Hip-Hop Rumors: T-Pain Sets The Record Straight After Toya Blasts Him On Twitter

Reality star and Lil’ Wayne’s ex-wife Toya Wright defends her new husband Memphitz like a lioness defending its cubs.

Last night, she had Twitter buzzing while watching the premiere of T-Pain’s VH1 “Behind The Music” special after she tweeted ‘F*CK TPAIN!…Turns Channel‘, because her husband was not given credit in the special.

The story goes that her husband Memphitz (an A&R intern at Jive at the time) discovered T-Pain after he was handed his music by a mixtape DJ. Memphitz signed T-Pain to Jive, A&R’d his project, and launched him into musical superstardom with the release of his biggest hits “I’m Sprung” and “I’m In Love With A Stripper”.

The success of T-Pain and other signees to Jive helped Memphitz obtain his own imprint through the label and eventually secure a position as VP of A&R; however, this piece of info was left out of the VH1 special, which left Toya very upset.

Memphitz was also annoyed by the omitted info and tweeted:

LooVe I dont get enuff of it, all I get is these Vampires & Blood suckers, all I see is these n-ggas I made Millionaires….

When ur Past Fails prepare u 4 Your Future Successes. It All Begins 2 Make Perfect Sense. #MiDDLEFiNGER2MYOLDLiFE #GODSPEEDAHEAD #BANG

GOD Sent Her To Me. #NowWhoGoNSTopMeHuh?

Of course, you know T-Pain was going to respond and did just that. Check out some of his tweets below:

I did a 6hr interview for Vh1 and didn’t control what they cut out. I told the whole story. But if it’s “f-ck me” then that’s what it is

If all it takes for you to say “f-ck t pain” is havin your part of the story cut out by a network. Then what kind of friend is that anyway

Get at me bra. It’s easy to get on twitter and say f-ck t pain but you can’t get on here and say Thanx for 100k and the three cars

It’s all good tho. I’m used to it by now. I just didn’t expect it from you. Good luck with the new show.

You got my number bra. I got a missed call from you two nights ago. So if we gone have a talk I’d rather not do it on twitter yasimelike

[Akon’s brother] @bukonvict you see ya boy and his girl goin in on me? How long was your interview? And how much important sh-t did they cut out your sh-t?

Fortunately, it seems as if the issue was hashed out, because Memphitz tweeted hours later:

There is NO BEEF. ABSOLUTLEY NONE. So Stop Looking For It TweepLe. #IMWORKIN

  • therealest1

    Stupid shit.

  • dayleedumped

    i have a feeling it was toya who stirred up the whole mess. yall know how bitches are always tryna make a big deal out of everything

    • Exactly…But it’s VH1 and as professionals of the television and reality they (Read: TOYA) should have known that. She just wanted to be an ass anyway. smh

    • Thats probly why Wayne ain’t fuckin wit her messy ass!
      Memph shoulda been more mad about dat bitch fartin in his face on national TV!!
      (Bust Down Voice) NASTY BITCH!!!

  • Guillaume Pilon

    hes saying f*ck t-pain   ,…2h  later  no beef….   what a b!tch move

    • No bitches want beef, it was a misunderstanding and its been cleared up. Thats what men do.

    • morAL

      he didnt say that Toya did

      • Nah. He sait dat shit.

  • alreadyknow

    why he didnt hit him back when he seen he missed his call

    • Thats true like a muhfucka!!

  • The_REAL_realtalk

    People are so Emotional. Twitter will have you looking like a real idiot if you don’t have your parental controls on lol.  They should have hit T Pain up directly and then aired him out if his response wasn’t favorable.

    Pain actually handled it well.

    Unfortunately this will remain in the back of dude’s mind though.

  • RevrendIke3x

    I could care less about these “new” dudes BTM’s. They can catch my interest when they do the Kid & Play story, Nice & Smooth, Kwame, Special Ed. Hell I’d watch an episode about Positive K before I’ll watch T-Pain’s or Pitbull’s

  • This is dumb….. maybe that shit got edited out… Who cares anyway… These fools should be makin music not starting Bullshit beefs on Twitter….


    This story reads as if a fag wrote it….

    • Nah its just about Bitch shit so it comes off like that.

  • LOL, they could of texted him or called him directly. But they wanna go on twitter on some lil kid shit. Wayne control that smut

  • $18592567

    Why do suckas feel cool quoting Jay-Z when they beef???

    Geez Louise

    • who gon check me, came from atlanta house wives…j/s 

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  • Smitt Spit

    Ha Ha, you know these nobody chics in the game love drama, so much so they are gonna stir it up every chance they get. Now these dudes feeling weird about each other after they have made all that money and fame together. Wild

  • immackulate

    she a HOLD YOU DOWN type uh broad who aint fully matured yet – so i’on knock her for that – other than that hate to see 2 bruvahs bickering that ACTUALLY have some sort of LUV for each other – good they aint on that dumb dumb shyt no more