Diggy and J.Cole

Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Diggy Diss J.Cole and Drake to Sell Records?

Well, well, well, look what we have here. After only selling 24,000 albums this week, it looks like Diggy Simmons has taken the old fashion route, and is trying to drum up a little beef to sell more records.

Last week, Diggy tried to diss Drake by posting two blocks that he says resembles “Drake’s eyebrows”. Check out the Facebook screen shot below:

Drake never responded. And now Diggy is going after J.Cole. This morning, he dropped a diss record called “What You Say To Me”. Check out the video and the lyrics below:

Here are the lyrics:

“The other day I was listening to Purple Rain
Couldn’t believe all of the things that I heard em say
“WHO DAT WHO DAT” you know who it is
Heard you lyin on my sis, tellin people that you hit
when ya album drops, I’ma hit you with your bricks
So I’ma bomb first on you since you wanna rift
Who you gonna call? You ain’t got no friends
This fight is fixed, you ain’t got no wins
Lil ***** think he Cole, think he live like me
Jet setter, trend setter, nah you not like me
Can’t find a girl you know that don’t like me
I Can’t find a girl I know that know you, you local
Wasn’t even poppin in the school you used to go to
Gotta “aight” lyrics but can’t deliver your vocals
I’ma about to read you your rights, Miranda
only thing you hittin “In The Morning” is your Hand
stand up, matter fact sit down
don’t try to call Hovi Hov for a sit down
College boy, acting like a criminal
knowing you a broke back Jake Gyllenhaal
You imaginary player, even TMZ didn’t notice you was there
Geesh, you are such a dweeb
and your shirts don’t fit, long arms, short sleeves”

SHOTS FIRED! After doing some research, we found out that Diggy’s older sister Vanessa Simmons went to St. Johns University at the same time as J.Cole, and the two were an item. Well, J.Cole has a track called “Purple Rain” where he actually alluded that he got “dome” from a “preacher'” daughter. Check out the audio video and the J.Cole lyrics below – verse starts at the 1:19 mark:

Good girl huh, father was a preacher
Sent her off to college thought I got her on a leash though
From the outside though, them girls be the squeakiest
You get 'em inside them girls be the freakiest

Mischievous, downright devious
Say she want cake I got all the right ingredients
Running round fronting like a pure white virgin
Gave a ni**a dome while her father gave a Sermon
Amen, let the choir sing
She be walking round campus like the quiet thing
So ni**as scared to approach when they admiring
Man if they know like I know she got that fire thing
Pour a little OJ with some P-trone
I’m feeling ok, but homie she’s gone
When remmy Rev called she just ignore him
I had her calling on God till the weed
And then I hit the door ni**a”

WHOA! Okay, so maybe Diggy has reason to go after J.Cole. T sure did sound like it was about Vanessa or Angela. Got to give Diggy some credit for defending his sister’s honor…. even though in all actuality he’s probably just doing it to boost his sales. Do you think J.Cole is going to respond?

  • Roberto Ciamora

    LOL, this is what hip hop has come to, spoiled rich kids throwing lyrical temper tantrums because they didn’t get what they wanted (in this case a hit record)

    Kill me now before it gets worse

  • is this a april fools joke?

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  • Kevin Joge

    LMAO Diggy is a joke. He’s just trying to sell records

  • 2nPac

    You mean St. John’s University?

  • Cole was distasteful in sending those subliminal shots on “Purple Rain” so this diss was warranted. Papa tub tweeter got in the mix with a good point though. Cole spoke on his family twice now & nobody said nothing until this old (excellent timed?) track got “leaked”. This could get ugly for Cole.

    • Roberto Ciamora

      lol, ugly how, aint nobody gonna do nothing to him and this kids album sold 20K copies

      Its not gonna get ugly on the streets or the charts, just gonna have a few kids online talking about it until they move on to the next one……

      • Guest

        Not gonna get ugly in the streets? REV RUN tweeted about the situation. Nuff said.

      • LOL @ “this could get ugly” smh

      • Roberto Ciamora


        Since when was Rev. Run a G??…You’re talking about Rev Run here not Suge Knight

      • immackulate

        distasteful … hows that?
        think she aint tell her friends about what happened
        bottom line people run they mouths about sexual conquests
        i think it was tactfully put until lil bro filled in every last blank possible

  • So, “Purple Rain” came out in 2010. Diggy responds in 2012 after his album flops. How come JoJo never got at Cole for this alleged disrespect of his sister?

  • NOX

    …I don’t understand… If Cole and a Simmons daughter were a “item”, shit then she should of been sucking his dick, that’s what girl friends/jump offs do..   Did Diggy gets mad cause she sucking dicks, or that it was put in public…?
    Shits nuts…

  • NOBODY is “selling records” so lets get off the bullshit 1st of all. How does this boost album sales? is this song on his album? How do you know the song is not old? And why do media outlets always act like thats the ONLY thing it could ever be about? “awww he just tryin to sell records”….umm yeah he tryin to sell records, its the record business… but how you know he doesnt have a valid reason FOR THIS? Yall tried the same bullshit with drake & common…u know what Common is all about but instead of explaining his actual character its easier to just say “he did it for record sales”….really? a guy who never went or aimed to go platinum, who is in this for the culture is all of a sudden reaching for album sales? really? Lets just throw guys like Common in the “he disses for record sales” box and call it a day….how irresponsible & lazy… You media outlet types are doing one hell of a # on hip hop and you dont even realize it… if he “dissed” his sister(s)…let him stand up for em…DONT ADD YOUR 2 CENTS…you media outlets RARELY add your 2 cents on issues that are important or actually matter so why add on now? what are you trying to prove? ”
    Okay, so maybe Diggy has reason to go after J.Cole. T sure did sound like it was about Vanessa or Angela. Got to give Diggy some credit for defending his sister’s honor…. even though in all actuality he’s probably just doing it to boost his sales” 

    Wow…now that you pretty much made up my mind for me I can die now -_-
    Talk about instigating smh…this is pretty much all you media outlets are good for anyway…instigating ‘beef’ and tearing people down….

    • Guest

      How old are u? Beefin to sell records is the oldest trick in the book. Stop being ignorant. When ppl beef the fans check for them more…thus more ALBUM sales..

      Glad I could school you.

    • if this song is so OLD why the hell it get leaked after grew up fast released??? …

    • anemia716

      It’s called publicity.  Plain and simple.

  • therealz

    cole aint lie, why diggy mad?

  • nino970

    but j cole nerver  said  her  name  am  i  missin something?

  • I can’t get mad at Diggy acting like a teenager.

  • Nobody knew he was talking about her if he was talking about her.They made it about her

  • Mark John Peters

    Cole wont respond and Diggy had a legitmate reason to diss Cole. If Cole does respond he will lyrically murder Diggy. One thing that was never said is that they are both apart of a group Lupe Fiasco created call the All City Chess Club meaning that Lupe may intervene and try to end it.

  • BruceLeRoyGlow


  • Diggy got skillz…j Cole does too.

    Interesting battle!

  • Guest

    Hell yea this is a pub stunt… diggys label said sell more or you’re drizzopped so Diggys……… ghostwriter got to work.

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    ha ha ha ha ha……dey better not respond aint the jet stater like 12 or thirteen…pretty sad he only sold 24k…however he does has a right to respond after all it is his sister…dosen’t matter dat WE ALL KNOW THE pastry sisters r major jump-offs in the industry(practically human trampalines) it’s his duty as a brother to hold those slores down…..still i do believe it’s also a ploy to sell records it’s a little business/pleasure…i hope cole does the right thing and jus ignore…shit ain’t fair…i’m not a big of mr. nice watch but  him vs. little man…is like a regular joe trying to cover one on one with megatron(calvin johnson,wr,lions)…shit jus ain’t fair

  • stark1night

    if i was j cole i wouldnt beef just cuz how bad would you feel if a 12 year old fucked u up a lil bit

  • stark1night

    nobody knew cole was talkin about diggy’s sister til he made the diss track lol smh. he puttin her on blast himself

  • Pierre Elliott

    RAT FACED CRY BABY. HE RHYMES FOR DUDES WHO NEVER GOT LAID IN HIGH SCHOOL……yall niggas is sad man. We gotta save this shit….

    • beautifully flawed

       excuse me but drake ain’t garbage matter of fact he is WAY BETTER THAN DIGGY  get ya facts straight

  • MrTroyMercy

    He only sold 24k but he sold more than Jo Jo . Lowkey this would be the official ” BATTLE OF THE BUSTAS” . These cats wouldn’t fight the power smh.

    • immackulate

      wouldnt FIGHT THE POWER llamf – and i phux wit J.Cole

      • MrTroyMercy

        I phuck with jay cole cole too….but homie always looking like a newborn puppy ND …I’m saying I copped jay cole cole joint but I didn’t cop Diggy’s joint I refuse to hip hop or not …dude can actuall rap rap but he so bubble gum and spoon fed that it hurt my ears not to hear this this clown (diggy) be doing some speech at the university of white castle. Lmao
        richard p sickert… now tell me i aint paid!

  • At least this was much better than Charles Hamilton & Canibus disses towards Cole.

  • Roberto Ciamora

    Cole and Diggy look like father & Son in that picture tho, lol

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  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    ask common this aint gonna boost ya sales lol 😉 …. all it does is let you feel how it feels to be jayz, lil wayne or eminem when they drop records minus the record sales lol 😉

  • J G


    You have to dig to even figure those lines were about Vanessa. Who knew until the whole family reacted months later!?!?! If Diggy was really concerned, why not contact J. Cole, or why didn’t Vanessa say something? Makes no sense to make, or release an old diss track. You had time to settle the situation 100 times over, but when you go this route, no one is going to look at it as some “honorable” family move. GTFOH! If I had beef over my sister, I am not recording no music….lol! The reasoning behind this is just to not look like a sucker….but, too late!

  • immackulate

    if i was COLE i wouldnt say shyt – cuzz lil brother is doing a great job of exposing COLE’s subliminals – smart niggahs know BOTH them simmons girls been phucking for some years

    preachers kids are always the worse one’s – the nastiest ones be the classiest ones!!!

  • immackulate

    in that pic up top … looks like J.COLE is a bit embarrassed and Lil Simmons is just happy to be there.

  • DRdroo21

    You know cole sitting back laughing his ass off.

  • Nice Cube

    if he makes a song to every nigga that fucked his sister, he might accidentally sell some more albums. word on the world is them bitches is giving it up wild crazzzzzy bai!!!

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  • yes because that’s just what a hip hop needed a three way battle between Diggy, Drake, and J. Cole…GTFOH

  • churchboy2

    I can’t lie, little man’s got some lyrics.

    But as has been said, he has officially put his sister on blast by identifying her.

  • Sorry, but J. Cole got diggy wrapped/// no1 cares about diggy except the 24,000 dumb ass kids that bought the album— which I must say is absolute crap rehashed with absolute crap. This kids gonna end up on YM and his career he never had- he will never have..