Big Hump

Sucka Free Records CEO Pleads Guilty To Cocaine Distribution Charges

(AllHipHop News) Former Houston music executive Duane “Big Hump” Hobbs is facing a minimum mandatory 10 years in prison, after pleading guilty to cocaine distribution charges.

Hump is the founder of Sucka Free, an influential Houston Hip-Hop label best known for releasing albums by Lil Flip.

Hump, born Estell Douglas Hobbs Jr, 52, was arrested on drug charges in December of 2011, after an investigation revealed that he was part of an African-American drug network.

Federal prosecutors arrested dozens of others in the network, which sold hundreds of kilos of cocaine regularly, from 1995 until 2010.

Hobbs would receive hundreds of kilos of cocaine and store drugs for the network, which operated in Mexico, Houston, Chicago and Mississippi.

Hobbs pleaded guilty on Monday (March 26) and now faces the minimum mandatory of 10 years in prison, without the possibility of parole.

At its height, Sucka Free released Lil Flip’s platinum album Undaground Legend and its follow-up, U Gotta Feel Me, which went double platinum.

  • immackulate

    clover G!

  • dominicancoke

    i just hope he gave lil flip a job selling cocaine cause that niccas rap career is finished

  • johnblacksad

    Lil Flip’s platinum album Undaground Legend
    Something’s wrong with hip hop…

    • suge380

      Something been wrong with hip hop, when you have undercover homo’s and snitches are the top people in the hip hop machine. Yep, something is wrong.

    • toreal

      Something’s wrong you nigga.  Shut your fake ass up.

      • johnblacksad

        don’t get mad, U.P.S. is hiring…

        You lucky i’m in a good mood so i’mma let this one slide

        Nobody loves H-Town music more than me… From Face & The Geto Boys, to UGK, Big Mello, ESG, Z-ro da mo city don, Trae da muthafugin truth, Devin that Dude, Slim Thugga, Paul Wall, Chamilli, omg i should shoot myself for not starting with Lil’ Keke, the whole S.U.C., Fat Pat, Hawk, DJ Michael Watts… and even Lil’ Flipparoo… so nuthin but love for H-Town on
        this side…

        You know something’s wrong with hip hop when Mike Jones goes platinum!
        Now tell me to shut the fukk up…

      • rep87

        Big Ups To TEXAS , Heavy Spitters who contributed to the Rap Game Underground Kings BUN B , RIP PIMP C , every city state has there time Texas did it big No disrespect to nobody Mike Jones did his thang and Lil Flip did his THE WHOLE SOUTH STAND UP ! Yeah its some wack shit out here tru enough im only talking the tru hiphop from the South !


    Well we know why flip left he wanted to be prison free


    Fools got it backwards ,ya getting real money ,legal money so keep it that way.I thought fools slung to go legit not the reverse

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      that legal money is good but to them that fast money is better and has to be shared on a smaller level. music has to be split with the artist, producer, label, distribution, advertisement & last the Government.

      • rep87

        4 sho thats why Jimmy Henchmen was moving bricks because No Tax on that Dope Money and he had top selling artist under his belt sign to Czar Entertainment

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  • rep87

    100 kilos and he only facing 10yrs sound like some snitiching going on and why show Lil Flip picture he wasnt selling the drugs this article is half azz

    • chocolatesaltyballs

      thats not lil flip dumbass

      • rep87

        They have a picture of lil Flip on the main page and when you click on it they show the ceo who was busted Now who is the DUMB AZZ ! read before you open mouth

  • Jimmy Henchman snitched on EVERYBODY. REAL TALK.


    Man He lucky he only looking at a dime, for a distrubution charge.????

    He must only be a pawn, or he might have took the cheese.

    100 kilos and selling for that amount of time normally would get you a CCE charge.

    And life in prison.

    Whats fuk up is. Niggaz dont realize when you fuking with papi,
    And he giving you all that work. 8/10 your going to be a the fall guy.
    Them cartel are link up with the gov.

    I.e rick ross & oliver north.

    Come on my people.

    Pay attention…………….. History repeats itself.

    That papi you call miguel. Is not his real name.

    Once you get pop. He knows already and is on his way home,
    Across the border.

    Or if he dont leave, and you set him up.

    He just waiting for his next patsy., to be sent by the man.
    The come up was taking all your profits, from drug dealing.

    Its a trap. And real street niggaa know that.

    Put down the coke,
    and pick u A book.

    • dareal504

      Very true tlk indeed homie… I try to tell my young cats all the time. I was fortunate enough to make it out without the time or the death but came very close to both.. If u don’t learn from ur own actions or other ppl mistakes ur a fool.. Like u said history does repeat it’s self, how ever smart u think u are or how ever much money u think u got, trust the man is smarter and papi got more money.. Chess vs Checkers..

  • the stupidity never fails….i understand you want fast money but drugs come on man you gotta better chance doing some bernie madoff pyramid scheme type shit 

  • he took a plea deal…. plead guilty to a lesser charge …. and he looking at 10 years MINIMUM…. not total…. without parole… dude was 52 so i doubt he trying to spend the rest of his life in prison… 

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  • mrgibson

    People still fail to realize that unless you’re a boss in the dope game you’re expendable and if shit goes down you’re gonna take the fall.  Like El-Bark said, the hispanic drug lords are linked up with politicians, law enforcement leaders, and other people who are securely paid off.  This guy got rich off of selling poison to his own people so fuck’em.  That fast money comes with a price and it seems black folks haven’t figured that out yet.  I’d like to be balling out with millions too, but not if i have to worry about waking up dead one day or with police knocking at my door.  

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