EXCLUSIVE: Beanie Sigel Signs New EMI Deal Under Industry Vet Chris Schwartz

(AllHipHop News) Philadelphia rapper Beanie Sigel has announced exclusively to AllHipHop.com that he signed a new EMI distribution deal under the guidance of industry veteran Chris Schwartz.

During a studio session in Brooklyn, New York last night (March 28), Beanie Sigel spoke one-on-one with AllHipHop.com about the new deal and what it means for the future of his solo career, and more importantly, his State Property affiliates.

“That’s what kind of pushed me to really do this album. I was sought out by Chris Schwartz. He had a situation at EMI and was looking for an artist,” Beanie Sigel explained. “I had just recorded a couple songs in the studio. Somebody heard a record and was like, ‘You should check out Beanie; he hasn’t been doing anything.’

“The first conversation was kind of generic – it was like, ‘Uhh yeah.’ I had deals on the table; I’ve been approached by everybody from everywhere – from E1, well to Koch first, to E1 to Asylum. For me to sign to a major, it’s like, ‘For what?’ I’m too far advanced in my career to go to a 360 deal. I’ve learned too much of the business to put myself in that position now.”

One of the founders of Philadelphia’s State Property rap collaborative that includes Freeway, Peedi Crakk, Young Chris, and others, Beanie Sigel has been plagued over the past few years by legal and industry woes. His well-publicized split with Roc-A-Fella Records in 2009 left him without a label deal, and prison time further stymied his recording.

In 2010, while working with 50 Cent in a rumored agreement with G-Unit, he announced his plans to retire from rap. Now, according to Beanie Sigel, the EMI deal signifies his return to an industry that has changed immensely in the past two to three years alone. With Chris Schwartz, he feels he has the backing of someone reputable who has signed past artists such as The Fugees and Nas.

“If you’ve been through what I’ve been through in my career, you wouldn’t trust no one. You’ll fourth guess everything. What made me do the deal with Chris Schwartz was actually to get the deal together for State Property,” Beanie Sigel said.

“I don’t wanna be selfish – it’s selfish to the people,” he added. “That’s the only reason why I’m doing this. It’s not fun for me no more; it’s work. It used to be fun, and when it starts turning into work, it’s not fun no more.

“But I haven’t been missing. I’ve been missed,” Beanie Sigel reflected with a smile. “I’ve got tons and tons and tons of music that the world has never heard yet. I could make an entire album tomorrow.”

Beanie Sigel plans to release a mixtape in the coming weeks, and his new album, The Classic, is slated for a Summer 2012 release.

Stay tuned for AllHipHop.com’s exclusive video interview with Beanie Sigel in the coming days.

Follow Beanie Sigel on Twitter (@BeanieSigelSP).

  • Beans, ill be one of your biggest fan if you actually get your shyt together, And not promote your music on hating on a particular MC. You are fire in the booth, and thats what the streets want to hear, you spitting not hating.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       you gotta expect some more shots maybe not so direct but indirect because sigel speak s about his life …. and its something that he went thru … and he said dude left foot prints on his heart so aint no way he can spit with out dabbing into that emotion ….just hopefully it shouldnt take over all of his music maybe just dedicate a verse to that issue …. or a song @ the most

  • Nice.

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  • rep87

    Big Ups to Beanie Sigel  dude made a smart move a real vet in the game cant wait to here the new music !

  • Dointer

    I seriously consider Sigel a legend of our era , you could hear the fire in his soul everytime he touched the mic. Sadly, I think his prime has passed, and the way Hip Hop is today, he wont return to the level of popularity he once was. That nothin like it joint is timeless!

    • Tony G.

      real talk


    Beanie sigel
    Desert eagle
    The realest niggas alive.

    Yo i think this nigga going to deliver a classic. Lol

    Not to mention, he aint been in the hood, on the reg
    so that means he been in the studio,
    Cooking up something.

    Glad to see, that fag jigga, reach aint long enough to
    Black ball him. forever.

    But chris gets love in the city, since those ruffhouse days.

    Broad street bully thats a good look.

    The rap game need this nigga.

    • $18592567

      1000 Bars w/Memph Bleek was my shit back. Beans went dumb on that joint.

      Philly belongs Meek right now tho

      • yobudd

        Shit.  Meek is renting Philly from Beanz my nizzz.

      • only cuz it wasnt shit else comin out of philly…Beans got love for the dude and they’ll prolly work together..but as soon as Beans drops Meek takes an automatic back seat…he’s weak anyway

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

         man its def alot of competition in philly meek wasnt the only one trying to come up … he just happen to be the only one to link up with the right dude aka Charlie Mack ……. who put everyone else on hold so meek could shine LOL ……. well atleast thats how other philly artist will tell it ………. lol 😉

      • EL_BARK

        Naw my dude….

        Philly is still run by sigel……… Rap wise.

        Meek cant tie sigel choose………….

        Meek is just an imitation of what mac r epresents.

        Mac a legend,

        meek dont even got a hit by himself.???

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

         dont let the marketing and good looks for you, they trying to expand meeks brand … before mmg and even grand hustle … meek was blowing up amongst the PA, NE & SouthNJ area with his own songs 3 verses and doing the hook …. killin it …….. it all started with In My Bag ………………….. go look it up mane ………

      • EL_BARK

        I from philly.

        South philly/ via uptown.

        Meek is or was just that a he had a regional hit,
        With “in my bag” & rose red…..

        But that all it was. Yes ross took him & put him
        On a national level.

        But thats onky cause, ross was on tupac back & i am boss.
        And the sales for that album was not impressive.

        The rap game is not the same for 10 years ago.

        A radio hit doesnt mean. successful album Sales.

        When 10 years ago it did.

        Meek mill problem now is the same reason why label pass on him.

        Regional sucesss doesnt mean your a star??

        TI said he signed him, but atlantic didnt.?????

        Then it came out TI was just lieing, hoping to capatailize off of meek buzz in the tri-state.

        That why ross pick him up. Thinking he could expand his fan base further up north.
        By siging wale & meek.

        Trust me on this one….. Meek is hot.

        But only a fool will say meek on mac level, or hotter then mac.

        Mac held his own, against vet in the game.
        Nas , jadakiss, dipset, he ran threw them niggas.

        Meek is not there yet, and wont be.

        He not even the best rapper in philly, of his era.

        He just the only rapper that got put on.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        im not gonna say that meek is on macs level … because meek hasnt even touched what mac has already done … meek is really just getting started … and hes with a weaker team … his team is popular but thier boss is currently a gold artist … thus explaining the low sales on the group album ……… however i dont think its fair to say what meek will and wont do in the future ………….he could surpass mac and reach will smith levels you never know ……. ijs ………………. he has the potential ….. everything he has been dropping has been clicking ……… with the streets and commercial radio ………. all he has to do is move units ….. if he shocks the world and moves alot of units, which chances are he wont cause his “boss” not even a big seller …. but if he does …. SKYS the limit for meek man ………….. and meek got more hits than just IN MY BAG and ROSE RED ….. im not that big of a fan so i cant name all the songs …. but when i was doing parties around those years …. djs would run a crazy set of meek mill music and everyone would go crazy and it wasnt with just IN MY BAG or ROSE RED song ……. he ahd another joint cant remember the name but it was with Oschino crazy banger in the clubs … the hook went something like probably with ya chick probably in the whip some crazy shit like that lol …. cant forget that Make Em Say joint … Hottest In The City joint …. the Im So Fly joint …. and just the flamers series itself were in everyone tape deck like jayz or jeezy or lil wayne just dropped a new album … even my neighbor used to bang out to meek and she was an older lady …. i used to bag up … im like damn she really liking some meek mills lol ….. and @ the end of the day meek got his self hot locally and really learned the indy game before going major so hes entering the game a few steps ahead of beans with just that fact u never know where meek could go mane …………… oh and this is in delaware im not speaking on philly ………….

  • jay

    Beans!!!! was giving rappers problems, kiss! still a fan.

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  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    Beans can Eat as long as he stay away from making diss tracks cause they don’t sell. If he would of came out with straight fire joints instead of making those tracks towards Jay a year or two ago, he would of been in a better position from that time. Wish him much success going forward 

  • fvck all the bullshyt just spit that grimey shyt you’re known for..beans always been a beast on the mic

  • Yo Beans was nice back in the day. But its over. A wrap. Next album gone go frame and glass. Hiphop is over.  

    • ur crazy fam…regardless of what the album sells..i guaran dam tee it will be one of the better HIP HOP albums of the yr

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  • Paul Hansborough

    My Nigga Sig is on his way back! That s what I m talking about! Other than Sigel the only people making pure Hip Hop music is Saigon, The Roots, Phonte, Rapper Pooh, and The LOX! Can t wait Sigel!

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  • Smashit

    Sig still got it & I don’t think he’ll waste his time name calling & finger pointing – I think he will do what he do best… drop that HOT sh*t & stand on his own

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  • immackulate

    beans remind me of SCARFACE … slept on, left for dead but well respected

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  • churchboy2

    It’s a shame that it took him so long to get serious about handling his business.

    We all know that it come down to making quality music…

    …so we’ll see which Beanie Sigel actually shows up.

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  • digitallife

    I was so hoping jay would respond to beans. i’ve actually found beans flow more interesting than jay’s for a long time now..even kiss touched on that on his diss track to 50 and jay a few years back. I think beans would need a target to get back into that mode we loved his music for.

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  • Smitt Spit

    Beans gonna go hard, dude been nice and he got respect in the game.

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  • justyouraverage

    beans needs that big hit he needs a ross collabo mmg coulda made this guy platinum again there beats like no other ross spittin better than most right now meek had a big hit wale sold beans already got a name just need that promo

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on son what planet u live on lol ross hasnt even made him self plat … mmg group album is nowhwere near gold … and shurely aint get wale a plat shoot i dont even think he got wale gold LOL!!!! lets come back down to earth with the comments lol smh

  • BigRimRyder

    He will never be a big name artist but he still can make music and grt a li money

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  • Beans ain’t tryna do nuthin’ my management hit his management about a feature and they still ain’t got back. SMH

    • EL_BARK


      Your management hit his management????

      Lmao. Beans aint got management .???????

      Dont know who you talk to, or got in contact with.
      but they might be frauding,

      Sigel aint really got a manger per sey,
      Maybe a booking agent.

      Or a team, that handles his business, but if you want to get at him
      Niggas should have a direct number, if “your manager” are worth a grain of salt.

      They would know, a few calls to the right people in philly,
      And it aint hard to get a number to get @ him.

      If they didnt get back, its because of a couple of reasons.
      I’ll let you decide.

      • Aye EL Debarge ain’t nothin sweet bruh manager, booking agent per say it’s all business. Whoever didnt get back

      • its always fun to go back and read old stories… loks like dude was right… Beans wasnt trying to do shit.

      • EL_BARK

        lmao naw he was,
        but he got pop right when his album and they were planning a state p reunion, then he got out and got shot….. that hot group still pop
        that she got lames when they started kicking people out?

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