Hip-Hop Rumors: Did French Montana Ink An Endorsement Deal with Coca-Cola?


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Rick Ross, Lil’ Wayne, and Nicki Minaj aren’t the only Hip-Hop heavyweights snatching up endorsement deals. According to the Bad Boy Blog, Bad Boy artist French Montana has signed an endorsement deal with soft drink giant Coca-Cola. French has become synonymous with the word “Coke”, even naming his crew and his record label the “coke boys”.

Well, allegedly the big wigs over at Coca-Cola heard about French’s affinity for “coke” and decided to flip it into an endorsement deal. The deal will reportedly feature both a television and radio campaign featuring the coke boy, who will also create a song by the same title for the campaign. Coca-Cola will also serve as the presenting sponsor for French Montana’s upcoming tour after he releases his debut album, Excuse My French.

Congratulations to French Montana on the new endorsement deal!

  • water_ur_seeds

    Do Coke-Cola really wanna Be associated with A dude who only raps about selling Cocaine??? Congrats either way

  • Taskforce Taylor


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  • Rayo Chelios

    Obviously an April Fools’ joke. 

  • 7yoyo7

    … smh

  • xdc845

    damn AHH yall couldn’t even make up your own april fool’s jokes?!?! 


    Believe it when i  see it smfh never ……..even though they did used to put cocaine in their product

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    yeah this is bull….coke-a-cola is a billion dollar worlwide entity….now i’m not saying that there p.r. department or there staff hasn’t heard of french montana screaming coke boys for as long as i’ve heard frency on wax or on dvd….but i refuse to believe that they aren’t aware that he’s using coke as in hood terms for that white sh!t dat tony went face deep in before dey shot gina ….no way they use da self proclaimed coke boy…..would love to see it though…..chi-chi get the ya-yo(tony montana voice)

    • sakiru oresanwo

      Tony didn’t shoot Gina dude

  • illymac

    Damn ol’ sydney even steal other websites April fools jokes..

    damn shame

  • And yall wonder why illseed ain’t come back yet….

  • Landry Glazahi

    He’s wack the wackest rapper out there

  • rep87

    Bad April Fool Joke

  • immackulate

    this might have some validity to it – considering them fat phucks at Coca-Cola used to extract coca leaves and put the ingredients in coca-cola along with kola nuts which is how they got the name … so i highly doubt they give 2 shyts that FRENCH screaming COKE BOYS for a different reason – dont think these white folks aint all the way up on what goes on in the hood, black culture, etc… cuz there’s always a SELL OUT niggah to keep’em in the know

    think they dont know FRENCH just signed with PUFF (another marketable do anything for the dough type of niggah)

    thats like saying PEPSI didnt know LUDA had HOES IN DIFFERENT AREA CODES

    same mf’s that run PEPSI and COKE is the same mf’s eating lucnh and taking vacations with the same people that own EMI – etc…


    Now you know for a fact that corporations don’t give a damn about you or your community. When Montana talk about “Coke” he aint talking about a drink…but endorse that anyway Coke, add that to your long list off we care about the community campaign. 


    Heard Illseed was dead with 6 to the head….

  • shit coke is moving more weight then any drug dealer on corner…so when they ask which coke he talking bout he should say the one quenches your thirst lol 

  • brotha_man

    not if Bill O’Reilly has anything to do with it….remember luda

  • digitallife

    French Montana is pure trash..sorry to his fan base but that shhh is straight up trash..dude has zero flow structure..I could hire a 70 year old grandma to speak on a mic about phony drug tales and it’ll sound the same..i’d like for anyone to link me to anything this dude is actually spitting some OMG lyrics to…i’ll wait. 

  • $18916246

    Not hating on Bruh…or his campaign, but how long will this last? This is a blind sided approach as Coca Cola brand obviously don’t know who they’re signing or what French’s “COKE” reference means. If dude was turning over some new leaf, I could see this being a sound endorsement but soon as they get wind of dudes record and or album/cd content they droppin his ass just like Luda and TI both who had lucrative soft drink endorsement deals (Ti more for his post deal criminal offenses). Good Luck bruh, do know that signing into deceitful deal could easily forfeit your deal and you could end up owing them (Coca Cola).