Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Birdman Going to Sign Rick Ross and Game?! Not Impressed With G.O.O.D. Music!

Birdman sat down for a recent interview and revealed that once Rick Ross’s record deal is done with Def Jam, he plans to swoop in and sign him to Cash Money. Ditto goes for Game once his Interscope deal is done. Check out what Birdman said about it below:

“Ross signed to Def Jam and you know Ross is a close friend of mine. But if the time ever came, we gonna G up and make it happen,” Birdman explained. “Right now he signed to Def Jam, but when the time do come, I’m gonna be right there waiting…”

“I know that I told Game, if the time come I would love to sign Game. I think he’s a very talented artist. But right now he’s signed with Interscope, maybe he’s got another album. But when time comes, I’m gonna be there for him too.”

Birdman also shared that he was impressed with what Ross is doing over at Maybach Music Group, but wasn’t as enthusiastic with his words when it came to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music.

“They’re doing what they’re doing too. But I think Khaled and Rozay are doing a little more,” said Birdman. “They’re a little more active with their acts. I ain’t talking about them as a brand, but their acts. You got Kanye doing him, but what acts do they have that are active and doing a lot? I’m looking at how much your team is doing.”

Were those shots? Anyway, how crazy would Cash Money be if they signed Ross and The Game? They’re already a powerhouse in music, but those acquisitions would really take them over the top.


    Fuck’em All!

  • Mugshot_McGruff

    bleh bleh bleh…

  • Joseph Thomas

    I dont like Cash Money….I hate that Busta went there….but hey, i can’t hate…..they are signing folks left and right….and they are killing it….i just hope they don’t fall into the trend that other labels fell into ; Remember No Limit Records………Death Row Records……Roc-A-Fella Records….G-Unit Records……on another note…Wayne should disappear for a while…..leave while your “on top”…come back and go back to the “top”…..cause in his mind hes up there….not mines though

    • immackulate

      on the cool, thats the only thing that HURT me was BUSTA RHYMES signing to Cash Money because Busta Rhymes has already let PLYMOUTH ROCK land on him a couple other times (AFTERMATH) and at this point in his career – which is longer than WAYNE, BABY he should have had his own imprint up and running – it hurts to see LEGENDS sign to any other label besides their own this late in the game – but hay BILLS GOTTA GET PAID RIGHT?

  • Joseph Thomas

    Birdman aint gotta be worried bout G.O.O.D. Music….hes got a nice roster…..but Kanye won’t let that album not be hot….

    • Cheef Third

      He was actually talking about signing good music. Cash Money is on a Def Jam level at this point.

  • Jay

    you can not lie YMCMB is more powerful then death row and bad boy

    they have almost the WHOLE damn mainstream roster on their label every song on the radio is from YMCMB

    almost half the roster are dropping albums making hits

    while with death row u only had pac,snoop,dre thats it while the rest was here and there

    bad boy only had biggie actually..carl thomas was a 1 album wonder,faith,craig mack,total all was 1 or 2 albums wonders

    • MrTroyMercy

      your faggot ass neess to be shot for this comment bytch.

      • immackulate


    • Deerock1

      how soon we forget  DeathRow= Snoop, Dre,Pac,Dogg Pound,Nate Dogg,Lady of Rage All Platinum Artist

      BadBoy=Biggie,Mase,Puffy,faith,Total,Carl thomas,danity kane,day26 all gold or platnum artist..even black rob Whoa!

      Ym..Wayne,Nikki,drake and tyga.the rest is garbage!!! bow wow made his hits with another label..the rest of yong money will Never blow up

      • mike Price

        YM B.G, Turk, Juve, Mannie Fresh, Soulja slim, birdman,busta rhymes.. missing a couple more 

      • CaliTransplant

         has anyone forgotten all of the bangers Cash Money has had over the last decade?!? I dare you to go to a strip club or bar on any beach on any continent that doesn’t play “Back Dat Azz Up” by Juve! I dare you! Bling Bling?!?! The word Bling is in Websters Dictionary now because of Cash Money; that’s true by the way.

    • immackulate

      whoa whoa whoa my bruvah … saying YMCMB is on top right now is different but comparing them to The Row or Baaaaaaddddd BOY is retarded

  • digitallife

    It’s amazing you can sign a bunch of talentless twits and have them piggyback off your major artist to the degree they have. Cash money and YCMB does not have one single “future legendary status” emcee on their roster but they’ve cornered the market and geared what fans expect to exactly the pile of shit they make..pure genius but at the cost of the culture and it’s soul. To any of their defenders quote me a verse from cash money over the past ten years that ten years from now you and others will still consider sick…i’ll wait. I can pull at least 6 verses from illmatic 20 years later and they still stand as ill as fuck…they can’t say the same tho.

    • mrgibson

       Yup…besides gimmicks and massive commercial crossover music no one is making real music over there. 

      • digitallife

        The best east coast rappers are walking around with no deals, no calls from labels…and two of them are from virginia..one is white and the other dude was rocking with pharrel but got locked out over some publishing rights..and the white dude in my opinion sounds slightly like eminem in pronounciation (maybe a suburb thing) but he’d destroy em in a battle guaranteed and the other dude rubbed jay-z the wrong way..he got life on one record..and in that one record you can hear what i’m saying..but folks started claiming his rhyme style bit jay’s and that’s where the problems started..if you follow pharrells none commercial shit you know exactly who i’m speaking of..i’m not dropping names cause i’m not trying to kick up a hornets nest. I’ll say this pharrell’s boy took me back to the same feeling I had when I listened to nas on “memory lane” for the first time.

    • CaliTransplant

      Lil Wayne’s How To Love will be around for ten years…Nicki’s Superbass will be played in ten years. It may not be Illmatic, but music is music…You can’t front on DJ Khaled’s I’m on One…

      • Sexy_Sabe

        Did u say how to love an superbass will b played ten yrs from now?!! Lmao thats the funniest shit Ive read all day. I hope you were joking, cause that could’nt have been a serious comment from a true hiphop fan. That type of thinkin is why the rap game is all messed up, yall making wana be legends out of talentless puppets the industry has thrown out there to take ur money.Hiphop aint been shit since 03-04 an without the couple ppl tryin to keep it alive (jay, Em, Fab,Kanye,common,J.cole) it would be completely dead. YMCMB along with many other labels that catered to the bubblegum, pop lockin, southern takeover helped destroy the game imo. They dumbed down the music, so ppl who couldnt dissect real lyrics could shake they ass, an now thats all niggas wanna hear. Wayne hasnt put any thought into his records since Dedication 2. Drake is a actor plain the role of a playboy rapper an its not even a lil bit convincing. If he wasnt with YMCMB his ass would still be on Nickleloden cuz his 1st shit “replacement girl” wit Trey songz went no where cuz it was garbage like most of his music, difference is then he didnt have the machine behind him. Nicki is a joke, a less talented, less real, generic version of KIM. An is too stupid to humble up an realize it. Say kim didnt call herself the black barbie dresed in bugarri, wit diff color wigs in da crush on u video, an she didnt make  a video where she ws a barbie being made in a factory in da how many licks video. Nicki whole image is recreated an she isnt even doin it well. Everyone was so desperate 4 a new female rapper  tht they accepted a damn a non rappin clone. I’m on one was my jam, cant deny that, however is it a classic or timeless rap record?? Not in the least bit. If you like cash money an their cartons just say it, but when u start saying they are making timeless music ur jus being delusional

      • mrgibson

         word…..couldn’t have said it any better

      • CaliTransplant

        @Sexy_Sabe:disqus First of all, don’t ever question my hip hop pedigree when chances are I’m older than
        you, have been to mad more shows, b-boy summits all that, and was pause-mixing/rhyming out of the right side of the headphones
        before you were born! Just because someone in your dorm room let you
        listen to an old Redman tape, you think you know hip hop!

        I’ve bought
        and lost more hip hop than you will EVER know! I used to b-boy to “Scorpio” back in the day. I had Cassingles, homies. That’s how far back I go! I remember when LL Cool J was the newest and hottest rapper on the planet, so don’t pop off.

        Yes, I did say that Superbass will be played ten years from now. I didn’t say whether it was “hip-hop” enough or not. I just said it will be around. 

        I know “Barbie” Nicki is a fake KIM!!! How disrespectful of her to go at
        KIM when she bite her whole style from her?! The pity is that Nicki M
        can actually rhyme! Have you heard her before YMCMB? She sounded
        completely different.  But, that doesn;t mean SuperBass is not winning
        just because you and I don’t necessarily agree with its placement in the
        annals of hip-hop history.

        Now, what I was trying to say is that timeless music doesn’t always have
        to be poignant and thought-provoking. Sometimes shit just sticks! “How
        To Love” will be around for a long time!

        “Supersonic” by JJ Fad was wack as hell too when it came out, but they still play it on the radio occasionally, now don’t they?

        This morning, I was just listening to Special Ed’s “The Mission.”
        YouTube it if you don’t know it.. Classic shit. its still good! Then
        “Burn Hollywood Burn” came on; classic shit. Again, YT it if you don’t
        know it. Classic PE stuff.

        Love it or hate it, Drake is mean in the rap game. Yes, I dig him. Have you heard “Fear?” You’re going to sit there and tell me that “Over” is not the shit? “Forever?!?” That’s new hip hop, kid…

        Ross, like him or hate him, is getting monumentally better at rapping; just like Biggie did between REal Love Remix and Warning. Ross’ verse on Wale’s “Ambition” is fire, period. 

        Wayne’s No Ceilings was dope too. I agree that syrup-sippin Wayne doesn’t compare to Squad Up Wayne, but like it or not, if you ask one of these kids which songs they know, it’ll be “A-Milli.”

        Plus, if you don’t think that Cash Money has not made classic shit, then you must live under a rock. Ask anybody from New Orleans ’bout “Drag Em In the River!” “Bling Bling!?!?” Are you stupid! That’s classic shit! Just because you prefer boom-bap style hip hop doesn’t mean it’s not revelant.  I live in South Florida now from California and you throw that old Cash Money shit on and people lose their minds!

        I love the WU, but I also loved Big Mike’s Havin Thangs or Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Gortex. Xzibit’s Paparazzi. 2Pac’s 5 Deadly Venoms.

        Cmon man, let these kids have their own thang. It’s not really ours anymore.

        That Golden Age stuff is great: Das, Gangstarr, EPMD, LOTUG, but it’s gone. It’s timeless to us because of nostalgia, but irrelevant to these kids.


      • stanthetech

        i agree with you about 85% old cash money def good but this new shit is clown music everything sounds regurgitated

      • immackulate

        quit explaining LOGIC to a dumb shyt – most these mf’s responding out of emotion or because they rap careers aint never gonna take off

        you say one thing of intelligence OR COMMON SENSE and these niggahs hearing/reading turns selective

      • immackulate

        man they still playing PM Dawn and Vanilla Ice on radios and in clubs to this day … so why in the phuck you think they wouldnt play SUPERBASS or HOW TO LOVE – you niggahs gotta get passed all that hate in your heart and smarten up before you respond

    • Sexy_Sabe

      agree 100% babe

  • MrTroyMercy

    Lowkey Birdman ain’t lying about GAME CAUSE HE PUTS EVERYBODY ON HIS ALBUM EXCEPT FROM HIS OWN ARTIST …… THIS CAT AIN’T ” never” released a Bws album and probably wil never ….LeastT The C.O nikka giving his people shine .

  • MrTroyMercy

    Phuck this article though cause it will never happen…. this just promotion .smh .

  • Marcus Campbell

    Does anyone recognize a trend here??  The most affluent label will sign a bunch of artist that they cannot do anything with.  Case in point, look at G-Unit..Once they were in middle of their prime, everyone flocked to them..Same thing with Bad Boy, Same thing with Roc-a-Fella, Grand Hustle, etc…Not being negative here, their time is almost up.  Really, let’s be serious, you have a three-headed monster that these commercial rap fans are checking for: Wayne, Drake, and Nicki..Everyone else, is dropping a mixtape.  But like my man Nas said,  “Much success to ya, even if you wish me the opposite.”

    • mrgibson

       Yea people forget that the Roman empire fell because it got too big and collapsed from within.  Outside of the three cats you mentioned nobody on Cash Money is getting any major shine.  Tyga is cool but he’s riding the resurgence of Cali music/style/etc that has erupted lately.  I don’t really like ross but I would hope he’s smart enough to stay on his own turf.  He’ll get pushed under the pile at Cash Money and get stuck doing a bunch of features on songs for other people imo. 

  • would be the gayest rappers, the fakest dope dealer rapper and the fakest gangbang rapper on one label,,lol   you have to protect your asshole if you are around that label walking around with all them there,lol   bow wow there also,lol  and u know him and omarion been having sex together,,  

    • toreal

      Shut your fake @ss up. 

  • suge380

    Don’t make a difference, everybody they signings careers are over. All the artist on there have saw there sales drop over the course of there time, and no other labels are trying to pick them up. Nicki done bricked, Drake next joint gonna brick (cuz this last joint was sum r&b sh!t), Wayne ain’t spit shit hot since the fireman track. Just a set up for a big explosion of internal beefs before they hang it up like No Limit. Simple scam, see it coming. That many ego’s and artist that don’t want to except the fact that they are no longer relavent is like mixing gas and lighter fluid at a bbq. “NOW THAT’S A FIIIRRREEE”

    • CaliTransplant

       smh at your comments, bruh. Nicki is the hottest (only) female rapper selling. Drake is nuclear and wayne has made more $ than anyone rapping in like 5 years. Busta has had one of the biggest years of his career winning a Grammy! Cmon man. You may not like YMCMB, but they are killing right now. It’s all good over there. And if Baby signs Game who is a beast lyrically and THE hottest rapper this year in Ross, they win again. I don’t care for Baby either, but he knows what he doing. Kudos to CMB for getting your bread, man. Stop the hate!

      • suge380

        Dude what you talking bout, Nicki last joint just bricked so the money that has been made off her will not be generated again. Everyone talking about how wack that stupid ho shi!t was and don’t forget the awards stunt, all that sh!t did her more damage than good. Drake 2nd joint didn’t do as good as the 1st. nowhere near. Yea he singing on everyone crap, but his own material was trash and the next will be worse. Check Game sales, the last record barely went gold dude. Ross is a snitch and won’t sell next joint hands down. Them two been done. As far as Baby, He raping them all. Like I said its a nice gimmick, you sign everyone that no one else is trying to sign. Give them a chance. If you sale he all smiles and rips you off, you brick he say he gave you a chance when no one else did. Yea Busta got a grammy, but he didn’t get his album dropped cuz interscope didn’t feel it was good enough. Don’t get it twisted, I love Busta Rymes, but Dre and Interscope ain’t letting no one leave if they know you can still sale records. Nicki, Game, and Ross will not see platnum sales again. Drake gonna leave when he realizes he getting robbed (which he is already asking questions). and last but not least if Wayne sweet azz keep taking shots at the thrown, when Jay turns his attention to him, its a wrap. As far as hating goes, I hate any nigga that screws there home boys period. Remember Juve, Turk, BG, and Mannie Fresh. Only reason Wayne ain’t trippin cuz Baby is his Boyfriend. Yep I said it.

      • immackulate

        aye man you kindah stupid lol

      • suge380

        LOL, Ok lets see who goes platinum with they next albums out of all of them. If it happens, i will be the 1st to admit I was wrong, but with this crap, I truly doubt it.

      • immackulate

        man i appreciate you for putting these suckers up on game … you aint gotta like it but respect it – especially when respects due

  • suge380

    Thats cold. LOL, but it is a bunch of azz pirates at GMB and YGMB.

  • justyouraverage

    how are ymcmb gunna put an album out by all the artists on the lable ? people will be over lapping dates an cutting eachothers sales periods in half lol

    • immackulate

      you dont understand BUSINESS do you … its more than just 1 market – you have commercial, underground, rock, rap, alternative, r&b – they aint worried about putting out artists – cuz thats the artists job to make him/herself hot – and if they dont then they wont ever get a release date which in turn means that they will get dropped – which labels can use as tax write-offs at the end of the year

      their job is to sign who they believe to have a buzz – and its on the artists to pimp themselves out to the point where there is some increased demand for the said artists music.  Or you can sit around and just be happy with being signed and fade to obscurity until you get dropped off the label.

      • suge380

        Understandalbe, but its only one market GMB shoot for and thats Rap main stream, which is suffering period cuz they can’t stop bootlegging. Man, I just download crap to have it. Only albums I buy are Jeezy, DMX (yep he drugged out) lol, T.I. gotta prove he ain’t stupid no more before i buy his music again. the rest I just download cuz most of the good hip hop artist ain’t getting no play anymore or marketing push. Seriously, ain’t no underground hip hop listeners waiting on anybody from GMB or YGMB to drop a mixtape.

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  • Guest

    CuDi and Kanye are the only rappers on GOOD worth listening to. (No offense to Common fans)

    • cuddi sucks common sucks and kanye makes good music but he himslef sucks.. penis that is..

      • timwest1000

        i dont like cudi’s life choices but he is the most creative of all of them

    • pusha t is one of the best lyricists in the game and def the best on good music

      • timwest1000

        thats why noone respects them, pusha t is a liar on the mic wannabe dope dealer who his brother said he aint!

    • Common isn’t with GOOD music and Cudi either anymore. 

  • why dont baby explain “acts”? Why is he worried about other labels? He need to shut up before he burn the bridges between Ye and Ross, they make good music together and I would hate for baby to be the reason that they never collabo again.

  • Birdman’s right. While G.O.O.D. Music has what I consider higher-quality acts, Cash Money business model seems more sustainable at the moment. 

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  • cant hate the player, hate the game. Whoever is making power moves and is maintaining a solid foundation at de same time, u CANT HATE. I honestly HATE the whole ymcmb, mmg, watever else bandwagon there is. They’re killing everything “right now”, and thats a fact. Every empire will fall though.

    • immackulate

      well said my bruvah

  • Jared Bolden-Whyte

    Ross and Game will both end up on Bad Boy like French did… dont forget who manage Ross

  • rep87

    Rumors this is something i don’t want to see i think these artist can start their on label and not work 4 this fake blood

  • YMCMB is on fire! And yes Superbass, How to love and whatever songs that went platinum from them are going to b hot 10 years from now.  Do you guys not understand that the kids is loving these mafuckas! Lil wayne is cultivatin’ these niggas! Yall talkin bout illmatic? these yungstas aint finna know about illmatic in ten years! this is a different generation! and the generation before us said the same thing about the music we love now and grown to love over time! understand folks time passes, so do people! YMCMB has cornered the market because their going after the kids, the next generation! Say what you want! but cant no one do shit about it! except it, your mad at time and this new generation thats coming along.  Yall need to stop hatin! except it, and think ahead! thats all YMCMB is doin’, you dummies prolly still dont get it #oldheads

    • breed500

      you are confused and rightfully so…if your idea of a classic song is superbass,i don´t know what to tell you.You will grow up at one time (i hope) and you will leave some of the adolescent behind you…true classics span generations,that´s why you know about Motown and all the artists that came from that and redefined how music is supposed to sound. YMCMB is a commercial powerhouse that writes the soundtrack to a lot of teenagers lives right now,there is no denying that.But the 12-25yr old demographic will grow up.Do you think you will be as excited as you are now at 35 listening to Superbass, or I’m on one,or The Motto?….if you are…wow…stunted growth for real…think about growing old as well as growing up..you will be an oldhead sooner than you think..talking bout they don’t make songs like Superbass and Starships no more…go get some marvin gaye youngin,and let him teach you how to love. that’s my gripe with a lot of the music out right now..everything is a classic nowadays,what does that say about the people listening?…do they even know what the word means in relation to music?..hate to see my kids grow up on this and forget that there is some good music being made but the amount of crap being put out is staggering..keep listening though…Stupid Hoe might change your life…

    • timwest1000

      @Christine? What white girl types finna. This is a fake acct. from a Young Money intern. Stop, it looks so damn pre-planned and generic. Its hurting your company, not helping.

    • immackulate

      i hate to say it … and i refuse to listen to give SUPERBASS a listen long enough to change the phucking channel – BUT THESE LIL MF’S SKINNY JEAN SWAGGED OUT TEENY BOPPERS is loving this shyt right now …
      do i rock with CASH MONEY or YMCMB = hell mf nawl
      truth be told the only niggah i realy respected was B.G.
      i resent that #OLDHEAD comment LOL but i aint no dummy azz niggah to think that music aint GENERATIONAL – my mama hated rap coming up though she could stomach some of that ALL EYEZ ON ME and ME AGAINST THE WORLD she never understood it … just like my grandma and grandpops never understood my mothers generation of music … needless to say i dont understand my nephews generation of music but i do know my SON aint going out like my nephews cuz its only certain shyt i play in the whip – therefore my son gonna get THIS WHAT REAL MUSIC SOUNDS LIKE while i knock BIG, JAY, TUPAC, WU, etc…
      and every once in a while i let him play the few NEW SKOOL songs i can tolerate but no skinny jeans and no flourescent colors round this bytch

  • timwest1000

    He went from Imma Boss MMG, Yeah we run it, TO I may sign with Baby? The fakeness never stops with Officer Ricky, Never Stops. I told you these dudes lie on the mic., Dont believe everything you read or hear on records. It is just glittering generality. Andif you go against these lames, some lame will defend their lameness.

    • immackulate

      man you dont understand how to secure a check huh?
      of course, your not supposed to believe er’thang you hear or read in life – cuz thats a life lesson however
      i dont know if you understand this but let me enlighten you my bruvah
      1st off i’ve only bought 1 CMB-YMCMB record my whole life which was
      Carter 2 (decent) so i aint defending them at all – now what BABY and SLIM got going is currently the longest running label in rap minus DefJam – but is one of the highest grossing labels out – period. they one of the few thats really seeing MONEY from this game right now … and there’s been industry talk for years about CASH MONEY merging with UNIVERSAL/WARNER ?!?!?! 1 of the 2 – for as old, fraudulent, irresponsible, attention seeking as BABY is – the niggah is a STAPLE in this rap industry and definitely knows how to get money out this game.  Are his business practices always legit = NO – will he phuck over his mama for money and fame = PROLLY
      but at the end of the day GAME and ROSS recognize that BABY is getting to the money and aint holding his MAJOR ARTISTS that actually have established fanbases from getting tot he money either.

  • timwest1000

    What happened to Mya? What happened to Lloyd, the Bone Thug and Harmony guy, J. Shaun, Someone help me with the list of so-called “new” acts they signed lately that we havent and probably wont see.

    • Dmv4Eva

      What happened to them ?because none of them wear signed to Cash Money

      • timwest1000

        uhh check your history, you are wrong about that, big mouth!

    • immackulate

      jsean making BABY a guap – hand over fist – and you wont ever hear him cuz they dont play that shyt on the the station you listen to – lloyd and mya was never signed to CM or YMCMB

  • Kenneth Wayne Hicks Jr


    • Dmv4Eva

      They were called soulja rags..it didnt matter what color u wore…just like Nipsey Hussle wear red sometime

    • immackulate

      man shut yo dumb azz up … next niggah that expects these multi-million dollar rappers to throw it all away in the name of being GANGSTA than im’ma slap the shyt out they monitor.  If you expecting BABY from Cash Money to be BABY LANE from CPT CRIP GANG then you one retarded azz mf for thinking/believing that they would ever be that REAL!

  • Game already hinted at this on the track ‘The City’ with Kendrick Lamar. Game said, “Could that be the reason that baby said he would pay me more, but i still owe Jimmy one more album”.

  • First of all, I aint no youngsta! and I know of all the music you speak of! Illmatic is an awesome album! The Blueprint, James Brown, DMX’s first 4 maybe 5 albums! And the list will keep growing! I was speaking on the next generation that is coming! Yes Jay and Ye is loved worldwide! MAybe yall dont know Nicki Minaj is also! I go down to the Dominican almost once a year! and two years ago all they played was 50, Jay and Wayne on the club scene! But Now? that has changed a whole lot! I love the old wayne vs this new one! YMCMB is and are a bunch of clowns! But, their putting out music, flooding the market! the whole rap game is just a movie now! But for these kids (and Im speaking on 8-15 year olds) They love this shit! I know because I DJ a ton of parties every year! All yall speakin on great music, yes your right! But to these kids what they hearin’ now. . .  this is great music to them, and yes they will get hype to those YM songs in ten to twenty years, cuz at one point in your life everyone wants to feel like a kid again and these youngstas lives is finna light up when they hear these songs again, yes it is bullshit! but its psychological thing! And thats what I was speakin’ on! Dont believe me? Listen to whats coming out from these young niggas and look at they lifestyles.      

  • D_Ably

    wtfs a tyga baby? wtfs a ‘gudda gudda’ baby? wtfs a shanell baby? wtfs a lil twist baby? yeah somethink about active acts you said baby? Quit hidin behind Nicki and flake you lame ass.

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  • justyouraverage

    jay overstreet went way to hard in this post lol smh