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Hip-Hop Rumors: New Picture of Blue Ivy Carter!

A new photo of Blue Ivy Carter has surfaced….well, its’ a partial picture anyway. The paparazzi caught a glimpse of the baby while Beyonce was holding her during a recent outing.  Check out the photo below:

This is all the Carters are going to give us. But at least we can see that the baby’s hair is curlier than it was in the original photos that were released. B.I.C. also has a little more color to her complexion now. We want more!

  • water_ur_seeds

    dont wanna be mean lol but that first pic of baby… 

  • 7yoyo7

    OK. How many people feel excited about this rumor? For real, who?

    Not a single gram of fuc* shall be given about this article today.

  • johnblacksad

    That ain’t baby Blue Ivy… it’s Beyonce’s shoulder

  • Give me a break!!!!!! Is this picture REALLY worth posting and speaking about? SMH

  • sydney lace.  you are absolutely pathetic.

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  • Guest

    WTF kinda story is this?

  • Soul Cracka #1

    the AllHipHop Shit That Was News On A Different Site Yesterday But Today We Put It In Our Rumors Section

  • Soulgasdm


  • Soulgasm

    Soooo, you steal a story from a pathetic site like MediaTakeOut, only for the story you stole to be even more pathetic than the site itself.  I can’t even be mad at you all anymore, AHH.  I feel bad for you all now…..because it’s obvious you all simply don’t know any better.  So, “bow your heads”…’s prayer time.  smh…

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    iClick, iLive, 4Comments on this subject.  1) really? 2) for the caption: the baby not only has “curly” hair, but has become brown 3)This story comes after Beyonce’s visit to a Biomedical Engineer/Doctor’s Office in the Upper Eastside. 4)This is not a Hip Hop Rumor 5) AHH you were doing so well for two weeks. 6)Why doesn’t Vibe just go for the baby photo exclusive, and end this embarassment? Get Kidada of the Q. Jones royalty to set it all up, so its all passing of the torch and ish like these folks like it..hell get Lebowitz to to the shoot and make it all sorts of multi-cultural/ special edition and have Hovie Jr. where a necklace with the ring that Frank Sinatra gave Q Jones to make the unholy matter sanctified by the….for real? If you think what I’m writing is ridiculous, so is this photo. Come back AHH..Come back!

  • Numbuh Four

    Sydney: “We want more!”

    Correction, YOU want more. You wanna build a collection of pointless pictures and Pop/R&B star gossip, then write that sh!t in ya diary. You’re alright every now and then with some rumors, but you just f*ck it up again as soon as you get on a roll. You’re weaker than crack head teeth with this one. 

  • Negro Peligro

    Close up of the creases in Beyonces finger while holding the baby on the next AHHH RUMORS.  

  • brotha_man

    my baby looks better…just saying

  • digitallife

    Who gives a damn..seriously it’s a baby. She’s done nothing in life yet..let her live. These websites make me sick..stop exploiting that baby for cheap traffic hits.

  • The_REAL_realtalk

    I wouldn’t have run this story. there is no new PICTURE of the baby. smh

    • johnblacksad

       …but you are not Sydney Lace. She doesn’t need actual content to produce an article.

  • CalmGuy

    I love it how everyone on this site is always so mad. First of all… WE DONT PAY TO READ THIS SITE!!! Second of all… If you think the story is gonna be crappy before then dont click the link!!!

    • Wakeell

      We do come here and have to look at all these damn ads…and for that we should be provided quality content stupid. 

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

         good point

    • feeliama

      Tell em Sydney, We should just abandon the site, huh?

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       actually we clicked on or let me say i clicked on it to peep a pick of the baby … im only mad cause its not a pic of the baby …. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! side note these sites arent paying these celebs to run these photos either … lets see theyll pull this bs if it COST TO POST $$$$$$$ 😉

  • rep87

    WOW !

  • Wakeell

    Can someone please submit their resume to take her job? Please send resumes to: anyone that matters on this page 
    http://allhiphop.  com/staff/

  • illymac

    who the hell cares??

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    i can see if it was an actual pic of the kid …. COME ON  SON THIS SHIT
    civilized then that … and smarter …. www dot f*ckmediatakeout dotcom coming
    soon !!!!!!!! 😉 

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    whhoooo..thank everything dats holy…i finally get to see da pic of blue ivy…i’m so excited to see a pic of a baby dats not mine and whom i dnt give a flying fU@k about…..(i’m being sarcastic by da way)…my lil sister is glad dat da baby getting color though and some curly hair…..i had an ongoing bet the child was half german and chinese

  • boom_there_goes_da_dynamite

    No hate intended but i’m going to need people to get eye exam b/c that is not a cute bby.

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  • Awwwh go take yo’ baby and you and Jay Z go sit yall asses down somewhere…lmbo.. You are so Overrated!