Lil' Wayne and Fiance

Hip-Hop Rumors: It “Sux” to Be Lil’ Wayne Sometimes

Even though Lil’ Wayne is living his childhood dream of being an entertainer, has millions of dollars in his bank account, and millions of fans that love him, there are times when he feels that “it sux” to be him. The YMCMB leader recently tweeted several depressing tweets including, “It hurts to be me.

”Sometimes it’s extremely hard to be me. This is one of those times.” He also tweeted, “Again….it sux to be me sometimes.”

The reason we hear Lil’ Wayne is feeling blue is because a groupie from North Carolina is claiming that she recently slept with him at a recording studio in Raleigh, North Carolina, and his girlfriend/rumored fiancée found out about it and is very upset. Could this mark the end of his relationship with his rumored fiancée?

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  • Hip-Hop Rumors: It “Sux” to Be Lil’ Wayne Sometimes

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