutions to stopping the violence in black communities. If we truly cared about these problems, the masses, not the exceptionS of black people would raise up and put and end to this nonsense !!! THE GREATEST THREAT TO BLACK PEOPLE IS BLACK PEOPLE.