Lil Wayne in Trukfit

DJ Khaled Ft. Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne “Take It To The Head”

[ahh_audio src=/3-27-12/DJKhaledftChrisBrownRickRossNickiMinajLilWayne-TakeItToTheHead.mp3]

  • teflondongcmg

    rick ross verse is da best

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       that wasnt hard to achieve

      • trflow72

        its just like baseball your not gonna hit every ball, so everything is not gonna pop,but at the end of the day they getting it!!! YMCMB!!!!!!!!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

         cant dissagree with that one …. def heard jayz say that alot too i def agree ……

  • Lil’ Wayne fell off badly!

    •  He was never on, All his ghostwriters are keeping their material/selling it to other people so he has to try to come up with his own stuff and as we can see its an #epicfail

      • I was telling my peeps the same thing! Curren$y, Gillie the Kid just to name a few was writing for him. They don’t believe me though. Lyrically Carter IV was his weakest. I agree #epicfail.

  • So Dj Khaled is on the bill for what reason? Just to scream out his own name-Rappers are really over-rated.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       cause its a dj khaled song 😉 he anr’d the track on he can get all these folks on one wack as track lol 😉

  • lil wayne mess the song up. now it sucks

  • rep87

    Dj Khaled needs to Shut Up he is way past his 15min not a bad song and Lil Wayne got some garbage azz rap on here should have left him off to

  • illymac

    not really feeling this..
    but seriously,
    how many songs does Rozay have
    to merk Wayne on
    for yall start giving him credit??

    •  They wont give Rozay credit because of the CO stuff, but to me it don’t matter because half of the rappers fraudulent anyway, Lil Wayne and his stans think he the best to ever do it so no matter how week his verses are they always gonna think it is great.

  • Smash hit

  • Yall need to cut that shit out like the only reason this song is even relevant isnt because of Wayne. Knock it off with the hate on #TheBestInTheGame…