Hip-Hop Rumors: Did 50 Cent Get Engaged?

The blogosphere is going nuts over the rumor that 50 Cent may have proposed to his girlfriend, Daphne Joy. The “model” posted several cryptic messages onto her Twitter account alluding that she was going to be a wife, and she said ‘yes.’ Check out a few of her tweets below courtesy of Mediatakeout:

Unfortunately, we hear 50 didn’t propose with a ring, so we’re not sure how serious he is about actually getting married. Maybe it was an April Fool’s joke. You know 50 Cent is a jokester. Check out a few photos of Daphne below. Is she wifey material?

  • johnblacksad

    Depends on her… if she down for da ménage-à-trois with Chelsea and/or 50’s other milfs, then yes she can be wifey material

    Fugg fuggin da same puss errday…!

    • I can’t co-sign this because it will cause relationship issues , but if I could , I’d co-sign the $heyid out of it & kick a hole in the cieling to drive the point home!

      Since I can’t , I won’t……but what homeboy above said about picking a good mother for your children is on point.

  • nastinupe

    Now I realize why black folks are so fucked up.  We think that the you can decide if a woman is wife material based on a picture or what she is wearing.  How superficial can we be people?  Picking whores as the mother of your children is the whole problem with our race.  I was raised by a beautiful strong black woman who had respect for herself and her family.  She understood the value and true responsibility of being a mother and was the definition of unselfish.  She always put motherhood first without any regrets or ill feelings.  She wasn’t in the streets and put me to bed every night. She always kept a job and always cooked for me several times a day.  She was a real woman and a real mother.  She didn’t have me out in the streets at 10:30 at night at some restaurant/ lounge trying to be cute and she didn’t spend all her money on expensive clothes for herself.  She made a lot of sacrifices for me and because of it, I am the man that I am today for her.  I love her to death and am so thankful that my father knew how to pick a wife. Men, you better learn how to choose your women or you’ll end up screwed and you kids will end up screwed as well.

    • 7yoyo7

      Chill out man, no need to blame black folks for that.
      Ni99az aint dumb enough to “wife” a lady over some pictures. Any reasonable dude would think more about fuc*ing the model than gettting maried.

      Blame the dumbass “reporter” Sydney Lace, she wrote that shit.

    •  I agree totally

    • Negro Peligro

      Man you lame. Just cause a woman expresses her sexual independence by posing in mags don’t make her A whore. Get out man.  

      • nastinupe

        It depends on what YOUR definition of a whore is.  Most women these days would fall under my definition of one.  My mom doesn’t.  And what the hell is “sexual independence”?  No man wants his daughter to be objectified.  No man wants his daughter to sleep with multitudes of men over years and years and eventually get knocked up without a husband.  No man wants his daughter to sleep with other women because everyone is doing it.  You need to wake up.  Our women are catching HIV faster than any other group of women in the USA period.  In fact African American women infection rates are as high as in some places in Africa now.  This system of sexual objectification is killing the mothers of our people.  It’s genocide from the inside out.  All this BS talk about the illuminati and secret societies is just a smoke screen to the real issues facing our people today.  Lack of education, “sexual promiscuity, drugs, gang violence, and self hate are destroying us. Wake up people wake up.  

      • mars_manfrom

        you would be a dumbass and marry a video model. you never heard the saying everything that glitters isn’t gold? 

    • Sexy_Sabe

      Kudos to your mom an you, she did a good job. An I agree with everything you said. guys act like they dont know about the 80/20 rule. Realistically most chicks who look like that, an say they are a “model” simply dont work an think their looks are gona get them through life. Ol girl in the pic dosent strike me as the cooking,cleaning, or maternal type, but if all he wants is a pretty mannequin like most of these guys out here, his loss.

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  • illymac

    She sexy as hell..
    but lets be real,
    ain’t nobody bout to make her wifey based off of some internet flicks..

    But she can definitely get fukked..

    • johnblacksad

       and facialed!

      • illymac

        Yeah and facialed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Co-Mudda-Fuggin’ Signnnnnnn!


    I can see 50 sucka ass fallin for the mouse trap. 

    •  smh! so you just aint see the chick in the pic or are you just that much in love with 50


    50 gay ass out there with a towel wrapped around his waist LoL! 

    • sakiru oresanwo

      I take it you dont use a towel even when on a beach

    • loushis25

      why you worried about 50 instead of the chick maybe you gay silly ass niggaz for real!

  • F**k marriage! 

  • rep87

    50 Engaged to his Money period this is the real story ,damn a crappy rumor just ask him

  • dominicancoke

    she’s really really beautiful i could see how any man can fall deep for her but lets be real if you had 50’s money you would be very precocious about all these money hungry ho’s especially model’s shes definitely something to dig into but would i wife her having millions? who knows  we all human and the eye candy’s can be your downfall we live for the flesh

  • Tril Beats

    Damn….. she nice tho, no loss here! Pre-Nup It Fif!

  • David Sentongo

    yea, she’s pretty. 
    fif been around for a while, so he can see through all the b.s. don’t think he’ll get played.

    David Sentongo

  • No female is blind enough to agree marrying 50

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