Hip-Hop Rumors: Iggy Azalea and A$AP Rocky Get Matching Tattoos!

It’s pretty much common knowledge now that T.I.’s newest protege, Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea, is dating Harlem newcomer A$AP Rocky. Well, the rapstress revealed in a recent interview that she and A$AP have taken their relationship to the next level and have gotten matching tattoos!

Iggy’s tattoo is of A$AP Rocky’s mixtape title on her fingers on her left hand, and on her right hand, she has the title of her upcoming album. Below is a photo of Iggy’s tatts:

Iggy implies that A$AP has gotten the same tattoos on another part of his body. Peep what she said about it below:

“I don’t know how to put it. It’s like… I… I don’t know… I love him and that’s all there is to it. We have our own thing going on and I’m not the only one that [got the tattoos]. I’ll tell you that. [Laughs] I’m just the only one with it on my fingers”

Iggy is making headlines today for dropping the first single off of her upcoming debut album, The New Classic, entitled “Murda Bizness”. Take a listen below:

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  1. ladynamor

    OK this is disturbing…Why do they keep getting these black dudes to serve as her validation? Does she have to have a black guy co-sign in order to get away with trying to imitate a black girl from Atlanta? Then they got a pic of the A SAPP dude looking like the typical black clown with all that alloy in his mouth, and noone wears that shit anymore. This is almost insulting to black hip hop fans. Are we this stupid? (Waiting on the white guy posing as a black guy who claims to love her music) SMH

    • Negro Peligro

      Come on man. Every white dude in hiphop got black dudes around them.  At least she rapping and not like RnBing it.

  2. Black Exodus

    Ladynamor…you’re right. Don’t know if it’s true or publicity stunt. You have to understand “WE” influence the world with our, talk, walk, life, swag and SOUL. Seems like Iggy swallowed a American Urban Black Chick with spit game and became that. She imitates what she’s seen very well but don’t play us. Be real with this…or don’t do it all. If you love Black Men…rep that to the fullest… and respect, not as a stepping stone to be accepted by the black community. Only time will tell if she’s the truth or a fraud….and ASAP should know better.

    Black Exodus “Diamonds” youtube 

  3. anemia716

    Why are people hatin on this girl.  If you don’t like her music then don’t listen to her.  It’s that simple.  I’ve only heard a tiny bit of her music, but what I have heard I didn’t like.  But I’m not going to take the time out of my life to throw salt at someone.  Some of ya’ll, Ladynamor for example need to find better things to do with your time.  Hatred will get you nowhere.  If dude wants to wear metal in his mouth, then so what?  How does that personally effect you?

    • AlbertoRipRon

      Oh shut up with the regurgitated statements.  Talking about someone need to find some better usage for their time, but you commenting.  How stupid you sound?  This is all wack…but you wouldn’t know because you listen to rap pop and your favorite rapper is eminem.  You weren’t there in the beginning rocking this, you were listening to Dead Kennedys or some Foo Fighters.  Take that crap back up main street…

      • anemia716

        If your reading comprehension skills were up to par maybe you would have understood what I said.  People need to find better things to do THAN hate on rappers in the comment section. Who are you? Get a life.  Real Talk.  Funny how people assume to know what music people listen to; shows maturity.

        YOU need to find better things to do than picking fights with random people on the web.  Oh and trust me, I don’t think anyone sounds anymore stupid than you do right now.

      • Weedras

        pow!!! yup alotta cats can read but they can’ comprehend for real.. thats why a lot of em read a rumor and think its that truth lol!!

      • AlbertoRipRon

        You right, alotta cats can read but they can comprehend for real. Talking about reading comprehension and you don’t even know how to put a full sensible sentence together. And who in the hell can’t understand that basic comment that amnesia or whatever it calls itself, posted on this page? Man how does it feel to be a cornball?

      • AlbertoRipRon

        Reading comprehension? Smh…the world is full of idiots. What is there to comprehend? You basically were saying if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it all. I understood what you said so what are you and that cornball Weedras talking about? Is there some secret alternative meaning to what has already been implied pretty precisely in your statement? Problem is, you just got easily offended by my words so your dumb self responded with the normal internet stupidity. “If your reading comprehension skills…” You had to be talking about yourself. Stupid girl…next time grab a kleenex and cry in that. It would have done you well instead answering with a response so stupid…

      • anemia716

         Take a nap.  It’s been 3 days and you’re still acting skiddish?  Prioritize. Name calling on the net?  Come on man, what are you a teenager?  Pathetic

  4. Negro Peligro

    I co-sign Iggy Azalea all day everyday.  WHY SHE RAPS. She ain’t on no MGK with it either. Which i AIN’T dissing MGK. But really you can blame the business. Their’s no lane for a THUG black man in 2012.  Its been done. A MILLION times. No disrespect she might sound like a wannabe. That’s why she’s bubbling because she got a nice flow, she got a booty some days, and she raw.  So that’s why all these white dudes is getting contracts. Really MGK ain’t that tight. Like he need to go do a track with Lil Whyte from 3-6 and call it a night.  

  5. JOEL

    she is pop not HIP HOP,  HIP HOP is being something you are and live, she is a girl from australia rapping with a fake southern accent and even seen some of her videos one where she is acting like she is hanging in the hood just sitting on the porch with nothing but black people around her and all the black guys with big letters DRUGS on there shirts, she is a gimmick and just mimmicks what she thinks rap is suppose to be,,, any one who calls them self a rapper, first you should know who KOOL HERC is if you dont dont say you do HOP HOP and just stick to singing like drake cause your POP,,,

  6. jamaicanbornanbreed

    out of the influx of whites getting deals in the rap game and there has been so much and to me there all whack…expecially the steve-o clone white boy…but iggy got a nice flow…i ain’t say lyrics or da assumtion one might get of the hip-hop world expecially thoes dat know nothing about it but i’m talking flow…shorty rides the riddim better than many out there white and black…all though i didn’t dig the slave remark a few weeks….i dnt knw why but i digg the ausie chick…her and rock though dats some weird shit…i wait to hear more of shorty music before a nigga really goes in

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        your whack for thinking mgk is decent….did i say shorty was god gifts to white rap…no….i didn’t even comment about word play i said i like shorty style…i knw hip-hop much better than ur bitch ass so if u wanna really wanna politic about hip-hop then lets get it….fuk u got erkel…..bet u a white boy

  7. jamaicanbornanbreed

    yo i just heard shorty catalog….and shorty is dope…i dnt knw whut ya’ll talking bout but i think shorty is da the dopest white rapper out rite now besides shady(who is da best white rapper i ever heard…key word is white)she is better than kreyshawn ass…and iller than mgk or mac miller or any one of these white rappers coming out the woodwork(in a wave of millions)i also saw that pu$$y track…and dat shit was crazy nice…..could be cuz i’m a 28 yr old horny bastard dat thinks of pu$$y every five seconds so i wnt say how much i thought dat shit was ill…u can tell iggy knw whut she doing unlike kreyshawn…i like iggy….i think da sky’s da limit…not really cuz her talent level which i think she easyily surpass slores like manaj & lil mama….but cuz she is attractive and white with a negro appeal…i like to call it da elvis factor and history has shown before dat this is a recipe for success and millions…..point blank period snow bunny is dope         

    p.s. i saw this other white chick on youtube spit a nice 15 when i peeped the pu$$y video..i dnt knw who this white chick is but she went in for like 2 minutes..she’s wearing a white shirt and fitted with a black dude beating a table for the beat on the side of a street…check dat shit out… listen for the white chick with the lisp

  8. Schuy Okraj

    I stay bumping my Yo Gotti, but this girl caught my attention! She doin what she doin, even if it’s fake, it’ll sell for a hot sec… Only the real survive, so I can only say time will tell… But they say live for the moment, and she’s doing it…

  9. mike malarkey

    shorty is aight…. i just dont care for this asap rocky nigga hes garbage. nor do i care how they love each other

  10. feeliama

    Where does it all end? The new hit movie “ROOTS”in 3D Starring Justin Timberlake as Toby, the black slave who refused to call himself Toby.

  11. feeliama

    At least Eminem didnt try to act black. He did songs about his life. What are these labels doing, conducting an experiment or something? Just think about what they are selling. A girl who is more pale than the Twilight people in the ghetto from Australia with a wierd “black” accent dating a southern style homo from Harlem. Just doesnt feel right.

  12. timwest1000

    LMAO, Tip know he took MamasGunz style and taught it to this broad. You wrong for that Tip. Still mad cuz she dissed you!  A.T.L stand up!!!!!

    • feeliama

      True dat! I find it amazing how these labels imitate her. Shen been killing underground in Atlanta for years. Heard her in college when I was at Spelman, thats that bitch!

  13. cagedbeauty07

    Meh, maybe 13 years ago I woul’ve been dancing..now I’m shaking my head at the same monkey see monkey do lyrics. Who gives a damn about how fly YOU think you are? Why are you concerning yourself with the amount of money another women has? It’s weak, tired and boring. As a Gemini I need so much more stimulation…….NEXT! 

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