Beanie Sigel Wishes Death on the Word “Swag” and Other Hip-Hop Atrocities

The regular people are living in tough times. Jobs are scarce, crime and racism are up, and the headlines are getting unfathomable.

And although he ‘s been fortunate to live the second half of his life better off than the first half (as an intelligent but unchallenged, poor kid in South Philly), even Beanie Sigel is taking stock of how people are struggling.

So he’s getting sick and tired of rap that throws decadence and lack of concern in people’s faces. The word ‘SWAG’ in particular has him pissed off, and some of his closest, former allies are some of the main culprits for the so-called “opulent rap” that throws the “good life” in the faces of a struggling rap audience – without balancing it with some uplift.

That Beanie Sigel even cares about people in the ‘hood may come as a surprise to some. He’s been pegged as a bad boy over the years – a troublemaker with a propensity for the streets and a likely trigger-happy temper that doesn’t make for good business.

But on a cool Brooklyn evening late last week, inside a small West Indian studio, that’s not the Beanie Sigel we encounter. He’s fun – full of laughs – like someone with a new lease on life. He runs down his music over the years that HAS taken people’s problems into account. He recalls that he was and is those people, and immediately, “Feel It In The Air” and “This Can’t Be Life” come to mind as two of his finest, emo moments.

He’s also vocal but guarded – speaking his mind, but making sure that it comes out the right way. The new and improved Beanie, with a new EMI deal and The Classic album in the works, is thoughtful that way. He doesn’t wish malice on his “enemies,” but he does want them to stop making music that doesn’t matter. Hmmm, okay, so it seems Beanie Sigel is like most rappers – a complex mixture of good and bad. We know his bad side well, but we’re really starting to like the good. Check his exclusive video with AllHipHop.com below:

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  • Kanye West

    Real shit Beanie Sigel is always on point.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Yes, finally someone who knows that “swag” is just bad weed. On Point.

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  • s0rethumb

    Beans is evolving The Broad Street Bully is turning into The Broad Street Goodie nothing wrong with that. Despite himself he is maturing. Respect.

    • tab58064

      You hit it on the head, he is maturing. What I wish about dudes like Beans is that they took advantage of the attention that they got when they were younger and put out more positive messages in there music.  I’m all for the real, but there can be a balance between the 2 IMO.  I hope he can make a solid comeback, the game needs it, but unfortunately the very kind of shit that he mentioned at the start of the interview has the game so fucked up that people are so fucked up on that bullshit that anybody who tells it like it is becomes labeled as a “hater” or “old!”  Bullshit!  A lot of this shit that these niggaz are doing, saying, wearing, claiming, etc. has no realness in it and it certainly ain’t  hip-hop!

  • torreysn

    I’m tierd of the word hate or hater we done replace it with the word “opinon” like idon’t listen to Lil Wyan so i’m a hater bullshit i just don’t like that style of music.

  • NoGoBoi

    that’s honest shhh right there and funny at the same time. My younger sister hit me up early last year talking bout, “what you think bout the word swag”… I told her it’s kinda lame, just like the word real. She said she thought the word was gay because it sounds like swallow and gag together, and it’s nothing but dudes saying it lol. I laughed but said, that’s true, that’s exactly what it sounds like.

  • rep87

    Beanie is awake and seeing how this bullshit has taken over, all these tight pants girl clothes wearing homos and fake bloods running around with no real skills on the mic ,swag is just what it is a code for males giving head to another man swallow & gag just like my man below me said

  • feeliama

    The word is gay BUT for someone who has been in the industry, it does not fit. Showing his age on this one.

  • feeliama

    Havent I read articles from Seandra glorifying what she now says is inappropriate?

  • Ray Lofton