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Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Lil’ B Making A Huge Announcement About His Sexuality?

Rapper Lil’ B made headline’s last June when he named his album “I’m Gay”.  The rapper explained the album title by saying the following below:

“I’m not literally a homosexual, but I’m happy…I did it to also embrace the homosexual community also, but some motherFawkers was like, I copped out, ‘Ah B, you should’ve stuck with the ‘I’m Gay’ title.’ I’m not totally gay, but I am gay. Salute.”

Well, we hear that the self proclaimed “princess” has allegedly had a change of heart and will be making an “earth shattering” announcement in two weeks that will speak to his true sexuality. The reported announcement will be made at a special discussion at NYU taking place in two weeks, where Lil’ B will allegedly be coming out of the closet as a bisexual man.

Lil’ B just released a new single entitled “Ima Eat Her A$$”. Check out his “swag” in the video below. Enough said.


    HaHaHaHa!!!!! Nothing like the morning funnies! 

    • immackulate

      niggah you know you be sucking farts out they azzez LLAMF

  • Oh damm, damm, damm

  • johnblacksad

    oh, so now he ain’t gay, he just bisexual? F.O.H.W.T.B.S.

    • There’s no such thing as a bi-sexual man. The nerve of these people. If you sleep with dudes, and call your album “Im Gay”, it means you’re gay, nuff said. Anyone that knows a friend, or family member who claims to be ‘Bisexual’ is a moron. Dudes that sleep with dudes, are gay. Just cause you substitute back and fourth dont mean you’re bi. Lil B, its time you come out the closet, I don’t really know your music or really care, but if the picture above reflects who you are, those tats and piercings aint foolin nobody bruh. You look sweeter than a cup-cake

      • Nutsinyomouf

         The only reason you have a problem with it is because of our society we live in. If society saw it different you would not make stupid comments like that. Is it a trend?  Yes and many kids are participating in it not knowing or having the knowledge and experience to know what these feelings mean. Some people are born that way, some people embrace later in life, others are confused because it is hip to be gay. If someone is bisexual it is their right to do what they want long as it doesn’t hurt others. By your standards every minority that has been in jail is gay because most of them participate in gay acts then front when they get out back into society.  People are a product of their environment and being gay is no different.

      • First off, I think you got it all wrong my dude. I dont have a problem with gays or lesbians. I have a problem with those who claim to be something theyre not, such as people saying Gay men can be bi-sexual. All im saying is, there’s no such thing. You’re either gay, or straight. I thought my comment was right on point. You most likely have someone who claims that very statement to be bi-sexual. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you put your own nuts in your own mouf. Nobody is born gay… are you kidding me? There’s no genetic discovery that says people get their gayness from our parents. Come on, think about it. Now thats stupid. 

        Youll argue my point by saying, why would someone choose that life? Well lets see…. its whatever makes you feel comfortable as a person, is what you’re going to do. I dont know the current trend of it being “HIP” to be gay. There’s nothing hip about being gay, or being straight, its a choice, but theres not in between. You can’t sleep with dudes and two days later sleep with a woman and say, im BI…. that shit sounds stupid, and its a paradox. Google it, im sure your vocab aint up to par. 

        If you’re in jail and you become interested in men, then yes, you’re gay. What excuses do the straight men have that are in the same prison as some of these gay man, to stay straight? Exactly. Its a choice you make. You’re not forced into anything. Its not like they got a gun to your head saying, choose gay or straight or we’ll kill you. Product of your environment is a cop out. You don’t have to follow the trend of your environemtn because you’re ‘forced’ to be a certain way. I dont know which cave or rock you live in, but the society I live in doesn’t force people to be gay. 

        Bottom line is, Lil B is a gay, and there’s nothing to it. There’s no in betwee. 

      • naw it IS a such thing as BISEXUAL despite what YOU think. my ex g/f was BI. ain’t no either u this or that. that’s YOUR world,not every1 elses. gay and bisexual are NOT THE SAME. gay girls hate dick,gay guys hate pussy,bi ppl LIKE BOTH. bisexual is not a new term. it was around b4 u were born and will be around when ur dead and gone. stop being so closed minded and think everyone has to think like u do. that’s that Republican bullshit mindstate. no disrespect.

      • johnblacksad

        OK ya’ll… since he’s BI and sleeps with both men and women… let’s say that he’s gay and bisexual

        hmmm… still gay if you ask me

      • yea Lil B. is gay. lmao. im no homophobe;bi ppl r cool w/me;esp my ex g/f’s; they bring other chix home! ha!

    • >>EDOGZ818 Side Note :

      F.O.H.W.T.B.S. = Fugg Outta Here With That Bool Chet

  • Mugshot_McGruff

    This nigga need to go slam his head in a door

  • daveofthematthews

    Wow…. Errrrr (Almost lost for words) Where is Game and his full tank of propane when you need him? if the video above is ever excepted as being good music or even worse if this monstrosity is supposed to represent the future of the music we love in any way shape or form I don’t want any part of it. I kinda feel AHH should be ashamed of themselves for giving this talentless person any coverage or publicity at all. I mean Seriously it undermines all the talented people we do have in this genre of music and i have a question would any of you want your kids thinking this shit was cool?. On the upside though watching Lil B does make me realize that in general i am actually kinda normal!  

  • digitallife

    Will it be followed by a similar conference by Kanye? Erick Sermon? And a few other emcees?

    • mike4282

      Don’t know about Eric, but  Kanye wouldn’t surprise me. As long as he’s cool with it I don’t really care.

  • So, Lil’ B’s supposed ground-breaking album sells less copies than the enrollment at your local community college, his rap career is d@mn-near over with, and now(according to S. Lace) he’s supposedly making a huge announcement regarding his sexuality? Smells like another publicity stunt to me.

  • AG_DopeboiEnt

    I just don’t understand… People really listen to that garbage????  Not even music.

    • mike4282

      If your as old as me than you should know this music is really not meant for us? I grew up on the early 90’s music. Now I understand his positive message on being happy—i think but everything else……..


        We had fools that had bars and rhyme schemes … its singing n techno

      • AG_DopeboiEnt

        I’m sayin.  Wayne was hot.  Got wit Drake.  And lost his mind.  Guess I’ll have to deal with Rick Ross repeating his raps 2 and 3 times like Waka Flocka

      • AG_DopeboiEnt

        I’ve given different songs of his opportunites but it just aint workin for me.  It makes no sense lol.  I down with a positive message but his raps……smh. 

  • AG_DopeboiEnt

    BasedGod????? Naw.  Base Head

    • shieky24

      thats funny as hell LMAO!

  • dominicancoke

    this is why desteny took rappers like pac and big and big pun off this earth because if these dude’s were alive to see the gay shit rappers now a days do some body would of been shot got drake a female rapper who sings all day jumps around on stage like hes a ballerina 
    you got female rappers like lil wayne who wear tight leggings kisses a dude who ain’t his daddy in the mouth(not that kissing your real father is any better) sings about lolly pop’s and skates. you got gucci mane a rapper with a 2nd grade education(grade which he failed 3 times before being skipped to the 3rd grade)has simplistic rhymes that your little brother can have rick ross a rapper who was a former correctional officer and denied it.and raps about the following things in every song mayback’s  keys bitches fried chicken sauce turkey neck apple pies diamonds cheese fries chopper’s whopper’s seizures gucci have lil b who title his album i’m gay(oh yeah and he can’t rap for shit)wacka flocka another special ed rapper who shouts the same garbage again and again BRICK SQUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!    and dont make me leave t.i out like i loved t.i’s music but c’mon son nigga made a crime stoppers comercial and hes a g?nigga got caught with an arsenal and did 11 months? c’mon b

  • Who thought this size XXsmedium wearing , sugar in the tank having , bannana in the tail pipe Mo’Fo was str8?

  • gerald bransol

    you gotta be joking right? gay or not gay nigga is garbage what is this flow swag swag eating ass lol dude is funny where he live in san fran or miami?

  • xdc845

    that song is just beyond terrible, I think calling it terrible would be way too nice

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  • suge380

    The niggaz a fruit float period. This cat got a tongue tatted on his neck. Rofl, what str8 dude do that. But really, who gives a fcuk. The Cat is trash, so he needed a gimmick, the title didn’t work, so now he going all out, so he can get the Gay dollaz. Smh, sad that hip hop has turned to nothing more than gimmick after gimmick.

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    glad i’m getting old…here comes the gay era…dis cat has no talent and he packs fudge..ahh please dnt give this faggot anymore light…he deserves it not(yoda voice)

    • LOL UR AN OLD FAG – Lil B

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        u would like for us to be faggs…faggot….even ur pic looks gay…u on da wrong web site…fuck ur life nigga…go wash ur ass

  • His shirt # enuff said. 

  • Put my tongue on dookie? LOL. DEAD. This dude look like them bicycle monkeys in the WIZ.  This dude look like a transexual indian god with all the arms.  You can’t trust this nigga dinner invitations. He on some oh naw dog I’m gone cook get the wine get yo salad ass nigga.  Nigga got his tongue his chest as shit marker. Tell’em where the shit go.  

    • LOL UR A FAGIT – Lil B

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        stop going to everyone dat has an alternative opinion and trying to declare people as gay….dats y people dnt like u gay moth@#$%ers….u spelled faggot wrong…faggot

  • TY

    I feel like a piece of shit for bumpin “Wonton Soup” 

  • the dude is one out of how many that haven’t come out the closet yet?…suck one and be about your B.I.  There’s more important shit out here than some clown in a purple v-neck with sperm on his gums…

    • LMAO@ Lost!! “There’s more important shit out here than some clown in a purple v-neck with sperm on his gums…” hilarious!!!

  • anyone who says you aint born gay has obviously had gay tendencies. you chose to be gay??? the question isnt WHY would you choose to gay but COULD you chose to be gay. i ask that questions to all you insecure ass niggas. if you believe that people could choose to be gay then your saying you are choosing to be hetero. and could turn the gay on if you felt like it.  i aint gay and dont have any problem with gay people i dont know what being gay feels like but allyou niggas who say its a choice must feel in some way that you could choose to be gay iff you wanted.

    • shieky24

      You make absolutely no sense go back and rethink this bro.

    • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      No, it makes sense. I wouldn’t want to be gay, because I’d have to deal with people wanting to beat me up and my friends abandoning me and maybe my parents hating me. Also, as a fan of hip hop, I’d have to deal with some of my favourite artists saying I should die. People say “choose to be gay” like it’s some kind of cop out.

  • Roberto Ciamora

    Anybody who is surprised should kill themselves

  • rep87

    Really he has to announce this ,this is what rap has been reduce to

  •    wow….these comments are interesting.    There are gay people all around you and you don’t know it.   If being gay were a REAL problem to your short existence then regardless if you KNEW they were gay or not, you would feel some sort of mental physical or spiritual anguish  (if that makes any sense to the ignorant)
         Do I think being gay is wrong….yea.    Do I think  stealing is wrong…yes.    Do I think murdering is wrong…yes.   Do I think manipulation is wrong…yes.    So for me to have such strong negative feelings toward one and not the others means that I am biased in some sort of way.   Ask yourself why does what someone does behind closed doors bothers you soooo much???      
          Are all hetero sexual artists talented????? (you know the answer to that, with all the garbage music out right now)  Then what you’re saying is sexuality does not equal talent.  And if sexuality does not equal talent…but you disregard someones talent due to thier sexuality  then you are A) not a true hip hop fan  B) a hypocrite  C)missing out on lots of good music   and  D) have no credibility when you speak about who is the greatest artist alive or dead and no one should listen to your opinions.


    • Roberto Ciamora

      Blah Blah Blah

      The problem isnt him being homosexual behind doors, the comedy comes into play because Lil B plays into every negative stereo type you could imagine

      Dressing in Effeminate clothes and wearing make up, Calling himself a princess & Threatening to anally rape other men on twitter……

      Not all gay people act like that, I see gay people in day to day life that act like normal people…..

      Lil B is to gay people what Gucci Mane is to black people, a walking personification of every insulting stereo type that society has about them

      And thats whats sad about it


      • rep87

        WELL PUT !

      • shieky24


      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        agreed….we dnt like this fagg because he’s using the gaga/manaj plan which is act gay or surround urself with gays to sell records and be famous when he’s garbage as fuck….plus sorry for saying this but rap is a full contact sport….it’s not built for gays….go sing a song or something

      • Its a negative stereotype in your eyes why?? There are gay/bi-sexual men who act and dress like him in this world….are they doing the same thing??

          You’re crazy,  I have family that’s gay,  I have co-workers that are gay and I have friends that are gay…and they are not offended in any way by the way he presents himself…..  So you’re just turned off by his actions, and hiding under the guise of  “I’m just sticking up for the misrepresented gay community”…

           If you aren’t out helping move gay rights closer to being a reality through daily effort (outside of jumping online and trying to prove a point that you don’t even believe yourself)  then your point is MUTE.

         At ease soldier before I put you on latrine duty!


    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      ur a faggot wih a crush… dats a fact

    • yeah u and lil bisexual are fags



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