An Open Letter To Rappers: Do You Really Care About Trayvon?

This is to no rapper in particular and everyone in general.

Dear Mr. Rapper,

Hey you.

How’s it going? Love the music you’ve been cranking out. But, really fast, I wanted to get at you over your new dedication/tweets/hoodie pics to the late Trayvon Martin. Not “get at you” as in beef. You didn’t forget him yet, did you? I know you just put out some somber dedication to him just the other day. I know the Internet moves fast, and you move faster. But, still, I’ve got a few questions and even more comments.

First of all, do you really care? Seriously, do you really care about Trayvon and the countless, nameless, and faceless “Trayvons” that never make the headlines? I was just wondering, because there are lots of people like myself who don’t know. Honestly, I’m not sure how Trayvon managed to rise above the apathy, but he did.

There are countless other “Trayvons” who could have used your voice as a tool to raise awareness about the violence issue as a escalating national crisis. Sadly, most of them didn’t rank high enough in the news to warrant a tribute track.

As you know – or should know – Hip-Hop has traditionally served as the voice of the voiceless. And at its inception, rappers were the ones with the loudest voices. Legends like Chuck D, KRS-One, X-Clan, and even so-called gangsta rappers like Ice Cube, The Geto Boys, and Ice-T were telling everyone how it was going down. America was forced to pay attention.

A one-off dedication to Trayvon Martin, a hoodie avatar, or a tweet with a trending hashtag just isn’t going to get it in 2012, buddy boy. That is assuming you care. Wait. I’m sure you do, because you made some positive moves in light of this tragic moment. No way would you create an ode to Trayvon simply to get some hits or views, right? Nah. No way.

In closing, I think you we should all make some changes. Forget what’s going on in the radio and television. Stand out and stand up for something substantial on a more consistent basis, not for something silly just to make the headlines.

You’re still connected to the ‘hood right? No, not the so-called “thuggish” clothing that made Trayvon suspicious to George Zimmerman. I mean, the neighbor’HOOD that inspired the music you create. That made you who you are. Since you’re established in the ‘hood and with the people in it, let’s make some music that inspires them. Times are hard, and they need hope. You don’t have to be corny because of it. We’ll still support you, and you can still do the degenerate or opulent rap that gets you played by the programmers and the clubs, but let’s mix it up. BALANCE. Capicé?

You care about Trayvon, and yet, you didn’t know him. I know you know some of these other people that failed to intrigue America. Let’s use this pivotal moment to save some lives, and fight for those that need us, and inspire a whole new generation of Hip-Hop changemakers to come. Nobody will care about the other stuff you rapped about later on anyway.

What do you think?

Let us know.


Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur, CEO and Co-Founder

P.S.: Mr. Rapper, hit up if you want to do something cool for the “Trayvons” in your ‘hood.

And if you are still interested, here’s something below you can help us tweet in support of Trayvon Martin to your massive followings on Twitter:

1) Emmitt Till. Sean Bell. Oscar Grant. Join me and stand up for justice for Trayvon Martin. Text TRAYVON to 30644 to help. #TweetUp4Trayvon

2) It’s been 1 month and 4 days. Why is George Zimmerman still free? Text TRAYVON to 30644 to help. #TweetUp4Trayvon.

3) In honor of Trayvon, stand with me for justice. Text TRAYVON to 30644 to help. #TweetUp4Trayvon.

4) Stand for justice for Trayvon today! Spread the word & take action: Text TRAYVON to 30644 to help. #TweetUp4Trayvon.

5) Our criminal justice system should protect and serve the innocent victims by prosecuting the guilty. Text TRAYVON to 30644 to help. #Tweetup4Trayvon

6) If we don’t stand for justice in the face of adversity and unspeakable tragedy, history will repeat itself: or text TRAYVON to 30644 to help. #Tweetup4Trayvon

7) We Stand our Ground that a young black man’s killer deserves to be tried in the court of law. #Tweetup4Trayvon

8) We are Trayvon Martin. You are too!! or text TRAYVON to 30644 to help. #Tweetup4Trayvon

9) People all over the country are using their Twitter stream to stop a killer. Join us. Visit or text TRAYVON to 30644 to help. #Tweetup4Trayvon

10) Want Trayvon Martin’s killer arrested? Do something about it! #Tweetup4Trayvon

11) Emmitt Till. Sean Bell. Oscar Grant. Join me and stand up for justice for Trayvon Martin. #Tweetup4Trayvon

12) No justice…no peace. No action…no arrest. Stand up now to stop Trayvon’s killer. #Tweetup4Trayvon

  • That’s why I bash rappers so often..They do very little for the communities who play such a major role in their success…….Rappers have such huge followers yet they do almost nothing to support the unheard.

    • Casor_Greener

      Why are we looking at rappers as leaders anyway?!?!? You think white folks look up to Madonna for leadership or hispanics want  Marc Anthony to lead them. Nobody should be concerned about these rappers and what they think.  It’s on us

      • Raheem Classick

         You speak the truth.

      • UdonNo


      • TaTa_U

        @UdonNo Exactly!

      •  Well said. What I look like seeking Lil’ Wayne for guidance?

      • immackulate

        leaders are born right? so no matter the avenue a LEADER is still a LEADER
        now i get what you are generalizing GUTTER but Chuck D is a activist and a leader of sorts – professor griff to a certain extent, MOS-DEF etc… majority of these rappers are fluff however there are still some that take responsibility and accountability for the culture
        hell not all of our SO-CALLED leaders were actual leaders to be blunt about it

        Muhammad Ali
        Jesse Owens
         Bill Cosby
        Hill Harper

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  • hiphopdebates

    these rapers dont care about the people for fans really, first of all look at the message they put out knowing they have a responsibility as a role model to the youth who listens to them, they put out the negative but never go to say “hey, this is just music or a past, dont follow the same route.” I think they should start putting a message like that on their albums. But they dont care, they would have been rallying or doing something for the cause. #hiphopfail

  • DrPrepper

    They give turkeys out every year don’t they? What more do you want? *wink*

  • Great article… BTW check out Plies new single “We Are Trayvon” on ITunes… Oh and also A.H.H practice what you preach. You can’t support these L.D. (Little Dummies) rappers here on your site then rip them for being retards at the same time. 

    • Bobbie Woody

      I bought it and when I listen to it, it helps me to stop crying.  I really love it.  It helps.

      • @google-a7cc9b1a8ce97899e69d105aeaf2f249:disqus That’s the thing… You should’ve had to buy it. People who are trying to gain exposure or whatever is classless but hey what do you expect coming from Plies aka Goon <— LMAO

  • EG

    I have started to see money ($) as the 2012 CHAINS on folks, the more you make the less freedom u hafve. The rappers aint with or for us, they slaves to others…like my dude said (RIP MJ) Start with the MAN/WOMAN in the mirror…be the change you want to see!
    Why do you think they put these rappers in front of us 24/7 on tv and print media, SO WE CAN LOOK TO THEY SLAVE @SS like gods/idols/leaders…NOT ME THO.

    • Q.

      I hear you. Though the problem isn’t the money itself. The problem is we don’t control HOW we make our money. We stay dependent on these corporations to sustain us, rather than develop our own businesses and gaining the freedom we need to stop kowtowing and tap dancing every time White Daddy threatens to cut off our allowance.

  • Raheem Classick

    We March we hold Rally’s we Protest and we got Artist & Actors Speaking out and making songs about tragedy’s in our Community ALL THE TIME,  Get it, ALL.. THE.. TIME, Thats because History repeats it self, Its up to us to make changes, To me its simple, I will listen to anyone who has A solution as to how we can stop or at least bring to A minimum  this madness when it come to the killings of Black People, The World will never stop being Violent, But we as Black People can at least try to stop harming one another. I hope whoever reads this post understand where I’m coming from and where I want to go with this. (Real Solutions Needed)

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  • UdonNo

    I’VE BEEN ASKING THIS QUESTION FOR WEEKS NOW–where are our celebrity rappers? why arent they rallying behind this– one rapper told me–“its just a trending topic?”

    • the1stschool

      If there son was Treyvon they would care then, we both know that.

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    they say they care but actions speak louder than words…..jay and yeezy are the two gas giants in hip-hop instead of constantly bragging about there ignorant asses in france acting in a way that keeps us all in a bad light all over the world….they ain’t doing nothing to help…nicki manaj is too busy trying to finger f@#k madonna at a video shoot…and puffy is being puffy…point blank i’ve seen white artists do more…..fu@k dis new era hip-hop shit…da self-destructions and stop gang violence dayz is over….in this era we are feeding our young america’s new memtic virus………… i feel like runing around screaming like a young fishburne at mission college “WAKE UPPPPPPPPPPPP”

    • the1stschool

      Thank You fam I feel your anger and the wake up.

    • TaTa_U


      If the idea that anyone can just take your life and walk away doesn’t move people I don’t know what will; I guess this tragedy on your doorstep might do it…


    if your going to bash RAPPERS, you should also bash singers, athletes, politicians, and everybody else that choose to take a stand because of the TRAYVON case. do you think ROSA PARKS was the first woman not to give up her seat on the bus?
     i think your focusing on the wrong thing. the fact that they took a second from making the “buffoonery music” that they normally do and decided to speak on something real, is a step in the right direction. 


    • the1stschool

      I’m glad you stated this.

  • i dont think just cause you are a rapper or singer or anyone who does that field is suppose to be an activist, its up to all the millions of people to be, you do not have to wait for the rich and famous, have you asked your neighbors or friends,family if they get invovled in issues its on everyone to get involved , a rapper somtimes chooses to get into that but its not up to them just cause they make music, they are in a buinsess to make money,,, what about our doctors, janitors, teachers, trash collectors anyone and everyone that letter should be to


    • the1stschool

      That’s what I’m saying.

    • TaTa_U

      I think Trayvon Martin murder is doing just that… Taking this tragedy to shine a light on all everything that contributed…. Police brutality and Murder, Unjust, imbalanced and unfair laws,
      political conspericy and indifference where black life is concerned (no one ever has or ever will pay for the death of Biggie and Tupac)… Black on Black crime and Racial Profiling…

      Trayvons parents went to congress to fight againts the laws that allowed their son to be murdered and the murderer to go free…

      So this Travon Martin thing has so much potential IMO.

  • immackulate

    yo CHUCKIE – with all due respect when are you going to stop asking questions you already know the answers to. mean to tell me just cuz JAY and WAYNE aint saying shyt that these other less celebrated rappers dont care either.

    i watched WILLIE D from the GETO BOYS (who really is about that life these rappers rap about) come to tears dayum near talking about TRAYVON and the overall history on what blackmen experience – you heard Chuck D – Immortal Technique – speak as activists on racial profiling prior to TRAYVON’s case – why would you pose this question knowing damn well you have the answers already.  Try posting interviews of the rappers that DO care, give them a small accolade for speaking against whats almost forbiddeb or taboo … then GO IN on the countless mainstream rappers with all this fanfare WHO DONT REALLY GIVE A SHYT ABOUT OUR PEOPLE AND ONLY WANNA RAPE THE CULTURE

    STEAD OF PIGEON HOLING the ones that do care

  • Mongo Slade


  • peaceandcheese

    i respect your open letter and can understand why others who have replied feel the way they do but the reality is there have always been artists who have expressed questions and solutions to the issues in our communities and beyond. sadly, these are the same artists who don’t receive major spins on radio and video channels but have a solid following because they know there are people out there who won’t swallow what is spoon fed to us as the music we should all listen to and support. we may question why some artists are showing interest in the death of trayvon martin but perhaps this is the 1st time they realized how close to home this issue really is. there are some artists who never voted a day in their life but something about the possibilities of making history, making their voice be heard and changing the landscape of this country by helping to elect our 2nd (look it up) black president pushed them to get registered and vote. everyone needs motivation. everyone needs a catalyst.
    we can get more done by getting involved (even for a few days) and doing something that will bring light to the issues that people have ignored for far too long or we can criticize the people who are just now waking up by questioning their motives and, in the long run, making them feel like it was a worthless effort because no one believes their contribution was sincere.
    the dead prezs, immortals, jean graes, talibs and blitzs of the industry are just as important and influential as the yeezys, jeezys, wakas, rozays and jays. there’s room for everyone to get involved no matter when they do it. just don’t forget the ones who have always been on the front lines.

    • TaTa_U

      If you are coming from the projects or slums of the United States, any person coming out of these conditions should find GREAT satisfaction in being a Ghetto Superstar!
      A ghetto superstar is making at least $50,000 a year… That is a pretty good dame living, when you come from a family below poverty level… 1 person 11, 170.
      And for most black that come from poverty… they are most likely to have been educated to acheive no more than a poverty level income.
      So these MC’s are on some ill moral, bullshit!

  • Us Blacks always wanna protest about shit. Protest about the music that portrays a negative image. Pants down, poor grammar, etc. We don’t help any by, buying into the image as whites see us.  We look like slaves with chains around our necks and wrists, so excited by material things….  White folks run the world… We in the club making it rain with woman that would leave you in a heart beat for a white man with a rented house. Lets boycott bet, mtv jams and all the artist making money off a negative stereo types. Gangsta rap? Serious. Why we always portray street life? With all we talk about with the media doggin’ us and murdering us…. What we have nothing else to talk about? Well, then shut up and let us self respecting black folks handle business. Go drive your 24 in rimmed neon green cars around the hood. A fool and his money

    • the1stschool

      Hit it on the nosecouldn’t say it better.

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  • Guillaume Pilon

    u cant see someone with millions dollar chains and making it rain as a leader

  • Mel_Blunt

    Come on Chuck, the Industry suits nullified social consciousness in hip-hop years ago. they saw the power of Chuck-D, KRS, Tupac etc. and cutit off like Kunta-Kinte’s Foot in Roots. That’s why know one wants to be “preached to” anymore it’s too uncool to truly care. Major label cats wil continu to stay socially mute, their consciosness is impotent bruh. Where have you been?


    • justreal5

      very very sad, but so true

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    Thank you AHH.

  • the1stschool

    Most of the comments here are greatly respected,it’s good to see some of us still have sense in hip hop not rap music.

  • Fantastic article. I would love to see hip-hop artists make the kind of music you are asking them to create.


    For one, EVERYBODY stop worrying about what the “FAMOS RAPPERS” are doing for TRAYVON. Instead, worry about what are YOU doing PERSONALLY for the “TRAYVONS” in YOUR HOOD??? i know we all got a FEW… 

    Secondly, Chuck, how can you call ICE-T a “SO-CALLED GANGSTA RAPPER”?? do you know that mans life?? ice cube ghetto boys either???.. i dont mean met them ONCE or interviewed them.. have you gone to they old hoods and did research??? it’s REAL EASY to talk RECKLESS about somebody’s man hood from the other side of a computer BROTHER!

    Thirdly, we as an entire culture have become very complacent with our role as “ENTERTAINERS”. we just “shuckin’ and jivin’ ” our lil lives away… (minus the black face)

    if you dont stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

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  • Kimberly Griffin

    that.s real sad what happened to Trayvon and you have a point each an everyday there is a trayvon that is a victim of a worthless crime and the media don’t never report that and then after a while it’s like they are forgotten like our violent crimes in Rochester Ny from 2005- 2008

  • Kimberly Griffin

    But’s whats crazy you asking about the raapers but what about your hood and the thing they call “NO SNITCHING’ so what everybody going to do use trayvon name to the instinct and then forget about him

  • Mega Don

    i care about trayvon but i also understand the time frame we in alot of black people today ain’t as milltant as they should be cause the role models that standing for the black culture got no backbone or everything is drugs money and hoes and thats what the government want is to weaken us so when the revolution comes they will have one over us…

  • Mega Don

    and to add something on to what im saying being on the internet blogging like your doing mr is not gonna change a thing complaining if you was a real nigga or a real black man you would be taking action instead of criticizing “Rappers”

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  • Had to be said

  • When you have dudes like Piles doing songs using this young boy, I started to questions this myself. Not a career comeback RAPPERS!!!