Kendrick Lamar [BGA] Ft. Dr. Dre “The Recipe”

[ahh_audio src=/4-2-12/KendrickLamarFt.Dr.Dre-TheRecipe1.mp3]

  • The_REAL_realtalk

    My gut tells me that this is another Detox track being thrown away. It’s definitely not section 80 caliber so its a no go for Kendrick’s solo (in my opinion).

    • headRx

      Actually, it supposedly is Kendrick Lamar’s “lead” single for his new record. If you google it, you’ll see it’s being referred to as that along with cover art photos. The quality of this song (this stream makes it sound a lot shitter than it is) surpasses most of the Detox throwaways. It’s on i-Tunes too. It’s obvious this is an actual single.

      I honestly like this more than every song on Section 80… and for a single, this is excellent. Definitely looking forward to what else Kendrick has in store.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

         def sounds like shit quality wise dre doesnt even really sound like himself … but def loving the flow of this track … really trying to analyze the lyrics to see what the song is talking about ….

  • WillVetterGoodin


  • what’s with kendricks voice on this track?  this better not end up on his new record.

  • EQ

    this is pretty good

  • shit was dope to me

  • I like this. Kendrick Lamar is genius. Dr. Dre still is cold on the delivery. I wish he would teach other rappers to stay on beat as well as he does. 

  • Track is cool I need this instrumental tho

  • Knlegend1

    Drum was a bit much but I think this is a hot song. Kendrick’s voice was a lil messed up. 

  • $26946739

    Dr. Dr just flamed this track. Is this D.O.C.?

    • atle fjeldstad

       Doubt it… Mr. Lamar probably wrote it.. And i`m not really feelin the heat hehe

      • $26946739

        The message boards on hip hop dx says its ludacris because of the flow. We all know luda is a beast don’t front.

      • It was Lamar himself, He says it on the recipe interview ” It was All Kendrick” Love this song tho 😀

  • $26946739

    Drum a bit much? This is very simple. The drums were done just right. You hardly hear the hi hat which is good because it saves your ears when you blast it. Plus the pattern is simple the tempo is just slow which makes it sound complex. Slow tempos let you fit more drum hits. You can tell this is a pro at work.

    • Knlegend1

      Not the pattern, that’s fine. I was referring to the raw power of them. They hit too hard to me. Personally it kind of snaps you out of that smoothe laid back feel of the music. Then again if Dre is on it, its going to be big.  

  • headRx

    This song is produced by Scoop Deville for those who don’t know. Great single, can’t wait to hear what’s next.

  • Black Exodus

    This is cool…good track for both (Dre…and Kendrick)…but I hope Kendrick don’t slip to far from the messages in Section 80. Section 80 is what made Kendrick…Kendrick A superb MC…that was not afraid to be conscience, emotional. spiritual and Human. This song, while good is mundane and alot of the same (Commercial Material) . I understand that Kendrick has to get his money….just don’t forget why the fans choose “YOU” to be one of the revitalization figures in Hip Hop.

    My New single “Problems” on Youtube…check it out   

  • banger

  • anemia716

    Gotdamn!!!! Tight!

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