Lil' Wayne and Fiance

Hip-Hop Rumors: It “Sux” to Be Lil’ Wayne Sometimes

Even though Lil’ Wayne is living his childhood dream of being an entertainer, has millions of dollars in his bank account, and millions of fans that love him, there are times when he feels that “it sux” to be him. The YMCMB leader recently tweeted several depressing tweets including, “It hurts to be me.

”Sometimes it’s extremely hard to be me. This is one of those times.” He also tweeted, “Again….it sux to be me sometimes.”

The reason we hear Lil’ Wayne is feeling blue is because a groupie from North Carolina is claiming that she recently slept with him at a recording studio in Raleigh, North Carolina, and his girlfriend/rumored fiancée found out about it and is very upset. Could this mark the end of his relationship with his rumored fiancée?

  • water_ur_seeds

    keep it in your pants then you wasteman… boo hoo heart bleeds for him… only thing sucks is his music and birdman on his ting…

  • johnblacksad

    2 or 3 carats will shut the bish up…

    How did Drake react when he found out about this? Not too happy i guess…

  • WillVetterGoodin

    suck it up and go make out with baby, thatll make you feel better bitch.

    • Haha!  Hahaha!  A new joke!  So original!  /s

  • gaaay..

  • A lot of these articles make you feel really dumb.

  • There’s millions of fish in the sea when your bank account has that many commas!!!!

  • The_REAL_realtalk

    It will either be the end or she’ll wife him up (LOL) and stay long enough to repay him by getting pregnant, or dropping him, then going after that Nas money.

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  • dayleedumped

    lol this nigga actin like drake right now. ‘shit got me so sensitiveee…’

  • Thoughtsareus

    I think he should have stayed with Toya on the settling down tip. The most down chicks are the one’s from BEFORE your fame,not after. All these broads just wannna say there with lil wayne and what he can buy them. It’s gonna be hard for him to find something real when you got groupie’s lying on you and even when there not lying,your main chick think it’s true.

  • If she gonna beef over him getting some guts , he’s better off single.

  • rep87

    Wayne been sniffing and sipping to much of grape syrup in that cup the girl is butt ugly gotta be slurpping him up to hang out this long ,before long she will be back to the trailor trash

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    it sux to be him right..hhmmm…lets see how much it would sux if he wasan’t rich and famous and would have to get bitches of his merit and awful looks….better be glad for the fame and riches or wayne would be the 30 year old virgin….same go’s for jigga and dat chipmunk looking kanye

  • $18916246

    Wayne sells that side of life in his lyrics…now his life is imitating his art. Deal with that bruh, If this broad loves him she’s not going anywhere.

  • D_Ably

    Course it sux to be Wayne, you not seen him before? lol

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    man gtfoh i thought he was really going thru some life ish smh 😉 yeah it sux that i fucked a girl in nc and the girl i committed too found out about it .. i guess she thought i was different from the other celebrities .. side note shout out to my baby mommas they all got reality shows so i aint got know drama lol 😉

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  • real OG

    i think he just meant to say his music sux, if his life sux then he should give all his money to the poor and blast himself stop waste time

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