Hip-Hop Rumors: Massive Hip-Hop “Trayvon” Song On The Way?

Well, lets get the first thing out of the way. We cannot name names at this time, but this is a massive development from what we are hearing. We are getting word that two veteran megastars in Hip-Hop are working on a major song in honor of Trayvon. Now, the real part is that these two are to of the most respected in the game. The are the perfect ones to make the proper connection to all the other big name rappers (and even some singers) to get a “We Are The World” type of song for Trayvon and the others that have been victim of racism and abuses of “authority.”

Sorry, we cannot offer more details at this time, but things are at an early stage right now. Click here for all of our coverage and opinions on Trayvon and others like him. Stay tuned. Hopefully we’ll have more to offer in a bit.

  • stark1night

    hopefully jay-z isnt one of the “heavies”.. last thing we need is his cracker illuminati ass leading any kind of movement.. smh obama saying “if i had a son he would look like trayvon” yea fuckin rite if you had a son he would have 7 heads and horns

    • stark1night

      maybe lupe and game or something… shit but im thinkin bout jayz gay ass already tallyin up the zeros he can make usin young dudes face..

    • mademan3000

      Stupid f##k! He meant that in the sense that he’s black, so therefore if he had a son he could/would be racially profiled! Read between the damn lines!

      • stark1night

        thats not what he meant. what a profound statement that would b… if i had a son he would be black. smdh. he was trying to appeal to trayvons parents on how they raised him

  • Illuminati doesnt exist…

    you’d be stupid if you thought Jay-z on a song like this is a bad idea. People will at least pay attention if its jay. Its less about the song and more about the movement/getting shit done

    • stark1night

      we dont need people that pay attention. people like you that just stand from the outside looking in..who dont get shit done. the whole country already knows about the shooting.. so what good is jayz weak heart going to do to aid this at all. we need rappers with a strong passionate voice who the youth will listen to.

      • X-Ray

        and the youth doesn’t listen to Jay-Z? you sound stupid and you don’t personally know Jay or @twitter-275733135:disqus to know what shit they get done or what kind of heart they have. I guess you must be the top freedom fighter/activist and the rest of us sit on our asses and don’t do anything.

      • stark1night

        i look into certain things.. like the illuminati and where the money in the federal reserve is actually going… unlike yourself obviously or you would not be posting with the same ignorance

      • jay would have millions of people listen, someone like mos def or kweli IMO would be much better to lead a song like this, i think it would defeat the purpose because it wouldnt reach the masses

      • Brendget Jones

        even though this post is a week old i felt the urge to comment on your illuminati/jay rant, i just want to know a couple of things 1)Why is it you think Jay Z is a member of this organisation, 2) are you implying that Obama is some kind of antichrist figure with your pejorative statement 3) where have you ‘read’ up on these facts concerning such secret clandestine organisations.

         To me anyone who believes such notions of shadowy plots and machiavellian figures are indeed missing a screw or 2, it is akin to our ancestors screaming at the sky when misfortune struck or blaming natural diasters on unseen deities. this notion of ‘higher powert’ is also very rude and presumptous regarding men like Jay and Obama and a real disservice because  your inference puts forward that in order to becoming rich and influencial one has to enter into some kind of faustian pact and has nothing whatsoever ito do with hard work or natural talent. Whether you like Jay z or not they guy can rap and he’s at the top of his game so who does that mean hes a part of the illuminati?

         Lets suppose for one moment that there is this ‘illuminati’ and they are both a part of it, why exactly would people like Jay draw attention to it in their marketing material surely the idea of such power lies in the fact it is secret and holds it vice like deathgrip on sheeple because of this fact. But apparently you seekers of knowledge have called the guy out on his suspected allegance nearly every day, its no big secret people think hes apart of something so why doesnt he just take a step back and not use that kind of imagery anymore because of it becoming too familar (or is it that the ‘devil’ hides himself in plain sight and catchy hooks).

         This talk of conspiracy is like a new religion it seems to make the believer relinquish any notion of freewill and gives over all personal responsibility to this higher power, be it god, jehovah, baphomet or the gingerbread man. If you believe in it then you can always blame the man/the system/illuminati/nicki minaj wig collection for the way the world has turned to crap. Could it not just be we as humans all think we are a little bit smarter than we actually are and as such what appears to be a complex plan of deceit and lies is actually Man as a species just ‘making it up as we go along’. It seems some people have a really problem dealing with the utter futility of existence and thus design and enslave themselves with such systems in order to maintain their status quo. Be it with religion, secret cults or anything else once we stop trying to make sense of the world through these warped prisms we can really start to enjoy life, because consider this what if there isnt a god, there are no chem trials, there are no haarp experiments controlling freak weather patterns, 9/11 wasnt an inside job, there isnt a eugenics program to control the worlds population and we really are just tears in the rain, isnt it better that we devote out time to the people we love and be happy rather than chasing farts on a breeze.

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  • sumBlkguy

    jayz and kanye west are the only two “heavies” i can truly think of, nobody realizes but the WTT album was very pro-black and real to america’s invisible curtain of racism, but ppl only took it as illuminati this and illuminati that not realizing that because you focus on that, that is what they will gear towards it because your feeding off of it, they know they will make money off of you but thats just the business part. i’m 26 and my generation is fucked because all we wanna do is drink,smoke,party, and get that money…smh sorry i needed to vent a little#Trayvon4ever

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    All profits better have a paper trail to fund the cost his family has to pay for legal fees. Truth. None of that Jay-Z Occupy All Street straight to pocket mess. If it happens call them out.

    • LetsBeRealpeople

      The call on this song should open with Aretha Franklin, base line lead by Me’Shell N’degeocello, Produced by Tricky and GZA, and feature one artist from the South, Mid-West, East, and ending verse with some one from the West. Pipe Dream on my part.

  • tretre1

    all the jay-z hate is crazy but all of y’all favorites are all about the people yea right y’all act like everything he do is for money when in fact he already got more money than he can spend in 5 lifetimes

    • LetsBeRealpeople

      Focusing back on Trayvon Martin and his Family, the consumer will determine if the song being produce is a truth anthem,but let’s not take the cheap shots on who’s who on whatever list and turn a tragedy into a marketing ploy. The young man was screaming for his life, let’s not forget what we heard. Hopefully Hip Hop ego won’t drown out Trayvon Martin.

  • brotha_man

    mos def, common, brotha ali, talib kweli, lauryn Hill, Mc Lyte, Rah Digga, Jean Grae, Yella Wolf, Buckshot, and nas

    • stark1night

      amen brother. mos def nas yelawof lupe and game would all be great for this imo


     Now, the real part is that these two are to of the most respected in the game. …..(WoW!!!)

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  • wwalwyn

    This is the last thing anyone needs.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    what about all of those kids who died round my parts?? what about all of those kids dying all over the rest of the damn world??

    • “and the others that have been victim of racism and abuses of “authority.” ” 

    • LetsBeRealpeople


  • Restlesscali

    It says “Click Here”, fire the editor!

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  • Man……. How can anyone get past this if every 5 minutes people trying to capitalize off the situation?  Let him rest in peace and let the family heal.