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Hip-Hop Rumors: Drake Shows Off His Best Lil’ Wayne Impersonation

According to Drake, one of his many talents is impersonations. While in London on his “Club Paradise Tour,” Drake sat down with Tim Westwood and showcased his best Lil’ Wayne impersonation. In the interview, Drake explained the fundamentals to capturing a good Weezy impersonation: “You always have to get how he goes from happy to serious within like .5 seconds.”

Drake answered a few interview questions as Weezy, and discussed sports as well as Wayne’s clothing line Trukfit in the mock interview. “That’s my brother. I do it all in good fun,” he said. “That’s my idol, so I know everything.”

Check out Drake impersonating Wayne below. Do you think he did a good job?

  • therealest1

    Dumb Jew shit.

    • Kanye West

      Well fuckin said


  • YL

    This isnt even a rumor. Bring back ILLSEED!!!!!!!

  • johnblacksad

    that was funny alright… i’ll let Drake catch a break this time…

    *runnin out of room before the discussion on whether this is borderline gay or not* 

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    not a rumor.  now this would be a rumor  “is drake’s impersonation of wayne the proof people have been looking for to prove that aubrey is weezy’s ghostwriter?”  and then you would, idk, investigate more and bring in other supposed clues.  Idk, thats just me.  I’m not a journalist or anything.  Keep doing your thing.  I bet its hard to find time to count your paper when you spend all your time investigating rumors. #firesydneylace

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    1st of all drake sounds like wayne so actually weezy is drake’s ghostwriter….drake whole rapping style is an copy of wayne and we all know wayne copied gillie style dats why dis south nigga got a philly flow(weird huh)…come to think of it tyga and manaj raps like weezy…and they all rap like gillie…confusing?…to me no….dis shows jus how originality is a non-factor in rap today…drake is garbage and jus a pretty boy fad….dis shit is played out i bet the editor is a female dat is in love with dis prick…..stop writing bout this faggot please

    • he sounded like gillie on i and ii, and he changed it up a bit for iii, and after iii came out that is when drake popped up.  either way, we can agree that weezy has definitely had ghostwriters.

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        we can agree to disagree wayne still sounds like gillie….bak before da carter dayz when wayne was on his wobble wobble shit and bling bling baby had gillie on cash money as a ghostwriter…i give wayne props for mastering gillie’s style better than gillie himself….and basically made it his style…shit when i tell ppl dat wayne took gillie style nobody believes me….however i knw he still sound like gillie..cuz his whole click does…even the swagger as well as da lean….there whole style is philly….damn shame gillie gave birth to a bunch of millionaire’s rap styles

    • exactly what i tell people. good to know there are others out there that recognize it too! good shit homie

  • rep87

    another wack article

  • churchboy2

    Agreed; this is not a rumor.

    On another note, Tim Westwood is so awkward but he stays getting the exclusives and great freestyles on his radio show.

    His YouTube channel is bananas, some of the best unheard-of-in-North-America freestyles by major artists are on Westwood’s channel – especially his Eminem joints.

    Marshall goes in for several minutes at a time.

    Peep game.

  • They already sound alike. I used to couldn’t tell the different at 1st…

    • hell yeah i thought drake was wayne until i hear someone say that aint wayne nigga

  • Johnny Sanchez

    I knew it was Sydney Lame article just by reading the title.

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