Alicia-Keys and Grandmother

Hip-Hop Rumors: Does Alicia Keys Have A “Family Secret” She’s Protecting?

Superstar Alicia Keys was scheduled to appear on an episode of “Finding Your Roots” with Dr. Henry Louis Gates, but apparently she had to renege on the appearance after her grandmother told her a family secret that she didn’t want exposed. Alicia did not reveal the deep dark family secret that is keeping her from doing the show. She pretty much just pulled out with no explanation.

According to Dr. Gates, Alicia initially accepted the offer to appear on the show, but then backed out after talking to her father’s mother. Peep what he said about the issue below:

“Alicia Keys, who I love as a friend of mine, agreed to be in the first series, and as you know, she’s mixed. We need as much information as you can give us. Like the names of your parents, where they were born, grandparents etc., whatever you can give us. It makes our job a lot simpler right? Her Puerto Rican grandmother said, ‘Baby, you can’t be in the series. I can’t tell you why, but you can’t be in the series.’”

Sounds like Alicia’s grandmother was not trying to air out the family’s dirty laundry. Wonder what they’re hiding?

  • Trusttee

    “Mr. Keys – You are NOT the father!” 

  • brotha_man

    alicia keys is adopted


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  • The_REAL_realtalk

    YO! It must be pretty bad  if she told her like that. wow.  On another note, I thought she was half BLACK, not puerto rican although several puerto ricans do have african ancestry as well.  dang she is super pro-black, yo LOL.

    • Puerto rico is a country, not a race

      • xdc845

        Puerto Rico is not a country it’s a territory of the United States, they have no embassy and their currency is the US dollar.

      • Idiot, the term country or nation is not solely defined as being an independent state. Puerto Rico may be a free associated state of the Unitest States, but it is a country because it has a distinct history, language, and ethnic background. Puerto Rico is not a state, therefore it is a seperate entity. 

      • Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth, an unincorporated territory of the United States subject to its jurisdiction and sovereignty. It hasn’t been truly free or independent since the Spanish arrived in the late 1400s.

  • Incest

  • Whatever the “secret” is, its none of our business anyway. That’s their family’s business. Mind your own. 


    Alicia is Hitler’s granddaughter!

  • Dr. Gates should have just let it go.  Anyway I think Alicia should have been told whatever it was long ago.  She is so open and loving.  I’m sure she was going to do the show because of that reason and truly wanted to know her ancestors.  It’s a shame families try to hide secrets inside the family but I definitely see why she wouldn’t want the world to know whatever it was.  It’s definitely none of our business.

  • The_Councilman

    Alicia’s great-great-great grandfather was born from a jackal, her family participated in blood sacrifices, and the women were hunted as witches


    See this is the damn problem worried bout her family.Media will front page a morning kid pool dropping.some shit is private,

    • digitallife

      It’s a show she agreed to do, others have done it…nobody is digging up her history without her consent but her backing out will now certainly get eager journalist to start pouring any data related to her family so she might as well have gone thru with it

  • digitallife

    Old money=Slave owners….the only conclussion I can come to is that somethign of this magnitude would’ve become public and cost her the entire black audience.

  • David Gonz


  • TheMokoda

    Okay, here’s the deep, dark secret: Alicia Keys is her mother’s older sister and her father’s cousin. It’s … complicated.

  • tinaclayton

    Puerto Rico is a country and a Commonwealth of the United States.

  • Valerie

    Who cares!! Leave her alone!!

  • firstimpression

    That is their family business. Isn’t there more important things in this world to write about? Some of these comments made are tasteless and shows ignorance.

  • Honeybee60

    Alicia’s father is probably not the grandmother’s husband’s son!

  • Sonyafun

    A pity someone didn’t let her know this secret before now.  Whatever it is it doesn’t mean anything to me.  Alicia is still a beautiful and caring person regardless of the reason behind her decision.  I’ve never decided who my friends are by other members of the family.  That just doesn’t make sense.