VIDEO: Beanie Sigel Drops His Own Dime; New EMI Deal in Motion

Beanie Sigel is something like a classic prize fighter. He’s been on the ropes numerous times, and many assumed he was down for the count after his calamities over the past few years.

But like the “People’s Champ” who always gets his prize, Beanie Sigel won’t fall. In fact, he’s back, looking and sounding better than ever over speakers that blare one of his new tracks in the background. He’s not in Philadelphia, but rather in New York City in a small studio surrounded by his team and a few friends. He’s ready to record, and he’s sober and has no pen or pad in sight.

The agile-witted “Killadelphia” MC, or the “Broad Street Bully,” depending on which kind of day you catch him, is all smiles. “Bang, bang, bang,” goes the West Indian-accented cry on the hook of a song that he plays for me before the interview. It sounds good. It sounds better than good. But then again, Beanie Sigel has never really sounded bad.

The unnamed, new track is for his new album via his new deal, and with all the newness, I can’t help but notice the growth – both personally and musically – from Beans. And prompted by his loyalty to the fans and his State Property rap clique, he shared some exclusive details with about the determined prize fighter’s next trip into the rap ring:

Check back for more of’s exclusive video interview with Beanie Sigel in the coming days.

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  • WillVetterGoodin

    dude aint comin back…he done son.

  • Keith Eades

    Don’t hate homie, Sigel is back!…Come with that ish the game been missing Beans you like the Scarface of this generation music. Leave the dissing aside and give us some of that Reason, Truth and Becoming music. Change Going Come” was a classic track people slept on too! Sigel Sigel you heard! lol

  • Beans is a solid artist w/ a good record for street bangers and a strong gold career.That’s still means something nowadays.Beans is a G flat out and I always thought he was dope.Wish he was still w/ Jay

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  • Keith Eades

    I wish he was with Jay too, but sometimes u have to do it on your own to get what you truly deserve. I know he is capable of having a good independent career. Maybe he YE and Jay will go on a track.

  • nastinupe

    Beans is not a good solo artist, he’s better with a team.  He’s not a leader, he’s a follower, a solider… but a damn good one.  He would have been great with 50 when G Unit was hot, he would have been great with Cam’ron and Dipset, I believe that him, Freeway, and Hell Rell would make a great team.  

    • Jeremy Scott

      Beans is a good artist solo for the fololowing reasons.
      1. He’s authentic, no type of gimmicks, his target is religious, street audience
      2. He can rhyme & enhance any track, he just dont look commercial
      3. He doesnt follow trends, he sets them
      I dont believe he’s a soldier due to how the music game is. They cultivate images, they market people & he’s not the type to market cause he wont sellout. Freeways a soldier, Beans is a leader, he just gotta leave those hard drugs alone & he’ll be focused, aware & good.

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  • bhunterlaw

    Beans can spit, but he was replaced in the Market by equally aggressive, yet younger artists….He isn’t even the hottest in Philly anymore.  

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