Dispute Over DMX Tour Continues; Booking Agency Replies To Manager’s Comments

(AllHipHop News) A representative for a Miami-based company that is suing rapper DMX has replied to a statement his managers made regarding a failed tour of Germany.

DMX was supposed to tour Germany in April, but was forced to postpone the “DMX Undisputed Comeback Tour 2012″ due to passport issues.

Around the same time the news broke of the postponement of the Germany dates, it was revealed that DMX was also being sued by Heavy Rotation, LLC, over a separate, botched tour.

“We are not surprised to hear about the cancellation of the DMX tour due to passport issues,” a rep for Heavy Rotation told “The news is validation that Heavy Rotation is the victim of the allegations made in our complaint.”

Heavy Rotation filed a $749,285 lawsuit against the rapper earlier this month, claiming they had an exclusive, year-long, worldwide booking agreement.

Heavy Rotation claims they paid DMX’s legal bills, bail and even helped with child support, in hopes of recouping the expenses through the tour.

DMX’s managers denied the accusations in a statement to and claimed they canceled the exclusive deal, due to Heavy Rotation’s business practices.

“Heavy Rotation specifically denies reports by DMX’s management that Heavy Rotation wanted DMX to break the law in any way and denies that Heavy Rotation expected DMX to travel based on a fake passport,” the rep told “That is simply not true.”

Either way, it looks as though the dispute will have to be resolved in court.

“We believe that when all the facts come out in court, the truth will show that Heavy Rotation was wronged by DMX and his manager,” the rep said. “Heavy Rotation looks forward to that day.”

  • immackulate

    x gon give it to ya

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    dudes name is buzzing with the anticpated release of his new album, the reality show with his ex-wife, dude u need to capitalize of this stuff real talk. Lightning never strikes twice in the same place.

  • Whoever invested money in this CRACKHEAD deserves to loose it all.

    • yobudd

      Jesus invested in him.  You’re going to die souless since you have no love in your heart.

      • Jesus has nothing to do with this…The situation at hand has to do with a man that wants to live a reckless life with no responsibilities…..Their are so many people who are talented that will take the world by storm if given the chance. DMX had all the chances in the world. Enough is enough

      • yobudd

        Ahhh – and now all is clear.  you will get ur chance on ur shitty music one day.  But dont project ur shortcomings on one of the greatest rap talents and geniuses the world has ever seen.  Choosing a reckless life is one thing having one thrust upon you before your 10 is another.  Bipolar and addicted – its a tough combo and it started way earlier than any person should have to deal with.

        Its only enough when the brotha is dead – keep barking D !! until your last breath !!

      • Luvva J Pimpizzi

        Good conversation y’all… We must not give up on people like DMX, even when it appears he has given up on himself.  He is still worthy of positive thoughts and energy sent his way.  This man was abandoned as a child and mistreated as a young boy.  Whomever has the strength to endure what humans were NOT meant to endure is worthy of blessings and prayers.  As a Grandma’s boy myself, I am sympathetic and empathetic for DMX and how he felt his grandmother was the ONLY person he felt unconditional love from in LIFE, his ENTIRE LIFE – when he felt abandoned by EVERYONE else.  Hang in there homeboy… Life ain’t easy.  

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  • Luvva J Pimpizzi

    Wow, what remorselessness for DMX… DMX is enduring a ‘human situation’… His body of work is INTEGRAL to the story and heritage of Hip-Hop culture despite his indiscretions, life experiences/struggles and poor decision-making.  He is MORE than a ‘crackhead’ and to simplify his existence to that is a clear example of the problem with those who CLAIM to be and/or love Hip-Hop.  This man needs to help himself and needs caring people to support this effort.  If he does not want to help himself, he is certainly LOST.  However, simplistically reducing his existence (or any other human being’s status) to that of a crackhead is a perfect example of the dehumanization and lack of humanitarianism that plagues this small planet – and is seeping its way quickly into the Hip-Hop culture via the small-thinking and carelessness of those impostors who claim to be and/or love Hip-Hop.  We come from THE BOTTOMS (Hip-Hoppas)… We do NOT forget this fact or those who continue to struggle on the lower rungs of this harsh society.  We come from PEACE, LOVE, UNITY & HAVING FUN – AND KNOWLEDGE… We are The AMA ZULU.  DMX is one of us, despite the terrible state of his life (possibly – I can only comment lightly on his public information)… Hip-Hop was born as a shield against the harshness of human beings, not a ‘re-enforcer’ of it.

    Universal Zulu Nation/206 Zulu Nation/Temple of Hip-Hop


    dmx is true this is shit and we are like 10 friends and support dmx 

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  • xdc845

    how the hell did they expect him to ever get a passport with his criminal record??!!

  • Mr.Rude

    DMX is the David Ruffin of the Hip Hop Era ..Real shit